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November 7, 2018

PiRate Ratings Selections for November 7-12, 2018

How many times have you watched a college basketball game where a team gets a big lead  early and appears to be in control?  Then, the coach orders the players to become more patient on offense and look for high percentage shots rather than run the offense that got them the lead.  Subconsciously, the players become passive and slow down a bit, as they try to avoid turnovers.

As sure as the sun rises, this team loses its lead, sometimes all the way.  The other team exploits the passive play and goes on a run.  Then, the coach of the team that lost the lead, calls time out and yells at his team for doing basically what he told them to do.

Ladies and gentlemen–some of our Land Sharps may have been afflicted with this malady in recent weeks.  All five of our guest prognosticators got out to big leads in the land of picking winners against the spread.  Then, in recent weeks, they slowed down the pace and played it safe, only to see their great returns reduced by several percentage points.  The infamous books have reclaimed some of the investment as we round the turn and head down the backstretch of the 2018 season.

Today, three of our Land Sharps are going with just three games.  The game has tightened up, and they are running Four Corners, maybe a little too early in the game.  One Land Sharp is going with five selections, while the most liberal of the group is going with seven.

As for the PiRates, hey, we stink this year in our selections.  We are so far under water, we’d get the bends if we tried to re-surface quickly enough not to drown this season.  Our picks have not worked for us this year.  We have nothing to lose by going with more than a dozen selections, including a recommendation from one of our followers.

However, we have a saving grace here.  We never wager actual currency on any of the games we select, and if you have an ounce of brains, you will follow our lead.  Unless, of course, you are Stewed Meat, because Stewed is a professional in Vegas, although in recent days, we aren’t so sure about Stewed, after Stewed apparently went on the airwaves three sheets to the wind.  But, then what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Unfortunately for us, what is invested in Vegas stayed in Vegas last week, if only in a pretend manner.

Still, all five of our Land Sharps are in the black for the season.  We have a new leader overall, as Dean615 has moved from last place to first place in one month.

Here are our wonderful Land Sharp selections for this week.

1. Dean615–Season: 24-17-2  Return on Investment: 12.3%

Vanderbilt +17 vs. Missouri

Kentucky -5.5 vs. Tennessee

Northwestern +11 vs. Iowa


2. Cal Gal Tiffany–Season: 29-22-0  Return on Investment: 9.4%

Boise St. +3 vs. Fresno St.

Auburn +14.5 vs. Georgia

Texas -1 vs. Texas Tech

Oregon St. +24 vs. Stanford

Georgia Tech -3 vs. Georgia

Washington St. -6 vs. Colorado

Kansas +12 vs. Kansas St.


3. Stewed Meat–Season: 31-24-0  Return on Investment: 8.4%

South Carolina +7 vs. Florida

Kansas +12 vs. Kansas St.

North Carolina +10.5 vs. Duke


4. Friday Dog 13–Season: 27-21-1  Return on Investment: 8.0%

Ohio U -4 vs. Miami (O)

Ohio U & Miami (O)  OVER 61.5

Middle Tennessee -13 vs. UTEP

North Carolina St. -17 vs. Wake Forest

Notre Dame -17.5 vs. Florida St.


5. Buckeye Michelle–Season: 23-20-1  Return on Investment: 1.8%

Indiana -1.5 vs. Maryland

Washington St. -6 vs. Colorado

Boston College +20.5 vs. Clemson


The PiRate Ratings Selections for This Week


10-point Teasers  (3 game parlays at 11-10)

Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Syracuse Louisville 10.5 Syracuse
Texas A&M Ole Miss 1.5 Texas A&M
Kansas St. Kansas 22 Kansas


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
West Virginia TCU 1.5 WVU
Eastern Michigan Akron 3 EMU
Duke North Carolina Pk Duke


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Arizona St. UCLA 2.5 Arizona St.
Oklahoma Oklahoma St. 9.5 Oklahoma
Purdue Minnesota 2.5 Purdue


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Tulane East Carolina 3.5 Tulane
Florida Atlantic Western Kentucky 10 Florida Atlantic
Georgia Auburn 24.5 Auburn


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Cinciannati East Carolina 2.5 Cincinnati
Texas Tech Texas 8.5 Texas
UAB Southern Miss. 2.5 UAB


13-point Teasers (4 game parlays at 13-10)

Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
North Carolina St. Wake Forest 4 NC St.
Florida South Carolina 20 S. Car.
BYU Massachusetts 27 UMass
Troy Georgia Southern 14.5 Ga. Southern


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Tennessee Kentucky 7 Kentucky
Colorado Washington St. 7 Washington St.
Louisiana Georgia St. 1 Louisiana
South Alabama UL-Monroe 7.5 UL-Monroe


Money Line Parlay (@ +152)

Must Win Must Lose
Ohio U Miami (O)
Northern Illinois Toledo


Recommended Parlay from our Subscriber JuJu 85 from Santa Clarita, CA

This parlay features two underdogs and plays at +1355, which is good enough for us to approve.

Must Win Must Lose
South Carolina Florida
Kansas Kansas St.



13-point Teasers (4 game parlays at 13-10)

Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Detroit Chicago 6.5 Chicago
Kansas City Arizona 3.5 Kansas City
Tennessee New England 6.5 New England
Jacksonville Indianapolis 10 Indianapolis


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Oakland L.A. Chargers 3 L.A. Chargers
Miami Green Bay 3 Green Bay
Seattle L.A. Rams 3 L.A. Rams
Dallas Philadelphia 6.5 Philadelphia


Team Team Total Pick
Chicago Detroit 31.5 Over
Cincinnati New Orleans 41 Over
Cleveland Atlanta 37.5 Over
Buffalo N.Y. Jets 24 Over

Remember this: We issue these picks strictly for entertainment purposes only and do not wager real money on our selections.  We advise you to do the same.















October 24, 2018

PiRate Ratings Selections for October 25-29, 2018

After a successful week of picking, the PiRates are going heavy with 10-point and 13-point teaser selections this week.  Last week, our teasers were 8-2 against the spread, but that still didn’t get us out of the hole we dug the prior couple of weeks.

