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November 23, 2016

PiRate Ratings Money Line Parlay Picks–November 24-28, 2016

Tiny Profit

After a week in which we won two of our five selected parlays, our profit for the season has fallen to a slim margin, but it is a profit.  For the year, we have invested $4,900 in imaginary dollars, and our return has been $5,152.  The $252 in imaginary profit gives us a return on investment of 5%.

This week, we are going with six parlay selections.  One of these is a five-game parlay, and we have not yet won a five-gamer this year.  We have won multiple four-game parlays this year.

November 22-28, 2016
1. College Parlay at +175
Oregon over Oregon St.
North Texas over UTEP
2. College Parlay at +126
Bowling Green over Buffalo
Maryland over Rutgers
Penn St. over Michigan St.
Miami (Fla.) over Duke
Alabama over Auburn
3. College Parlay at +173
Arkansas over Missouri
North Carolina over NC St.
Arizona St. over Arizona
4. College Parlay at +183
Louisiana Tech over Southern Miss.
Wisconsin over Minnesota
Colorado over Utah
South Florida over Central Florida
UTSA over Charlotte
5. NFL Parlay at +189
Detroit over Minnesota
Tennessee over Chicago
6. NFL Parlay at +140
Buffalo over Jacksonville
New Orleans over Los Angeles
N.Y. Giants over Cleveland

September 21, 2016

PiRate Ratings Money Line Parlay Picks–September 22-26, 2016

After improving a bit last week and losing only $23 of our imaginary bank roll, we have decided to expand our plays to include a couple of underdogs we believe can win outright. Thus, two of our four chosen plays this week will return big payoffs of imaginary cash should they come through with winners.
First, we must take care of official business. Last week, we played five parlays, winning $277 and losing $300. For the year, we have now wagered $1,200 in imaginary money, and have a loss of $442 to date, meaning still no return on our unreal investment. We warned you that Money Line Parlays can be really tough, but we love to play them, especially since it costs us nothing.
Here are our picks for this week. Remember, don’t actually wager on these. This is just for fun, and we would never put a dime of real money on these plays, even if it returned over 40% on investment last year. It’s doing squat so far this year.

1. College Parlay at +450
Army over Buffalo
Tulane over Louisiana-Lafayette
Arkansas over Texas A&M

Arkansas is the underdog in this parlay and the reason it offers a return of 4.5 times the amount invested. The Razorbacks have been slowly developing a balanced offense with an improving defense. Winning at TCU is enough to show us that the Hogs are on the way back to great things. Texas A&M has struggled in their two wins over quality opposition, and we believe the Aggies are due for continued struggles.

Army is off to a great start, and the Black Knights now face a Buffalo team that has already lost to a FCS opponent. This could be the type of game that allows the Cadets to play their plebes. Coach Jeff Monken learned well from his mentor Paul Johnson, and the Army rushing attack looks like it could move the ball on most FBS teams this year. They should light up the scoreboard against Buffalo.

Tulane is also running the option under first year coach Willie Fritz. Fritz does not have all the pieces in place yet in New Orleans, but with his Texas ties, it is only a matter of time until the Green Wave are winning once again. For now, TU has an exceptional defense with a clock-consuming offense that allows that defense to stay fresh and strong enough to hold ULL to 10 points, which is few enough that we see the olive green and blue winning this week.

2. College Parlay at +126
Arizona St. over California
Cincinnati over Miami (O)
Minnesota over Colorado St.
Memphis over Bowling Green

Arizona State had to rally in the fourth quarter to win at UTSA, while Cal pulled off a nice home upset of Texas. With the Golden Bears playing in the heat in Tempe, and with ASU’s players more focused, we believe Todd Graham’s Sun Devils will play their best game of the season to date, while Cal has trouble with the heat and the speed of the ASU receivers.

Cincinnati should beat Miami of Ohio by 3 touchdowns, but even if the in-state rival underdogs play their best possible and the Bearcats stink up the joint, Cinti should win by at least 10.

Minnesota is a team flying under the radar. They win, but they don’t win convincingly and don’t win with flashy play. The offense is better than most think, and the defense is not shabby. This Gophers team is not yet the equivalent of the Sandy Stephens’ teams of the early 1960’s, but it could be as good as any in Minneapolis since Laurence Maroney and Bryan Capito were moving the pigskin.

