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September 26, 2018

PiRate Ratings Selections for September 27-October 1, 2018

Another week, another minor profit-maker.  The PiRate Rating selections last week ended with a tiny profit of $60 on $900 invested, finishing 5-4.  For the season, the imaginary bank roll now stands at +$110 on an investment of $3,500 for a meager profit that gives us a Return on Investment of 3.14%.  It beats a loss, but the way the NYSE and Nasdaq have been accruing this year, your real money would be better invested.  On the plus side, that 3.14% return so far has been done in one month, so it isn’t that bad, just not matching some of our outstanding past seasons.

We are issuing a lot of official picks this week, 11 in all.  We have included 3, 10-point teaser picks after not using them last week.

Now, for what many of you really like this year–our 5 guest Land Sharps.  Guess what?  All 5 of our distinguished and honored contributors are in the black for the year.  Last week, Friday Dog 13 went 4-1 to bring his record for the season to 8-3.  With a Return on Investment of 42.7%, he is breathing down the neck of leader Buckeye Michelle, who at 11-4 has a Return on Investment of 44.0%.  Cal Gal Tiffy is 11-6 with a Return on Investment of 25.9%.  Dean615 is 6-5 with a Return on Investment of 4.5%, while the real pro, Stewed Meat is 8-7 with a Return on Investment of 2.0%.  Stewed is a bit stewed this week and says this will not stand.

The Land Sharps’ picks can be found after we issue our “official” PiRate Rating selections for the week.

PiRate Ratings Official Picks for September 27 to October 1, 2018

Games Picked Against the Spread 

Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Army Buffalo 8.5 Army
Ball St. Kent St. 8 Kent St.
Purdue Nebraska 3 Purdue
Appalachian St. South Alabama 26 South Alabama
New Mexico Liberty 6 New Mexico
Hawaii San Jose St. 12.5 San Jose St.
Green Bay Buffalo 10.5 Buffalo
Indiana Houston 1 Indianapolis


10-Point Teaser Spreads (3-team parlays)

Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
UCLA Colorado 1 Colorado
North Carolina St. Virginia 15.5 Virginia
Ohio St. Penn St. 14 Penn St.


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Chicago Tampa Bay 13 Tampa Bay
Houston Indianapolis 9 Indianapolis
New England Miami 17 Miami


10-Point Teaser Totals (3-team parlay)

Home Visitor Total Pick
Green Bay Buffalo 35 Over
Dallas Detroit 33.5 Over
Jacksonville N.Y. Jets 28.5 Over


The Land Sharps Picks

Buckeye Michelle

  1. Bowling Green +28 1/2 vs. Georgia Tech
  2. Louisville +6 1/2 vs. Florida St.
  3. Army +8 1/2 vs.  Buffalo
  4. Kent St. +8 vs. Ball St.
  5. Western Michigan Pk. vs. Miami (O)


Friday Dog 13

  1. Purdue -3 vs. Nebraska
  2. Florida St. -6 1/2 vs. Louisville
  3. Penn St. +4 vs. Ohio St.
  4. LSU -11 1/2 vs. Ole Miss
  5. Stanford +5 vs. Notre Dame


Cal Gal Tiffany

  1. Tulane +14 vs. Memphis
  2. Colorado -9 vs. UCLA
  3. Arkansas +21 vs. Texas A&M
  4. Syracuse +24 vs. Clemson
  5. Bowling Green +28 1/2 vs. Georgia Tech
  6. Texas Tech +3 1/2 vs. West Virginia
  7. Virginia +5 1/2 vs. North Carolina St.
  8. Purdue -3 vs. Nebraska
  9. Penn St. +4 vs. Ohio St.



  1. Notre Dame -5 vs. Stanford
  2. Michigan -14 vs. Northwestern
  3. Texas -9 vs. Kansas St.


Stewed Meat

  1. Texas Tech +3 1/2 vs. West Virginia
  2. East Carolina -5 vs. Old Dominion
  3. Clemson-Syracuse Under 67
  4. North Carolina St-Virginia Under 53
  5. Oklahoma-Baylor Under 69
  6. Texas-Kansas St. Under 48
  7. Michigan-Northwestern Under 48


Reminder:  With the exception of Stewed Meat, who is a professional handicapper, none of us here actually wager real money on our picks.  These are for entertainment purposes only, just for fun.  Additionally, Stewed does not reveal the actual picks played.  These are Stewed’s runner up games that are not used for real.  Stewed has 5 real picks this weekend, none of which are shown above.  Stewed routinely beats the spread 62% of the time over the last 12 years and has no intention of revealing the games Stewed really plays.

Let this be a lesson to all of you.  When a Sharp really is successful against the spread, he or she never lets others know who he or she is wagering on.  He/She wants the odds to stay as much in his/her favor as possible.  If Great Sports Handicapper John Doe can consistently win 5 out of every 8 wagers made, the books will eventually cut John Doe’s maximums if not totally kick him out of their book.

Occasionally, these books may need these John Doe’s to balance out when the public has come in hard on one side, which is why Stewed is still allowed to play at 6 or 7 books in Nevada.

When somebody tells you that he or she has a sure 5-star lock, and all you have to do is pay X dollars to get these picks (or call an 800 number and get the pick for free), believe us–they do not have a sure lock, because if they did, they’d be keeping it to themselves.  

Some of these fake touts are totally dishonest.  Depending on your area code, you might be told to take Team A or Team B on these 800 lines.  Somebody in Hartford, Connecticut, might be told to bet  on State and give the 4 1/2 points, while a customer in Portland, Oregon, might be told to bet on Tech and take the 4 1/2 points.

The goal of these bunko artists is to tell half the customers to take State and half to take Tech, guaranteeing that half will win.  Then, they can sell the big package to the half that won, since a large percentage will believe the bunko artist knows something.

If the crook can get 50,000 people to call his 800 number, and thus 25,000 win, then maybe 10,000 of these winners will then proceed to buy the big package for the rest of the year and pay $129 for this service.  That comes to $1.2 million, not bad for a total con game.


















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