Leading the way for our Land Sharps last week, Stewed Meat went 6-1 to get back on the plus side of 52.5%, the break even point when selecting games at 11-10 odds.  Once again, all 5 Land Sharps are above the 52.5% level.

When the Sharps each sent in their picks, it looked to us like this is going to be a tough week.  The last week before the Autumn winds of November come into play can be a tough one to call.  It seems like favorites cover better this week than they do in any month in November.  Maybe injury attrition and just plain old bumps and bruises begin to affect the games more, and obviously inclement weather begins to play a part in games.  We actually saw some snow at the Wisconsin-Illinois game last week.  When the temperatures drop into the sub-freezing zone, the ball doesn’t feel the same way it does when it’s 70 degrees.  It becomes harder to throw, catch, kick, or hold onto when being hit by opposing players.

The Land Sharps

1. Buckeye Michelle–Season: 20-13-1 60.6% ROI: 16.8%

Virginia Tech  -2.5 vs. Georgia Tech

Georgia -6.5 vs. Florida

USC -6.5 vs. Arizona St.


2. Cal Gal Tiffany–Season: 24-17-0  58.5%  ROI: 12.9%

Arkansas +1.5 vs. Vanderbilt

USC -6.5 vs. Arizona St.

Stanford -3 vs. Washington St.


3. Friday Dog 13–Season: 22-16-1  57.9%  ROI: 11.3%

Clemson -16.5 vs. Florida St.

Washington -11.5 vs. California

Oklahoma -24.5 vs. Kansas St.

Notre Dame -23.5 vs. Navy

Colorado -24 vs. Oregon St.


4. Dean615–Season: 17-13-1  56.7%  ROI: 8.7%

Notre Dame -23.5 vs. Navy

Iowa +6.5 vs. Penn St.

Boston College +3.5 vs, Miami (Fla.)

Michigan St. -2.5 vs. Purdue

Pittsburgh +3 vs. Duke

Wisconsin -7 vs. Northwestern

Texas A&M +2.5 vs. Mississippi St.


5. Stewed Meat–25-20-0  55.6%  ROI: 6.7%

Western Michigan -6.5 vs. Toledo

Georgia Southern +8.5 vs. Appalachian St.

Coastal Carolina -3.5 vs. Georgia St.

Louisiana +3 vs. Arkansas St.

Florida Int’l. -3.5 vs. Western Kentucky


The PiRate Ratings

College 10-point 
Teasers 3 Games @11-10
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Toledo Western Michigan 3.5 Western Michigan
Georgia Tech Virginia Tech 7.5 Virginia Tech
Appalachian St. Georgia Southern 18.5 Georgia Southern
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Vanderbilt Arkansas 11.5 Arkansas
Duke Pittsburgh 12.5 Pittsburgh
Utah St. New Mexico 30.5 New Mexico
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
North Carolina Virginia 1 Virginia
Georgia Florida 17 Florida
Arizona St. USC 3.5 USC
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Maryland Illinois 8 Maryland
Washington California 1.5 Washington
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Penn St. Iowa 16.5 Iowa
Arkansas St. Louisiana 13 Louisiana
Syracuse North Carolina St. 7.5 North Carolina St.
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Mississippi St. Texas A&M 12.5 Texas A&M
Western Kentucky Florida Int’l. 6.5 Florida Int’l.
Arizona Oregon 0.5 Oregon
College 13-point 
Teasers 4 Games @13-10
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Miami (Fla.) Boston College 16.5 Boston College
Minnesota Indiana 10.5 Indiana
Oklahoma St. Texas 9.5 Texas
San Diego St. Nevada 16 Nevada
NFL 10-point 
Teasers 3 Games @11-10
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
N. Y. Jets Chicago 3 Chicago
Cleveland Pittsburgh 2 Pittsburgh
N.Y. Giants Washington 9 Washington
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Kansas City Denver Pk Kansas City
Baltimore Carolina 12 Carolina
New Orleans Minnesota 11 Minnesota
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Green Bay L.A. Rams 1 L.A. Rams
New England Buffalo 4 New England
Arizona San Francisco 11 San Francisco

NFL 13-point 




4 games



Team 1 Team 2 Total Pick
Houston Miami 31 Over
Kansas City Denver 41.5 Over
Pittsburgh Cleveland 63.5 Under
Washington N.Y. Giants 29 Over


October 17, 2018

PiRate Ratings Selections for October 18-22, 2018

Last week was the first down week for our Land Sharps, as overall, they suffered their first cumulative loss of the season.  Overall, the five geniuses went an accumulated 11-17-1.  Dean615 did have his best record of the season, finishing 4-1, but Buckeye Michelle and Cal Gal Tiffany combined to go 1-6-1.

Don’t even ask about the PiRate Ratings.  This is our worst year making these selections since the 1990’s, and if it wasn’t for a rally on Sunday with three wins out of three, it would have been disastrous.  Of course, it isn’t really disastrous for us, because these picks are only for entertainment purposes, and thus no money was wagered.  Please take this advice and use our selections the same way.

The Land Sharps

Cal Gal Tiffany

Season: 22-14-0  61.1%  18.3% ROI

Arizona St. +3 vs. Stanford

California -6.5 vs. Oregon St.

USC +7 vs. Utah

Wyoming +15.5 vs. Utah St.

Kentucky -11 vs. Vanderbilt


Buckeye Michelle

Season: 17-11-1  60.7%  16.9% ROI

Army -8 vs. Miami (O)

UTSA +18 vs. Southern Miss.

Wyoming +15.5 vs. Utah St.

Georgia Southern -12 vs. New Mexico St.

North Carolina St. +17 vs. Clemson


Dean 615

Season: 14-10-0  58.3%  12.5% ROI

Michigan St. +7.5 vs. Michigan

Purdue +13.5 vs. Ohio St.

LSU -6.5 vs. Mississippi St.

Penn St. -14 vs. Indiana

SMU +7.5 vs. Tulane

USC +7 vs. Utah

Navy +13 vs. Houston


Friday Dog 13

Season: 18-13-1  58.1%  11.6% ROI

Utah St. -14.5 vs. Wyoming

Ohio U -16.5 vs. Bowling Green

Central Florida -21 vs. East Carolina

Hawaii -3 vs. Nevada

LSU -6.5 vs. Mississippi St.