This year’s Memphis team has not really been challenged yet, and Bowling Green is not the team to bring that challenge. The Tigers should have little problem disposing of the Falcons, as this is a different BGU team without Dino Babers at the controls.

3. NFL Parlay at +373
Indianapolis over San Diego
Oakland over Tennessee
Dallas over Chicago

Oakland is the second underdog we will use in our parlays this week. The Raiders’ starting offensive and defensive lines manhandled the Titans starting offensive and defensive lines in the preseason game. Preseason games don’t reveal a lot, but when you see one front consistently moving the opposing front in the same direction, it is a good bet that they will do so no matter the importance of the game. We believe the Raiders will score more points than the Titans are capable of scoring, and thus we go with the underdog.

Indianapolis faces a must-win scenario at home. Even with a sore Andrew Luck, we believe the Colts will find a way to eke out a small win. If not, then the AFC West is going to be one incredible 4-team race.

Dallas should handle the Bears with relative ease. Without Jay Cutler, Chicago will have to play conservatively and hope they can rattle Dak Prescott. We believe that the nifty rookie will continue to play brilliantly week after week and could be the odds-on favorite to win the Rookie of the Year Award.

4. NFL Parlay at +143
Miami over Cleveland
New York Giants over Washington
Carolina over Minnesota

If Cleveland couldn’t win with RGIII and John McCown at quarterback, then how can they win with Cody Kessler, who wasn’t good enough to make the active roster when all the QBs were healthy. Miami is not playoff worthy at this point, but Adam Gase can design a game plan that will make Kessler’s debut a nightmare.

The Giants look like the Giants of old when Eli Manning had multiple quality receivers to throw to, and the defense came up with big stops. Well, Manning has multiple quality receivers again, and the defense is coming up with big stops. NY could be looking at a season where they are playing at home in January.

The Carolina-Minnesota match worried us for hours today. The Vikings will have to go without Adrian Peterson, but their defense looks as strong as it has looked since the days of Eller, Page, and company. Meanwhile, there is unrest in Charlotte, and it could carry over to the team. We decided that in the end, we would go with the home team to capitalize on the weakened running game and thus to slow down Sam Bradford.

September 14, 2016

PiRate Ratings Money Line Parlay Picks–September 15-19, 2016

Our second week of parlay picks performed little better than the first week.  We chose five parlays at better than even money odds, and we only hit on one of them at +131.  It was the Baltimore over Buffalo and Green Bay over Jacksonville parlay that won.

For the season, we have put $700 in imaginary bankroll up for money line parlay investment, and we have won just $131 while losing $600 for a net of $-469.  Ugh, but at least we still have the same amount of real $$$, since this is just for fun.

Because, it is just for fun, we have another $500 in imaginary dough ready to put on the non-existent line this week.  Once again, as we like to always play parlays with better than even money odds, all five picks will pay back more than the $100 investment if they win.

Before we get to this week’s picks, we have been asked by a handful of you where we get our odds.  This is a  multiple part response.  First, we do not use just one sports book to find our odds.  We shop for the best odds we can get on each parlay, so one parlay might be with one book, while another parlay might be with another one.  All of our fake selections come from easily playable online sports books, plus Las Vegas.  It appears that some of you from Vegas read our parlay selections every week, and we can only imagine how peeved you must be, even though we begged many times for readers here not to use these selections.

As for the actual odds, you can figure these out yourselves with an easy but time-consuming process, but why do this, when you can find parlay calculators online?

For those math geeks like us that must know how to do it, here goes:

Let’s look at a 3-team parlay of favorites at -150, -180, and -200.  First we find the decimal divider for figuring the multiplier.  So, we take each number (150, 180, and 200).  You divide your total payout of winning by the amount risked.  We are always risking $100 on every parlay, so this becomes easier.  at -150, we win 100 for every 150 or 1 for every .667.  The decimal multiplier would then be the reward (.667) + the risk (1), or 1.667

For -180, we win 100 for every 180 invested or one for every .556.  The decimal multiplier would then be (.556 + 1) 1.556

For -200, we win 100 for every 200 invested or one for every .5.  The decimal multiplier would then be (.5 + 1) 1.5

Now, multiply the three decimal multipliers (1.667, 1.556, and 1.5).  The answer to this is 3.89.

Now, we subtract 1 for the risk invested and we get 2.89.  If we wager $100 on this parlay, and it wins, we will be paid $289.


