The Pi-Rate Ratings

September 10, 2021

Introducing The PiRate Football Game

The PiRate Ratings have created a new pro football tabletop strategy game, called PiRate Football. You can purchase the game at the following link.

Our first set of teams in this new game is our salute to the venerable American Football League. Ten great franchises made the AFL exciting, entertaining, wide-open, and star-studded.

The teams you will get in this game are:

1961 Houston Oilers

1963 San Diego Chargers

1964 Buffalo Bills

1964 Boston Patriots

1966 Kansas City Chiefs

1967 Oakland Raiders

1968 New York Jets

1972 Miami Dolphins

1973 Cincinnati Bengals

1977 Denver Broncos

This new game comes with 26 offensive and 14 defensive plays, expanded special teams options, a unique way to play this as a solitaire game, and everything you need to play a football game other than the dice you need to supply plus a pencil to keep stats.

100% of all the proceeds of our games, Sabertooth Baseball and PiRate Football, go to local charity with no administrative costs or other junk. We just give the money to our selected charity. We specialize in helping elderly on fixed incomes. We have recently purchased and had installed a hot water heater for two 80+ year old sisters thanks to proceeds from the Sabertooth Baseball Game. Our goal is to supply a washer and dryer to an elderly couple who had a 15+ year old washer and 20+ year old dryer quit working in 2020.

Our gratitude goes to all that purchased the two baseball sets this Spring and Summer. Please help us this Autumn to make the Winter Holidays really happy for a paid of 80-somethings.

March 12, 2020

PiRate Ratings Contingency Plans For College Basketball

Hello to all college basketball fans.  This is a little premature, but it is starting to become apparent that the 2020 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament might be postponed or cancelled.


It is our personal belief that the tournament should be re-scheduled for summer, maybe July, and then create a tournament where all 353 teams will be involved so that all fans can return to the game.  Have the bottom 194 teams play on the higher-rated home court to get from 353 to 256 teams and then play the next four rounds on the higher seeded teams’ home courts.  This will get the field down to the Sweet 16, and then the final four rounds could be played as the Sweet 16 was planned earlier this year.

If the tournament is postponed and not played in March, we are going to host our own March Madness of 68 of the best teams in modern college basketball history.  We will take all the great teams between 1960 and 2019 and pick our own 68-team bracket and then play the games with stats and post them here.

We have a college basketball strategy board game available (created by our captain), and he already has made cards for the great teams between 1960 and 1990.  He has the codes for rating the players and can even estimate the three-point shooting percentages for teams that played prior to 1987.

Included in this tournament would be all the great UCLA teams of the 1960’s and 1970’s, multiple Indiana, Duke, Kentucky, and North Carolina teams, and even a couple of greats that did not win the title, like UNLV in 1991, Houston in 1968, and Indiana in 1975.

So, if you don’t have real games to watch next week, come here for the next best thing.  John Wooden and Dean Smith are ready to come out of the old basketball court in rural Iowa to coach again!

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