Iowa -9 vs. Maryland

Washington -15.5 vs. Colorado


Stewed Meat

Season: 19-19-0  50.0%  -5% ROI

Louisiana-Lafayette +25.5 vs. Appalachian St.

Eastern Michigan -3 vs. Ball St.

Western Michigan -4 vs. Central Michigan

Connecticut +34 vs. South Florida

Kentucky -11 vs. Vanderbilt

Marshall +3 vs. Florida Atlantic

Missouri -9 vs. Memphis


The PiRate Ratings Picks For October 18-22, 2018

College 10-point Teasers (3 game parlays at 11-10)

Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Air Force UNLV 1 Air Force
Michigan Michigan St. 17.5 Michigan St.
Toledo Buffalo 10 Buffalo


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Utah St. Wyoming 25.5 Wyoming
Clemson North Carolina St. 27 North Carolina St.
Florida St. Wake Forest 0.5 Florida St.


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Penn St. Indiana 0.5 Penn St.
Memphis Missouri 0.5 Missouri
Georgia Southern New Mexico St. 2.5 Georgia Southern


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Mississippi St. LSU 3.5 LSU
Central Florida East Carolina 11 Central Florida
South Florida Connecticut 44 Connecticut


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Louisiana-Monroe Texas St. 0.5 Louisiana-Monroe
Kentucky Vanderbilt 1 Kentucky
Fresno St. New Mexico 4 Fresno St.


College 13-Point Teasers (4 game parlays at 13-10)

Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Stanford Arizona St. 10.5 Arizona St.
TCU Oklahoma 5 Oklahoma
Miami (O) Army 5.5 Army
Maryland Iowa 3 Iowa


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
North Carolina Syracuse 3.5 Syracuse
Oregon St. California 6.5 California
Oregon Washington St. 10.5 Washington St.
Utah USC 19.5 USC


College Money Line Parlays

4 Teams @ +254
Winner Loser
Army Miami (O)
Iowa Maryland
Duke Virginia
Western Michigan Central Michigan


2 Teams @ +693
Winner Loser
Minnesota Nebraska
USC Utah


NFL Picks vs. The Spread

Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Denver Arizona 2 Arizona
Tampa Bay Cleveland 3 Cleveland
Philadelphia Carolina 5 Carolina
Indianapolis Buffalo 7.5 Buffalo
Baltimore New Orleans 2.5 New Orleans


NFL 10-Point Teasers (3 Games at 11-10)

Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Tennessee L.A. Chargers 3.5 L.A. Chargers
Chicago New England 7 New England
Philadelphia Carolina 15 Carolina


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Indianapolis Buffalo 17.5 Buffalo
Jacksonville Houston 15.5 Houston
San Francisco L.A. Rams 0.5 L.A. Rams


Team A Team B Total Pick
N.Y. Jets Minnesota 37 Over
Washington Dallas 31.5 Over
Philadelphia Carolina 35.5 Over



October 9, 2018

PiRate Ratings Selections for October 9-15, 2018

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We’ve read your comments.  A couple dozen came in over the weekend telling us to defer to the Land Sharps.  Yes, all five of our guest selectors now have winning records for the season.  You heard that right.  Very few amateur handicappers can sustain a winning record against the spread plus the vigorish over the course of a couple of weeks, yet all five of our Land Sharps have done so after 6 weeks of the season.

As for your official PiRate picks, don’t ask.  We are suffering through a malaise, so by popular demand, we will present the Land Sharp picks first and then follow with our ridiculous 25 selections for the week.  We are going to just toss all the darts at once and hope 13 or more stick to the board.

You may notice that we are presenting this feature a day early this week.  There is a valid reason.  There is a Tuesday night college game, and one Sharp selected it.

This Week’s Sharps’ Selections

Cal Gal Tiffany

Season: 22-11 66.7% vs. the Spread with ROI of 30.0%

Central Florida -4 vs. Memphis
Virginia Tech -5 1/2 vs. North Carolina
Hawaii +14 1/2 vs. BYU


Buckeye Michelle

Season: 16-8-1  66.7% vs. the Spread with ROI of 28.8%

Hawaii +14 1/2 vs. BYU
Colorado +7 1/2 vs. USC
UTSA +13 1/2 vs. Louisiana Tech
South Carolina +3 vs. Texas A&M
Kansas St. +7 vs. Oklahoma St.


Friday Dog 13

Season: 15-9-1  62.5% vs. the Spread with ROI of 20.4%

Virginia Tech -5 1/2 vs. UNC
Fresno State -19 vs. Wyoming
Central Florida -4 vs. Memphis
Ole Miss -6 vs. Arkansas
Utah State -24 vs. UNLV
Florida -7 vs. Vanderbilt
Northwestern -4 vs. Nebraska


Stewed Meat

Season: 16-13  55.2% vs. the Spread with ROI of 5.9%

Arkansas St. +10 1/2 vs. Appalachian St.
Tennessee +15 1/2 vs. Auburn
Arizona +14 vs. Utah
Georgia -7 vs. LSU
Oregon +3 1/2 vs. Washington
Baylor +14 1/2 vs. Texas
Illinois +10 1/2 vs. Purdue
Central Florida -4 1/2 vs. Memphis
New Mexico Pk. vs. Colorado St.



Season: 10-9  52.6% vs. the Spread with ROI of 0.5%

Notre Dame -20 1/2 vs. Pittsburgh
Iowa -4 1/2 vs. Indiana
Florida -7 vs. Vanderbilt
Texas Tech +7 1/2 vs. TCU
Tennessee +15 1/2 vs. Auburn


The Official PiRate Ratings Selections

We are going with an astronomical 25 selections this week, because we keep choosing about 7 each week out of 25 that we like, and we keep choosing the wrong 7.  So, we are going with every selection we liked, since so many we didn’t choose in recent weeks were winners.