Let’s say you are feeling strong about two underdogs winning outright.  The Money Lines are listed at +120 and +150.  This is easier to calculate.  If you play at +120 you are putting up 100 to win 120, and the multiplier decimal is 2.2 (1+1.2).  The +150 multiplier decimal is 2.5 (1+1.5), and when you multiply 2.2 by 2.5, you get 5.5.  Subtract the 1 for the risk, and you get 4.5.  For every $100 you wager on this parlay, you would win $450 if the two underdogs won outright.

Once again, you can find a parlay calculator online that will do this for you.

Here are our parlays for this week

Parlay #1: +142

Rutgers over New Mexico

Texas over California

Nevada over Buffalo

We are playing some angles here.  New Mexico lost to rival New Mexico State and now must go on the road to a so-so Big Ten team that lost at a ranked Washington team and won a cakewalk game last week.

We feel that Texas can play smash mouth football against Cal and wear their weak defense down.  Even though the game is in Berkeley, Texas has more muscle and speed than San Diego State who beat the Golden Bears last week.

Buffalo has to travel over 2,00o miles to Reno after beginning the season with a loss to an FCS opponent.  Nevada fared okay at Notre Dame last week, and the Wolfpack will have a bit of added confidence.  Going up against a slower offense and defense will do for the Nevada what two bats being swung does for a batter in the on-deck circle.


Parlay #2 +130

Virginia Tech over Boston College

Western Kentucky over Miami (O)

Oklahoma St. over Pittsburgh

Boston College really struggles to score points.  The Eagles’ defense is really good, but it will be on the field too much in Blacksburg.  The Hokies may be a little hungover this week following the big game, but their defense is almost as good as BC’s, and almost as good facing BC’s offense and playing on home turf is enough for VT to win.

Western Kentucky did a better job against Alabama at Bryant Denny Stadium than USC did against the Tide at AT&T Stadium.  Miami of Ohio is still a couple years of improvement away before the Red Hawks can think there is a chance to go to a bowl.  The Hilltoppers should win this game by at least 17 points.

I would not want to be the Alabama or Ohio State and have to play Oklahoma State in Stillwater this week.  The players are mad as hatters.  The coach is madder.  Add the obvious letdown by the Panthers after beating Penn State at home, and we would not be surprised if OSU wins by 20 or more points.


Parlay #3 +147

Utah St. over Arkansas St.

Central Michigan over UNLV

Texas Tech over Louisiana Tech

Alabama over Ole Miss

Arkansas State appears to be weaker than thought in the preseason, when the Sun Belt media gurus thought they would contend with Appy State for the conference crown.  They are 0-2, but it is a sneaky 0-2.  Losses to Auburn and Toledo doesn’t make ASU bad.  Playing at Utah St. gives the Aggies a greater than normal home field advantage.  USU never challenged USC last week, so this is a chance for the Aggies to rebound and bounce back.

Central Michigan must now be considered a contender for the NY6 Bowl bid.  A road win over a top 20 team, even if mistakes were made by the referees, is worth more than Houston’s win at hometown NRG Stadium over Oklahoma.  The Chippewas know they must win every week, and they have a tough conference schedule ahead with Western Michigan, Toledo, and Northern Illinois, plus the must-win game at Virginia next week.  CMU might be looking ahead to the Cavaliers next week, and that worries us a bit, because UNLV is not chopped liver like they have been in recent seasons.  The Rebels could end CMU’s quest for the Fiesta.  Still, we are going with CMU to win, maybe just by not as comfortable a margin as we would hope.

How many points will be scored in Lubbock this week?  How about 90 or more?  Texas Tech and Arizona State played to a basketball score last week, and the Red Raiders return home to face a somewhat weaker opponent.  It might be a nervous Nellie game, but we believe TTU wins 52-38.

Would you like to have a chance to beat Alabama three years in a row when the Tide was undefeated and ranked in the top 5?  Alabama has been ranked #2 and #3 the last two years when Ole Miss defeated the Tide.  The Tide will turn this week, and Alabama will get two years worth of revenge.  Nick Saban and staff has parsed every play of Florida State’e second half against the Rebels, and it would shock us less if ‘Bama wins by 35 or more than Ole Miss winning a third time in a row.


Parlay #4 +132

Penn St. over Temple

Marshall over Akron

Stanford over USC

Utah over San Jose St.