Picks vs. the Spread

Ole Miss -6 vs. Arkansas
Hawaii +14 1/2 vs. BYU
Coastal Carolina -4 1/2 vs. UL-Monroe
Central Florida -4 vs. Memphis
Virginia Tech -5 1/2 vs. North Carolina
Northwestern -4 vs. Nebraska
Washington -3 vs. Oregon
Penn St. -13 1/2 vs. Michigan St.
Army -14 1/2 vs. San Jose St.
Georgia Southern -16 1/2 vs. Texas St.
UTSA + 13 1/2 vs. Louisiana Tech
Colorado +7 1/2 vs. USC

10-point Teasers

All 3-game parlays at 11-10

Alabama -18 vs. Missouri
Tennessee +26 1/2 vs. Auburn
Hawaii +24 1/2 vs. BYU

Boston College -3 1/2 vs. Louisville
New Mexico +11 1/2 vs. Colorado St.
Eastern Michigan +11 1/2 vs. Toledo

Duke +12 vs. Georgia Tech
Iowa St. +17 vs. West Virginia
Georgia +3 vs. LSU

Maryland -14 vs. Rutgers
Miami (O) -1/2 vs. Kent St.
Northwestern +6 vs. Nebraska

Ohio St. -19 1/2 vs. Minnesota
UAB -6 vs. Rice
San Diego St.  Pk vs. Air Force

Army -4 1/2 vs. San Jose St.
Texas A&M +8 vs. South Carolina
Texas -4 vs. Baylor

Arizona +24 vs. Utah
Florida +3 vs. Vanderbilt
Miami (Fla.) +4 vs. Virginia


Money Line Parlays

@ +191 $100 invested would return $291 with a win

Northwestern over Nebraska  
UAB over Rice  
South Florida over Tulsa 
Boston College over Louisville 


@+175 $100 invested would return $275 with a win

Central Florida over Memphis
San Diego St. over Air Force 
Buffalo over Akron 
Texas over Baylor


@+151 $100 invested would return $251 with a win

Florida over Vanderbilt 
Western Michigan over Bowling Green 
Georgia over LSU  
Army over San Jose St.


NFL 10-point Teasers 
(Totals) @11-10 3-game parlays
Team Team Total Pick
Philadelphia N.Y. Giants 34 Over
Arizona Minnesota 33 Over
Carolina Washington 35 Over
Team Team Total Pick
Indianapolis N.Y. Jets 35 Over
Cincinnati Pittsburgh 63 Under
L.A. Chargers Cleveland 33.5 Over
Team Team Total Pick
Chicago Miami 32 Over
Jacksonville Dallas 30 Over
San Francisco Green Bay 36 Over


NOTE: All wagers are strictly for entertainment purposes only.  These are imaginary currencies invested in imaginary books.  We do not bet on these games.  While Stewed Meat is a professional, these are not the actual picks Stewed has invested real currency at a real book in Nevada. 

Stewed is fortunate enough to receive the “Outlaw Line” before the Opening Line is issued.  Stewed’s real strategy is to isolate odds that are off by at least 3 points and then play both sides of the key games. 

For instance, if Team A is a 14 1/2 point favorite on the late Saturday night Outlaw Line, and Stewed believes the true spread should be 11, Stewed will put a 5-figure wager on Team B at +14 1/2.  Then, after the opening line is listed at 12 because Stewed and other Sharps knew better, and then when the line lowers to 11 because many in the general public also think they know better, Stewed wagers the same 5-figure amount on Team A at -11. 

If the actual game score comes in at 12, 13, or 14 (three very frequent game spreads), Stewed wins both wagers and makes a lot of profit.  Otherwise, Stewed will win one of the two wagers, unless the spread is exactly 11 points, in which Stewed wins one wager and pushes on the other.  All Stewed needs to do to turn a profit is to have a game come between the two spreads 1 out of every 19 games.  This is wagering with a margin of safety that none of the rest of us amateurs can do.

October 3, 2018

PiRate Ratings Selections for October 4-8, 2018

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Another mediocre week by the PiRate Rating selections was offset by another spectacular week by three of our five Land Sharps.

Last week, our official picks went 4-7, to bring the total to date to 22-23-1.  This took our minor profit for the season to a minor loss of 5.7% Return on Investment.  We will include some Money Line parlays that give us better than +150 odds this week in an attempt to get back into the black.  In the past, we have done well when playing 4-game parlays that give us better than +150 odds, but we tend to cash in big on these parlays in November.  Hopefully, October will be nice to us.

As for the Land Sharps, Buckeye Michelle, Friday Dog 13, and Cal Gal Tiffany continue to draw the ire of the kind people in the State of Nevada.  If they keep up this streak, they will not be allowed to patronize the books (Note–every pick on this site is done strictly for entertainment purposes only, so they really have no connection with any books).

Dean615 and Stewed Meat have treaded water so far, as both as exactly .500 in their picks.  In Stewed’s defense, these are this Land Sharp’s “B” picks.  Stewed is a real professional, and Stewed A’s picks last week (college and NFL) went 8-3 including a Parlay win that returned 6 to 1 odds for a big profit.

This week, our Land Sharps have picked between 5 and 9 games.  Because we try not to do the same thing, and we include the NFL in our official picks, we are going with 9 selections–3 vs. spreads, 4, 10-point teasers, and 2 Money Line Parlays.

PiRate Ratings Official Picks 


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Akron Miami (O) 3 Akron
Baltimore Cleveland 3 Baltimore
San Francisco Arizona 3.5 San Francisco

10-Point Teasers (3-team parlays)

Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Louisville Georgia Tech 6.5 Georgia Tech
Boston College North Carolina St. 5.5 North Carolina St.
LSU Florida 13 Florida


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Alabama Arkansas 24 Alabama
Clemson Wake Forest 7.5 Clemson
Miami (Fla.) Florida St. 2.5 Miami (Fla.)


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
South Florida Massachusetts 4 South Florida
Georgia Southern South Alabama 3.5 Georgia Southern
Ole Miss Louisiana-Monroe 2.5 Ole Miss


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Central Florida SMU 14 Central Florida
Washington St. Oregon St. 6.5 Washington St.
Fresno St. Nevada 2 Fresno St.


Money Line Parlays

4 Teams at +168

Winner Loser
North Carolina St. Boston College
Troy Georgia St.
UNLV New Mexico
Miami (Fla.) Florida St.