Must we say what happens if Temple goes into Happy Valley and tops Penn State after the Nittany Lions lost to Pitt last week?  The seat of James Franklin would become hot enough to make fried rice.  Temple is weaker than last year, but apparently so is Penn State, or at best they are on par with last year.  We believe the game could be ugly, but the big guys have to win, and they will.

Marshall looked fantastic as the Thundering Herd was the only FBS team to debut their season last week.  Akron had a tough week at Wisconsin, and the Badgers’ muscle guys probably left the Zips bumped and bruised.  We believe they won’t feel better after visiting Doc Holliday, as the Herd runs over the Zips.

Stanford had an extra week to prepare for USC, and teams tend to improve the most between game one and game two.  The Cardinal offense should put up about 25-30 points while holding the Trojans under 20.

Utah visits San Jose a little later in the evening than the Stanford game up the road, but you cannot go to both games and see them in full.  You might be able to see half of each one if you speed on down 280 or the Central Expressway.  The Spartans are one of those teams you worry about, but Utah is a solid team that plays well every week–never spectacular, but much like Wisconsin.  We’ll take the Utes.


Parlay #5 +120

Detroit Lions over Tennessee Titans

New England Patriots over Miami Dolphin

Carolina over San Francisco

Until Tennessee actually wins a game this year, we will select their opponents most weeks.  The Titans look to us to be even weaker than Cleveland without RG3.  Truth be told, if Josh McCown has anything left in his old legs, Cleveland may be a tad better.  The Titans have great difficulty spreading the field vertically with a bunch of distance horses and no speed horses.  Marcus Mariota is not good enough to make average receivers look like Peyton Manning made Dallas Clark.  The running game would be terrific if the passing game was even average, and the defense does not scare many people.  Matthew Stafford and company should have a fun Sunday.

New England is at home facing Miami.  Jimmy Garappolo wasn’t Tom Brady the Second, but he was at least as good as Matt Cassel 2008.  Miami’s defense may be considerably better than last year’s version, but can their offense keep up with the Patriots’ offense?  We say no way.

Carolina has everything in their favor for the last game in this parlay.  The Panthers played Thursday night, while the 49ers played four days later in a rivalry game that had been waiting for 22 years.  San Francisco must travel from one coast to another across three time zones, and they will face hot and humid conditions on Sunday with a chance of storms.  Unless Cam Newton suffers some ill effects from the illegal hits in the opener, we believe Carolina wins by double digits.


***** Warning *****

Remember, do not use these just for fun picks as real investment advice.  We are out nothing for the unsatisfactory results so far.  Don’t be a fool who is soon parted from his/her money.

Past results do not necessarily reflect future success.  Even if we finished 2015 with a 40% ROI, there is no legitimate reason to expect we will ever get on the plus side of 0 this year.

November 26, 2015

Selections Against The Spread: November 26, 2015

It’s time to stuff your wallet with money.  And, how best may we recommend that your wallet gets stuffed?  Keep it there and do not use all these picks to lose it all.  There are retailers anxiously waiting to remove all that cash you have saved in the last 52 weeks, so waste it on that cheap drone toy that will be broken by January 10.


We have opened the vault and come forward with the most selections of the season for this week’s slate.  Rivalry games, games that are must win contests for bowl eligibility, and teams that are reversing earlier trends lead our selections this week.  A season high six money line parlays anchor 13 straight picks.  Enjoy, but only to look at them.  Don’t be like a certain reader here from the Las Vegas area that informed us three weeks ago that SHE played every money line parlay selection we issued and won a few hundred dollars after losing every week prior during this season by using other information.  Yes, she won some money that week, but if she followed our advice the following week, she gave a chunk back to Vegas.


Which brings us to another point:  for some reason, women seem to be following this blog more than men, or at least, they contact us more than the guys.  As some of you know, this site is run by a majority of the fairer sex.  Our founder is the only male contributing here.


Happy Thanksgiving to all our American followers.  Happy Autumn/Spring to all our followers on the other side of the pond and on the lower side of the Earth.