4 Teams at +174

Winner Loser
Liberty New Mexico St.
South Florida Massachusetts
Buffalo Central Michigan
Georgia Southern South Alabama


The Land Sharps

Buckeye Michelle

Year to Date: 14-6  70.0%, 37.0% Return on Investment

Connecticut +36 vs. Memphis

Kentucky +6 vs. Texas A&M

Minnesota +7.5 vs. Iowa

Air Force +3.5 vs. Navy

UAB +9.5 vs. Louisiana Tech


Friday Dog 13

Year to Date: 11-5 68.8%, 34.4% Return on Investment

Marshall -6 vs. Middle Tennessee

Akron -3 vs. Miami (O)

Ole Miss -22 vs. Louisiana-Monroe

West Virginia -28.5 vs. Kansas

Central Florida -24 vs. SMU

North Carolina St. -4 vs. Boston College

South Florida -4 vs. Massachusetts

Syracuse -3.5 vs. Pittsburgh

Kentucky +6 vs. Texas A&M


Cal Gal Tiffany

Year to Date: 17-9  65.4%, 27.3% Return on Investment

Utah St. +3 vs. BYU

North Carolina St. -4 vs. Boston College

LSU -2.5 vs. Florida

Florida St. +13 vs. Miami (Fla.)

Georgia Southern -13.5 vs. South Alabama

Auburn -3 vs. Mississippi St.

Georgia -26.5 vs. Vanderbilt


Stewed Meat

Year to Date: 11-11  50.0%, -5% Return on Investment

Georgia Tech -3.5 vs. Louisville

North Carolina St. -4 vs. Boston College

Florida +3 vs. LSU

Akron -3 vs. Miami (O)

Colorado -2.5 vs. Arizona St.

Houston & Tulsa UNDER 70.5

Michigan & Maryland UNDER 49



Year to Date: 7-7  50.0%, -5.0% Return on Investment

Notre Dame -6 vs. Virginia Tech

Wisconsin -17.5 vs. Nebraska

Texas A&M -5.5 vs. Kentucky

Florida & LSU UNDER 44.5

Notre Dame & Virginia Tech OVER 56.5















September 26, 2018

PiRate Ratings Selections for September 27-October 1, 2018

Another week, another minor profit-maker.  The PiRate Rating selections last week ended with a tiny profit of $60 on $900 invested, finishing 5-4.  For the season, the imaginary bank roll now stands at +$110 on an investment of $3,500 for a meager profit that gives us a Return on Investment of 3.14%.  It beats a loss, but the way the NYSE and Nasdaq have been accruing this year, your real money would be better invested.  On the plus side, that 3.14% return so far has been done in one month, so it isn’t that bad, just not matching some of our outstanding past seasons.

We are issuing a lot of official picks this week, 11 in all.  We have included 3, 10-point teaser picks after not using them last week.

Now, for what many of you really like this year–our 5 guest Land Sharps.  Guess what?  All 5 of our distinguished and honored contributors are in the black for the year.  Last week, Friday Dog 13 went 4-1 to bring his record for the season to 8-3.  With a Return on Investment of 42.7%, he is breathing down the neck of leader Buckeye Michelle, who at 11-4 has a Return on Investment of 44.0%.  Cal Gal Tiffy is 11-6 with a Return on Investment of 25.9%.  Dean615 is 6-5 with a Return on Investment of 4.5%, while the real pro, Stewed Meat is 8-7 with a Return on Investment of 2.0%.  Stewed is a bit stewed this week and says this will not stand.

The Land Sharps’ picks can be found after we issue our “official” PiRate Rating selections for the week.

PiRate Ratings Official Picks for September 27 to October 1, 2018

Games Picked Against the Spread 

Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Army Buffalo 8.5 Army
Ball St. Kent St. 8 Kent St.
Purdue Nebraska 3 Purdue
Appalachian St. South Alabama 26 South Alabama
New Mexico Liberty 6 New Mexico
Hawaii San Jose St. 12.5 San Jose St.
Green Bay Buffalo 10.5 Buffalo
Indiana Houston 1 Indianapolis


10-Point Teaser Spreads (3-team parlays)

Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
UCLA Colorado 1 Colorado
North Carolina St. Virginia 15.5 Virginia
Ohio St. Penn St. 14 Penn St.


Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Chicago Tampa Bay 13 Tampa Bay
Houston Indianapolis 9 Indianapolis
New England Miami 17 Miami


10-Point Teaser Totals (3-team parlay)

Home Visitor Total Pick
Green Bay Buffalo 35 Over
Dallas Detroit 33.5 Over
Jacksonville N.Y. Jets 28.5 Over


The Land Sharps Picks

Buckeye Michelle

  1. Bowling Green +28 1/2 vs. Georgia Tech
  2. Louisville +6 1/2 vs. Florida St.
  3. Army +8 1/2 vs.  Buffalo
  4. Kent St. +8 vs. Ball St.
  5. Western Michigan Pk. vs. Miami (O)


Friday Dog 13

  1. Purdue -3 vs. Nebraska
  2. Florida St. -6 1/2 vs. Louisville
  3. Penn St. +4 vs. Ohio St.
  4. LSU -11 1/2 vs. Ole Miss
  5. Stanford +5 vs. Notre Dame


Cal Gal Tiffany

  1. Tulane +14 vs. Memphis
  2. Colorado -9 vs. UCLA
  3. Arkansas +21 vs. Texas A&M
  4. Syracuse +24 vs. Clemson
  5. Bowling Green +28 1/2 vs. Georgia Tech
  6. Texas Tech +3 1/2 vs. West Virginia
  7. Virginia +5 1/2 vs. North Carolina St.
  8. Purdue -3 vs. Nebraska
  9. Penn St. +4 vs. Ohio St.



  1. Notre Dame -5 vs. Stanford
  2. Michigan -14 vs. Northwestern
  3. Texas -9 vs. Kansas St.


Stewed Meat

  1. Texas Tech +3 1/2 vs. West Virginia
  2. East Carolina -5 vs. Old Dominion
  3. Clemson-Syracuse Under 67
  4. North Carolina St-Virginia Under 53
  5. Oklahoma-Baylor Under 69
  6. Texas-Kansas St. Under 48
  7. Michigan-Northwestern Under 48


Reminder:  With the exception of Stewed Meat, who is a professional handicapper, none of us here actually wager real money on our picks.  These are for entertainment purposes only, just for fun.  Additionally, Stewed does not reveal the actual picks played.  These are Stewed’s runner up games that are not used for real.  Stewed has 5 real picks this weekend, none of which are shown above.  Stewed routinely beats the spread 62% of the time over the last 12 years and has no intention of revealing the games Stewed really plays.

Let this be a lesson to all of you.  When a Sharp really is successful against the spread, he or she never lets others know who he or she is wagering on.  He/She wants the odds to stay as much in his/her favor as possible.  If Great Sports Handicapper John Doe can consistently win 5 out of every 8 wagers made, the books will eventually cut John Doe’s maximums if not totally kick him out of their book.

Occasionally, these books may need these John Doe’s to balance out when the public has come in hard on one side, which is why Stewed is still allowed to play at 6 or 7 books in Nevada.

When somebody tells you that he or she has a sure 5-star lock, and all you have to do is pay X dollars to get these picks (or call an 800 number and get the pick for free), believe us–they do not have a sure lock, because if they did, they’d be keeping it to themselves.  

Some of these fake touts are totally dishonest.  Depending on your area code, you might be told to take Team A or Team B on these 800 lines.  Somebody in Hartford, Connecticut, might be told to bet  on State and give the 4 1/2 points, while a customer in Portland, Oregon, might be told to bet on Tech and take the 4 1/2 points.

The goal of these bunko artists is to tell half the customers to take State and half to take Tech, guaranteeing that half will win.  Then, they can sell the big package to the half that won, since a large percentage will believe the bunko artist knows something.

If the crook can get 50,000 people to call his 800 number, and thus 25,000 win, then maybe 10,000 of these winners will then proceed to buy the big package for the rest of the year and pay $129 for this service.  That comes to $1.2 million, not bad for a total con game.


















September 12, 2018

PiRate Ratings Selections for September 13-17, 2018

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We received a lot of comments last week from regular readers to this site that know how to contact us through another site.  We tend to keep our comments sections closed, because it becomes a task to monitor it for stuff that does not need to appear here.

The comments had nothing to do with our own picks last week.  We introduced five guest pickers, three of them members of the fairer sex, and overall, they had quite a successful week.

By far the overwhelming amount of responses were aimed at Buckeye Michelle.  The Ohio Transplant to the Sunny South merely went 5-0 picking 5 underdogs, and we received all kinds of comments pertaining to her, including a couple of marriage proposals.

Friday Dog 13 went 3-0 picking three prohibitive favorites that won by even larger scores than the line they were asked to cover.

Cal Gal Tiffany went 5-2 in her seven picks, again, a very successful week that equates to a 56% Return on Investment.

Stewed Meat narrowly missed having a winning week, as Stewed went 2-3.  Bringing up the rear at 1-2 was Dean 615.

What about our own picks?  We suffered a lot of near misses and finished the week losing $90 imaginary after wagering $1,100 and going 5-6.  For the years, after two weeks, we are down $220 on a total of $1,700 wagered in our pretend bank account, so we are off to a bad year so far.

Just remember, all the picks you receive here this week and every week are free, and you should consider them worth exactly what you pay for them.

First, here are the PiRate’s official selections for the week.

Straight Spreads and Totals Selections–7

Favorite Underdog Spread/Total Pick
Army Hawaii           6 Army
Baylor Duke          6.5 Duke
Minnesota Miami (Ohio)          13 Minnesota
Denver Oakland          46 Under
Washington Indianapolis          47 Under
Cincinnati Baltimore           1 Baltimore
Dallas N.Y. Giants           3 Dallas

10-point Teaser Parlays–2

If you are unfamiliar with 10-point teasers, you can move the line by 10 points in your favor and play at less favorable odds than if you wager a straight wager against the spread or total.  By combining more than one game into a parlay, you can adjust the odds.  A 10-point teaser using three games makes the odds the same as wagering a straight wager.  You put up $11 of your money against $10 of the books, or what is referred to as -110 (You wager $110 versus the book wagering $100).

10-point teaser 3-team parlay -110
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Florida Colorado St. 31 Colorado St.
Texas USC 13.5 USC
Boston College Wake Forest 15 Wake Forest


10-point teaser 3-team parlay -110
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Indiana Ball St. 4 Indiana
Penn St. Kent St. 24.5 Penn St.
Wisconsin BYU 11 Wisconsin

The Land Sharps

Now for our special sharps–our 5 guest pickers.  They have been tasked with selecting 3, 5, 7, or 9 college games each week.  None of the 5 know what the other 4 are picking, so in some cases, more than one guest is picking the same game, and even though it did not happen this week, we are sure that at some point, they could be on opposite sides of the same game.

We search for the best available line at

Buckeye Michelle (5-0 for the season)

Syracuse + 3 1/2 vs. Florida St.

LSU +10 vs. Auburn

Duke +6 1/2 vs. Baylor

San Diego St. +5 1/2 vs. Arizona St.

Toledo +10 1/2 vs. Miami (Fla.)


Friday Dog 13 (3-0 for the season)

Missouri -6 vs. Purdue

Tennessee -30 1/2 vs. UTEP

Virginia -3 1/2 vs. Ohio


Cal Gal Tiffany  (5-2 for the season)

Florida Int’l. -4 vs. U Mass.

Army -6 vs. Hawaii

Oklahoma St. -2 1/2 vs. Boise St.

Washington – 6 1/2 vs. Utah

Georgia Tech +4 vs. Pittsburgh


Stewed Meat (2-3 for the season)

Colorado St. +20 1/2 vs. Florida

Buffalo -3 vs. Eastern Michigan

Oregon St. +3 1/2 vs. Nevada

Washington -6 1/2 vs. Utah

Oklahoma St. -2 1/2 vs. Boise St.


Dean 615 (1-2 for the season)

Notre Dame -14 vs. Vanderbilt

North Texas +7 vs. Arkansas

TCU +14 vs. Ohio St.




September 5, 2018

PiRate Ratings Money Line Parlays for September 6-10, 2018

With the NFL kicking off Thursday night, this is the first weekend where the handicappers have both college and pro regular season football to consider when making their selections.