Home Visitor Line Our Pick
Buffalo Massachusetts 6.5 Buffalo
Georgia St. Troy 1 Georgia St.
Tulane Tulsa -6.5 Tulsa
San Jose St. Boise St. -7.5 San Jose St.
Kentucky Louisville -4.5 Kentucky
Michigan St. Penn St. 11 Penn St.
Purdue Indiana -6.5 Indiana
Illinois (@Chi.) Northwestern -3.5 Northwestern
Stanford Notre Dame 3.5 Stanford
Detroit Philadelphia 2 Detroit
Dallas Carolina 1 Carolina
Green Bay Chicago 9 Chicago
Houston New Orleans 3 Houston
Money Line Parlay 3 Teams at 7-5   $245 payout on $100
Favorite Underdog   Must Win
Pittsburgh Miami (Fla)   Pittsburgh
Buffalo Massachusetts   Buffalo
Akron Kent St.   Akron
Money Line Parlay 4 Teams at 13-10   $230 payout on $100
Favorite Underdog   Must Win
Toledo Western Michigan   Toledo
Tulsa Tulane   Tulsa
West Virginia Iowa St.   West Virginia
Tennessee Vanderbilt   Tennessee
Money Line Parlay 4 Teams at 7-3   $325 payout on $100
Favorite Underdog   Must Win
Utah Colorado   Utah
Florida St. Florida   Florida St.
Georgia Georgia Tech   Georgia
Clemson South Carolina   Clemson
Money Line Parlay 4 Teams at 3-2   $256 payout on $100
Favorite Underdog   Must Win
LSU Texas A&M   LSU
Alabama Auburn   Alabama
Oklahoma Oklahoma St.   Oklahoma
San Diego St. Nevada   San Diego St.
Money Line Parlay 3 Teams at 8-3   $358 payout on $100
Favorite Underdog   Must Win
Houston New Orleans   Houston
Kansas City Buffalo   Kansas City
New York Jets Miami   New York Jets
Money Line Parlay 3 Teams at 13-10   $233 payout on $100
Favorite Underdog   Must Win
Cincinnati St. Louis   Cincinnati
Arizona San Francisco   Arizona
New England Denver   New England



December 12, 2013

PiRate Picks for December 12-16, 2013

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Cutting Back

Drat the luck!  We go 4-1 to extend a secular winning streak, and we run out of college games to wrap into a parlay.  The only way to get a 13-point teaser out of Army-Navy is to take both sides and both totals.  Because the weather forecast calls for 1-3 inches of snow during the game, we cannot consider teasing the OVER.  The Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions compensated in the bad Philly weather last Sunday, but we are not as confident in the service academies having enough speed and cutting ability to remove doubt about scoring.  This could be an 8-6 game with one successful two-point conversion making the difference.


So, we must go only with NFL picks this week and probably next week as well, unless the December 21 bowls bring us an opportunity.


1. 13-point Teaser

San Diego +23 ½ vs. Denver

Atlanta +6 vs. Washington

Tampa Bay +18 vs. San Francisco

Arizona +10 vs. Tennessee


2. 13-point Teaser

New Orleans +7 ½ vs. St. Louis

NY Giants +20 vs. Seattle

Chicago +12 vs. Cleveland

Indianapolis +7 ½ vs. Houston


3. 13-point Teaser

Jacksonville +15 vs. Buffalo

Miami +13 vs. New England

Philadelphia +8 ½ vs. Minnesota

Carolina +2 vs. NY Jets


4. 13-point Teaser

Oakland +17 ½ vs. Kansas City

Green Bay +20 vs. Dallas

Cincinnati +10 ½ vs. Pittsburgh

Baltimore +19 vs. Detroit


5. Money Line Parlay @ -112

Atlanta over Washington

Indianapolis over Houston

November 27, 2013

PiRate Picks For Thanksgiving through December 2, 2013

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Our Festive 11

Our five-week winning streak came to an end last week with a 3-4 record, but we are not afraid to pick 11 selections this week.  Remember, we do not speculate on games of chance of any kind.  Well, if you count investing in long-term value stocks with a margin of safety a game of chance, then maybe we do.  But, to make sure you know: we never wager on the games we publish or any games at all.  We are math nerds, and it is the mathematics that make this our passion.


In other news, if you follow all of our computer selections at Todd Beck’s incredible site, “The Prediction Tracker” (, our college ratings are sitting in 3rd place out of dozens, just two games out of the lead.  Usually, our NFL ratings perform better (we won the 2011 vs. the spread title), but this year, it has been our college ratings that have remained consistently high.


Once again, we go with college money line parlays and NFL teasers.  We bring back the totals teasers this week.


1. Money Line Parlay @ -116

Rutgers over Connecticut

Colorado St. over Air Force


2. Money Line Parlay @-113

Fresno St. over San Jose St.

B Y U over Nevada

Utah St. over Wyoming

Central Michigan over Eastern Michigan


3. Money Line Parlay @-101

Toledo over Akron

Ohio St. over Michigan

Michigan St. over Minnesota

Kansas St. over Kansas


4. Money Line Parlay @ -120

Memphis over Temple

Virginia Tech over Virginia

Vanderbilt over Wake Forest


5. 10-point Teaser

Green Bay +16 vs. Detroit

Dallas + ½ vs. Oakland

Pittsburgh +13 vs. Baltimore


6. 10-point Teaser

Tampa Bay +18 ½ vs. Carolina

Miami +11 ½ vs. NY Jets

New England + 2 ½ vs. Houston


7. 13-point Teaser

Indianapolis +9 vs. Tennessee

Kansas City +17 ½ vs. Denver

Chicago +12 vs. Minnesota

Buffalo +9 ½ vs. Atlanta


8. 13-point Teaser

San Francisco +4 vs. St. Louis

San Diego +11 ½ vs. Cincinnati

NY Giants +12 vs. Washington

Seattle +7 ½ vs. New Orleans


9. 13-point Teaser

Green Bay & Detroit Under 63

Pittsburgh & Baltimore Under 53 ½

Denver & Kansas City Under 62

Chicago & Minnesota Under 62


10. 13-point Teaser

Dallas & Oakland Over 33 ½

Indianapolis & Tennessee Over 31 ½

Arizona & Philadelphia Over 35 ½

Miami & NY Jets Over 25 ½


11. 13-point Teaser

San Francisco & St. Louis Over 29

New England & Houston Over 34

NY Giants & Washington Over 33

Seattle & New Orleans Over 34

November 14, 2013

PiRate Picks For November 14-18, 2013

We are going with 7 strong plays this week, sticking with what works.


Our college Money Line Parlays keep winning for us, and our NFL 13-point Teasers do so as well, so let’s just stick with those two options until it runs its course.


1. Money Line Parlay @ -117

Florida Atlantic over Southern Miss.

SMU over Connecticut

San Diego St. over Hawaii


2. Money Line Parlay @ -113

Central Florida over Temple

Akron over Massachusetts

Kansas St. over TCU


3. Money Line Parlay @ -112

Marshall over Tulsa

Boston College over North Carolina St.

South Carolina over Florida


4. Money Line Parlay @ -101

Clemson over Georgia Tech

Navy over South Alabama

Arizona over Washington St.


5. 13-point Teaser

Indianapolis +10 vs. Tennessee

Tampa Bay +14 ½ vs. Atlanta

NY Jets +14 vs. Buffalo

Pittsburgh +15 ½ vs. Detroit


6. 13-point Teaser

Detroit + 10 ½ vs. Pittsburgh

Washington +17 ½ vs. Philadelphia

San Diego + 11 ½ vs. Miami

Baltimore +16 vs. Chicago


7. 13-point Teaser

Cleveland +19 vs. Cincinnati

Oakland +20 vs. Houston

Seattle Pk. vs. Minnesota

New England +15 ½ vs. Carolina

October 31, 2013

PiRate Picks For October 31 to November 4, 2013

Working On 3-Week Winning Streak

Things are looking a little brighter on the PiRate ship.


Our Thursday picks have been winners for three consecutive weeks, but we still warn you not to rely on these picks if you wager in Nevada at a sportsbook.  We wager the same amount that you pay to read this free weekly release.  We consider ourselves intelligent investors for doing such, and so should you.


Our official weekly picks at Todd Beck’s Prediction Tracker are faring wonderfully so far this season.  In fact, our record against the spread is currently ahead of the pace from 2011, when the PiRate Ratings finished number one in the nation in the NFL against the spread.  Picking all games against the spread, we stand at 60%, which is something we have not done in more years than we’d like to believe have past.


This week, we are breaking with our tradition a little bit.  Normally, we have a reputation for coming up with sweetheart teaser plays mixed with some money line parlays.  Over the past decade, our 4-team, 13-point teasers have enjoyed 59.4% wins (203-139), but we actually liked several of the straight side opportunities in college football this week.


So, we are going with nine straight college picks, two college money line parlays, and two NFL 13-point teasers.


Our headline game is an old trend that we relied on for years in a past generation, but it has not been in play for a couple of decades.  Pittsburgh played Navy last week, and they play Georgia Tech this week.  The Panthers have now had an extra week to prepare for Paul Johnson’s system, and it is not unorthodox to the Pitt defenders.  We look for a lower scoring game and could play the totals, but we will take a side instead.