It has been a custom at the PiRate Ratings that we make the maximum number of picks on this week of the season.  We will be going with 11 selections this week, using a combination of straight wagers, money line parlays, and 10-point teasers.

As usual, please be advised that every selection made on this website is absolutely free to you, and you should consider the value of the information to struggle to meet the monetary cost you pay to receive it.  In other words, unless you are a sharp in the Caribbean that knows how to use our picks and make a fortune, please do not wager your hard-earned money on games using this site as your sole reference.  The PiRates do this strictly for mathematical fun.

Here are this week’s PiRate Picks.

Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Michigan St. Arizona St. 5 1/2 Mich. St.
BYU California 3 1/2 California
Indiana Virginia 7 Virginia
Georgia Tech South Florida 3 Ga. Tech
Stanford USC 4 Stanford
Money Line Parlay @+238
Winner Loser
North Carolina East Carolina
Maryland Bowling Green
Florida Kentucky
Stanford USC
Michigan St. Arizona St.
Money Line Parlay @ +182
Winner Loser
Purdue Eastern Michigan
Georgia South Carolina
Appalachian St. Charlotte
UAB Coastal Carolina
Penn St. Pittsburgh
Money Line Parlay @+237
Winner Loser
Pittsburgh Cleveland
Baltimore Buffalo
New Orleans Tampa Bay
New England Houston
Money Line Game @+140
Winner Loser
Cincinnati Indianapolis
10-point teaser 3-team parlay -110
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Coastal Carolina UAB 1 UAB
Indiana Virginia 17 Virginia
Purdue Eastern Mich. 5 1/2 Purdue
10-point teaser 3-team parlay -110
Favorite Underdog Spread Pick
Georgia South Carolina Pk Georgia
USC Stanford 6 Stanford
Clemson Texas A&M 2 Clemson

The PiRates are adding some buckaroos to the ship this season for their expertise in picking football games. In addition to our own picks, each of the buckaroos and buckarettes will supply his or her own picks to us each week. If they prove their worth, we’ll run their picks up the flagpole every week, but if they lose too much, they’ll walk the plank.

To start off, each has been granted an unlimited bank account to wager an odd number of games of 3, 5, 7, or 9 selections each week isolated to just college football. All pretend wagers will be $100 a game, so it will be easy to calculate. If they win, they earn another $100 to their imaginary account. If they lose, then $110 will be deducted.

Our guest players have all chosen their user names for this event, so here is a brief introduction on each player–in alphabetical order.

1. Buckeye Michelle lives in Florida, after growing up in the Cleveland area. Don’t let her gender fool you; she knows football. She can recognize coverage zones by the defense, but most of all, she sees what most of us don’t see–value. If you ever need a personal shopper, Michie is the one for you. She’ll find you a lot of bargains.

2. Cal Gal Tiffy lives on the West Coast, and yes, she is another member of the fairer sex. A tomboy who played tackle football with the boys growing up, she matured into a model and now is a makeup artist that never misses a Stanford home game.

3. Dean 615 is a former college football star and played in the NFL for a decade. Dean knows how to evaluate talent and can watch a game and see all 22 players and know who missed his assignment. Dean has a room full of trophies in his home.

4. Friday Dog 13 is a rabid football fan and friend of the Captains for 40+ years. Friday Dog has seen more than 100 football games in person, many at Vanderbilt’s Dudley Field and many at Peden Stadium in Athens, Ohio. Friday Dog is an expert in hometown football.

5. Stewed Meat is a professional sharp. Stewed has cashed some rather expensive tickets in Las Vegas and has been banned in some places or been forced to play no more than a certain amount on college games. Stewed is the Captain’s source for receiving the “Outlaw” line as well as how quickly the lines flattened and which games saw sharps playing both sides for the middle. Stewed has placed a grand on one parlay and won $10K when the parlay came in. Stewed has also watched a botched extra point kill a $25K wager. Stewed plays money line parlays almost exclusively and has admitted that playing individual games against the spread is not Stewed’s expertise.
Note–The odds chosen were the best available at at the time of the submission to the Captain.

Here are the picks this week for each player.
1. Buckeye Michelle
Rice +17 1/2 vs. Hawaii
Louisiana-Monroe + 6 1/2 vs. Southern Miss.
Colorado St. +13 1/2 vs. Arkansas
Kentucky +14 1/2 vs. Florida
Tulsa +23 vs. Texas

2. Cal Gal Tiffy
Stanford -4 vs. USC
California +3 1/2 vs. BYU
Iowa -3 1/3 vs. Iowa St.
Notre Dame -34 vs. Ball St.
Army -8 1/2 vs. Liberty
Central Michigan -4 vs. Kansas
Georgia -10 vs. South Carolina

3. Dean 73
Notre Dame -34 vs. Ball St.
Appalachian St. -13 1/2 vs. Charlotte
UAB -9 vs. Coastal Carolina

4. Friday Dog 13
Vanderbilt -8 1/2 vs. Nevada
Ohio St. -34 1/2 vs. Rutgers
Mississippi St. -9 1/2 vs. Kansas St.

5. Stewed Meat
Western Michigan +28 vs. Michigan
Stanford -4 vs. USC
Rutgers +35 1/2 vs. Ohio St.
Iowa -3 1/2 vs. Iowa St.
Wyoming +18 vs. Missouri


September 24, 2015

Selections Against The Spread–September 24-28, 2015

Today, we expand our fun nonsense with three different types of selections to lose you money quicker than if you throw it away playing one weekend fantasy games.  Before you throw away good money thinking you can be that one person in 20 million that makes a million dollars, and before you decide to lose it in the conventional way by playing the stock market, consider losing it this much more entertaining way.

Pardon us whilst we remove tongues from cheeks.

Seriously, just remember that these selections are worth less than what you pay for them.  Use these only as something to either endorse your prior beliefs of convince you to pocket that extra change in your wallet and buy some nice flowers for your utmost.

Today, we have decided to go with five sides picks, seven 10-point teasers, and one stupendous Money Line parlay.

Did we mention this: DO NOT use these picks as your guide to lose all your money this weekend.  How much will the PiRates wager this weekend?  A big fat 0.  We have chosen to go the flowers route; the payoff is so wonderful.