1. Pittsburgh +10 ½ vs. Georgia Tech


2. North Texas -3 vs. Rice


3. Troy -3 vs. Louisiana-Monroe


4. Washington St. +11 vs. Arizona St.


5. Akron -1 vs. Kent St.


6. Army Pk. vs. Air Force


7. Miami +22 vs. Florida St.


8. Nebraska -6 vs. Northwestern


9. Iowa +9 ½ vs. Wisconsin


10. Money Line Parlay @ Even Money +100

Rutgers over Temple

Missouri over Tennessee

Notre Dame over Navy

South Carolina over Mississippi St.


11. Money Line Parlay @ -107

Clemson over Virginia

Kansas St. over Iowa St.

Arizona over California

Auburn over Arkansas


12. 13-point Teaser

Carolina +5 ½ vs. Atlanta

Dallas +3 vs. Minnesota

St. Louis +10 vs. Tennessee

Buffalo +16 vs. Kansas City


13. 13-point Teaser (our top technical teaser so far this year *)

Oakland +10 ½ vs. Philadelphia

Baltimore +10 ½ vs. Cleveland

Indianapolis +10 ½ vs. Houston

Seattle -3 vs. Tampa Bay


* Whenever a team is favored by 2 ½, 5 ½, or 9 ½ points, a 13-point teaser turns them into a 10 ½, 7 ½, and 3 ½ point underdog.  Since more NFL games end with 3, 7, and 10 point differences, these pointspreads buy us a little insurance with the tease.


Additionally a 13 ½ point favorite can be teased to a ½-point favorite, and that gives you a little insurance if you believe the team cannot lose.


The same thing works when teasing the underdog to 14 ½, 17 ½, and 21 ½ points from 1 ½, 4 ½, and 8 ½ points


Three of the four parts of the parlay in pick 13 fit this mold, while Seattle is another technical choice.  For this game, the Seahawks enjoy about 5 points homefield advantage, so we are stating that Tampa Bay must be at least 2 points better than Seattle to hurt this part of the parlay.

October 24, 2013

PiRate Picks For October 24-28, 2013

Keep Doing What Works


After a couple of topsy-turvy weeks that brought us some decent results, we are going to continue with what seems to be working best for us this year—teasers and money line parlays.  We are going to throw in a trio of 10-point teasers to go along with our specialty 13-point teasers, and we have a for the fun of it 15-team, 20-point teaser to throw in as a lark for those of you who know something about these special monster teasers.



1. 13-point Teaser

Mississippi St. +2 vs. Kentucky

Middle Tennessee +22 ½ vs. Marshall

Ball St. +3 vs. Akron

Buffalo +13 vs. Kent St.


2. 13-point Teaser

Western Michigan +16 vs. Massachusetts

Boston College +20 vs. North Carolina

Virginia Tech – ½ vs. Duke

SMU – ½ vs. Temple


3. 13-point Teaser

Arizona -1 vs. Colorado

Auburn -11 vs. Florida Atlantic

Tulane +15 ½ vs. Tulsa

Michigan St. Pk. vs. Illinois


4. 13-point Teaser

Iowa +9 vs. Northwestern

UNLV +19 ½ vs. Nevada

Oregon St. +16 ½ vs. Stanford

Notre Dame -7 vs. Air Force


5. 13-point Teaser

North Texas +1 ½ vs. Southern Miss.

Missouri +10 ½ vs. South Carolina

Oklahoma St. Pk. vs. Iowa St.

Nebraska +2 ½ vs. Minnesota


6. Money Line Parlay @ -117

Ball St. over Akron

Virginia Tech over Duke

Arizona over Colorado

Notre Dame over Air Force



7. 10-point Teaser

Carolina + 3 ½ vs. Tampa Bay

San Francisco -6 ½ vs. Jacksonville

NY Giants +15 ½ vs. Philadelphia


8. 10-point Teaser

New Orleans -1 vs. Buffalo

New England +3 ½ vs. Miami

Pittsburgh +7 ½ vs. Oakland


9. 10-point Teaser

Denver -2 ½ vs. Washington

Atlanta + 11 ½ vs. Arizona

Seattle -1 vs. St. Louis


10. 13-point Teaser

Detroit +10 vs. Dallas

Kansas City + 5 ½ vs. Cleveland

NY Jets +19 ½ vs. Cincinnati

Minnesota +23 vs. Green Bay


11. 13-point Teaser

New Orleans & Buffalo OVER 36

Pittsburgh & Oakland OVER 27

Atlanta & Arizona OVER 32

Minnesota & Green Bay OVER 34



All in Good Fun 20-Point Monster Teaser (15-team parlay)

Ball St. +10 vs. Akron

Buffalo +20 vs. Kent St.

Western Michigan +20 vs. Massachusetts

Auburn -4 vs. Florida Atlantic

Tulane +22 ½ vs. Tulsa

UNLV +26 ½ vs. Nevada

Notre Dame Pk. vs. Air Force

North Texas +8 ½ vs. Southern Miss.

Oklahoma St. +7 vs. Iowa St.

Nebraska +9 ½ vs. Minnesota

Boston College +27 vs. North Carolina

Missouri +17 ½ vs. South Carolina

Mississippi St. +9 vs. Kentucky

Middle Tennessee +29 ½ vs. Marshall

Arizona +6 vs. Colorado

October 17, 2013

PiRate Picks For October 17-21, 2013

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Our First 60% + Week of the Season

This has been a mediocre season for our PiRate Picks so far this year.  It took this long to finish with a week above 60%.  Our selections last week went 7-4 for 63.6% against the spread, bringing our year to date percentage to “not as bad as last week, but too awful to call mediocre.”


Maybe we have finally caught on to the trends this year, or maybe we were just lucky last week.  On the other hand, both the regular college and pro PiRate Ratings are faring quite well against the other major computer ratings publicly published.


In college, we are tied for first in the Prediction Tracker, and the other ratings in the first place tie with the Official Vegas Line.  So, we will continue to rely on college Money Lines in our selections here.


We are going with 13 separate selections, with the number 13 pick being a special one at better than even odds.  The last selection will return $118 in winnings for every $100 invested at the Las Vegas Sports Books—if it wins.


1. 13-point Teaser

Central Florida +25 ½ vs. Louisville

Duke +15 vs. Virginia

Army +15 ½ vs. Temple

Cincinnati -1 vs. Connecticut


2. 13-point Teaser

Texas A&M + ½ vs. Auburn

Iowa +30 vs. Ohio St.

Missouri +16 vs. Florida

Ole Miss +21 vs. L S U


3. 13-point Teaser

Houston +22 ½ vs. B Y U

U C L A +19 vs. Stanford

Rice -5 vs. New Mexico St.

Wisconsin – ½ vs. Illinois


4. 13-point Teaser

New England +9 vs. N.Y. Jets

Detroit +10 vs. Cincinnati

Miami +5 vs. Buffalo

Chicago +13 vs. Washington


5. 13-point Teaser

Dallas +16 vs. Philadelphia

St. Louis +19 vs. Carolina

Atlanta +6 vs. Tampa Bay

San Francisco +9 vs. Tennessee


6. 13-point Teaser

Green Bay +3 vs. Cleveland

Baltimore +14 ½ vs. Pittsburgh

Denver +6 ½ vs. Indianapolis

Minnesota +16 vs. N. Y. Giants


7. 13-point Teaser

Seattle & Arizona OVER 27 ½

N.Y. Jets & New England UNDER 56 ½

San Diego & Jacksonville UNDER 58

Houston & Kansas City UNDER 53


8. 13-point Teaser

Detroit & Cincinnati OVER 34

Chicago & Washington OVER 37

Dallas & Philadelphia OVER 42

St. Louis & Carolina OVER 29


9. 13-point Teaser

Atlanta & Tampa Bay OVER 30

Cleveland & Green Bay OVER 33

Denver & Indianapolis OVER 43

Minnesota & N.Y. Giants UNDER 60


10. Money Line Parlay @ -111

Ohio U over Eastern Michigan

Ball St. over Western Michigan

Cincinnati over Connecticut

Buffalo over Massachusetts

Rice over New Mexico St.

Boise St. over Nevada


11. Money Line Parlay @ -103

East Carolina over Southern Miss.

Wyoming over Colorado St.

Michigan over Indiana


12. Money Line Parlay @-106

Texas Tech over West Virginia

Georgia over Vanderbilt


13. Money Line Parlay @ +118

Atlanta over Tampa Bay

Green Bay over Cleveland

Kansas City over Houston

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