Home Visitor Line Our Pick
Syracuse LSU 24.5 Syracuse
Carolina New Orleans 3 Carolina
N. Y. Giants Washington 3 N. Y. Giants
Baltimore Cincinnati 2.5 Baltimore
Cleveland Oakland 3 Cleveland

10-Point Teasers

Home Visitor Teaser Pick
Washington California -14 Washington
Baylor Rice 44.5 Rice
Charlotte Florida Atlantic -21.5 Charlotte
Syracuse LSU -34.5 Syracuse
Michigan BYU 15.5 BYU
Kentucky Missouri 12.5 Missouri
Virginia Boise St. 7.5 Boise St.
Notre Dame Masachusetts 19 Notre Dame
Ole Miss Vanderbilt 15 Ole Miss
Dallas Atlanta 10 Atlanta
Carolina New Orleans -7 Carolina
St. Louis Pittsburgh 10 Pittsburgh
Miami Buffalo 12.5 Buffalo
N. Y. Giants Washington -7 N. Y. Giants
Houston Tampa Bay -3 Houston
Seattle Chicago 25.5 Chicago
New England Jacksonville 4.5 New England
Baltimore Cincinnati 12.5 Cincinnati
Cleveland Oakland -7 Cleveland
Green Bay Kansas City -2.5 Green Bay
Minnesota San Diego 11 San Diego

Money Line Parlay

For those two or three of you that have read this far and do not know what a Money Line parlay is, we will tell you, but we will also wonder why you have read this far in the first place.

The Money Line allows you to select the winner of a particular game without having to worry about a point spread.  However, since it is obvious that the favorite has a better chance to win the game than the underdog, you must pay a premium when you select the favorite to win the game.  For example, this week New England is an overwhelming favorite to beat Jacksonville.  The Money Line allows you to wager on New England to win the game by just one point and return money to you.  However, the Money Line odds for this game at most Las Vegas books is: New England -1400 and Jacksonville +800.  What this means is for every $1,400 you wager on New England at -1400, you can win $100 more than you wager.  So, if you put down $1,400 on New England on a Money Line wager, you receive $1,500 if New England wins (Your original $1,400 plus $100 profit, which is a return on your investment of 7.1%).  If you believe Jacksonville will upset the Patriots in Foxboro on Sunday and wager just $100 on the Jaguars to win the game, you stand to receive $900 (Your original $100 plus $800 profit) if Jacksonville wins.

A Money Line Parlay allows you to combine multiple games into one wager.  Let’s say that you have 3 favorites you believe will all win and feel confident enough to lay down cash for one combined wager.  For an example let’s use a possible 4-team Money Line Parlay for Sunday.

Houston is currently -280 vs. Tampa Bay

New England is currently -1400 vs. Jacksonville

Seattle is currently -1600 vs. Chicago

Green Bay is currently -320 vs. Kansas City

If you believe Houston, New England, Seattle, and Green Bay are certain winners and combine these four games into one wager, our parlay calculator says that for every $100 you wager, you will get back $203 (Your original $100 plus $103 profit) if the four teams all win.  If just one of the four loses or ties, then you lose your $100.

Just for fun, what if you think New England and Seattle will win with 100% belief in your mind?  What if you combine -1400 and -1600 into one wager?  The payout on $100 wagered would be just $114.  That is obviously a 14% return on your investment.  Now remember that in your mind this is 100% winnable.  Where else can you return 14% on an investment in one weekend?  Ah, this is why there are so many broke individuals in Las Vegas, and why the books and casinos can build new and improved versions every few years.  Who do you think wins the majority of these wagers?

Now that you have been warned, here is our super-duper 8-team Money Line Parlay for this week.  This returns at a rate slightly better than 3-2 if it wins.  For every $100 you wager on this parlay, if all eight teams win, your return is $251 (Your original $100 plus $151 profit).

And, here it is:

Money Line Parlay 8-team Parlay
3-2 odds
$151 payout for $100
Favorite Underdog  Odds Must Win
Nebraska Southern Miss.  -1400
Houston Texas St.  -800 Houston
Penn St. San Diego St.  -800 Penn St.
Western Kentucky Miami (O)  -1150 West Virginia
Georgia Southern Idaho  -750 Georgia Southern
South Carolina Central Florida  -650 South Carolina
Oregon Utah  -500 Oregon
Northwestern Ball St.  -1200 Northwestern

Did we mention that we strongly advise you not to wager real money on any of our recommendations?  Consider how much you paid for this information.  The sharpest of the sharp bettors make consistent profit during football season.  Do they look at our recommendations?  Okay, Billy, if you are reading this, please let us know.

December 12, 2013

PiRate Picks for December 12-16, 2013

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Cutting Back

Drat the luck!  We go 4-1 to extend a secular winning streak, and we run out of college games to wrap into a parlay.  The only way to get a 13-point teaser out of Army-Navy is to take both sides and both totals.  Because the weather forecast calls for 1-3 inches of snow during the game, we cannot consider teasing the OVER.  The Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions compensated in the bad Philly weather last Sunday, but we are not as confident in the service academies having enough speed and cutting ability to remove doubt about scoring.  This could be an 8-6 game with one successful two-point conversion making the difference.


So, we must go only with NFL picks this week and probably next week as well, unless the December 21 bowls bring us an opportunity.


1. 13-point Teaser

San Diego +23 ½ vs. Denver

Atlanta +6 vs. Washington

Tampa Bay +18 vs. San Francisco

Arizona +10 vs. Tennessee


2. 13-point Teaser

New Orleans +7 ½ vs. St. Louis

NY Giants +20 vs. Seattle

Chicago +12 vs. Cleveland

Indianapolis +7 ½ vs. Houston


3. 13-point Teaser

Jacksonville +15 vs. Buffalo

Miami +13 vs. New England

Philadelphia +8 ½ vs. Minnesota

Carolina +2 vs. NY Jets


4. 13-point Teaser

Oakland +17 ½ vs. Kansas City

Green Bay +20 vs. Dallas

Cincinnati +10 ½ vs. Pittsburgh

Baltimore +19 vs. Detroit


5. Money Line Parlay @ -112

Atlanta over Washington

Indianapolis over Houston

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