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September 29, 2022

PiRate Picks–September 29-October 1, 2022

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If you follow this weekly feature, then you must realize at this point in the season that the picks made here have put us in an untenable position. Through four full weeks and one partial fifth week in the college football season, we have issued 21 selections. 16 of them have won, and five of them have been at odds exceeding even money. Our imaginary $1,000 starting account has ballooned to $1,906.19 after going 3-0 last week with two of those three wins bringing better than +130 parlay payouts. That 16-5 record is even more ridiculous when you consider that we had one week where we were 1-4. In all the other weeks, our pretend wagering selections are 15-1! Meanwhile, we made comments in two of those weeks that we did not particularly like the slate of games available for those weeks. All this should tell you that if a situation is obviously untenable, don’t make any large gambles on the situation continuing to be as successful or even successful at all in the future. If 76.2% winners were the norm, and the wagers were real, we would be banned from wagering at most of the books and definitely greatly limited in the amount we could wager at those that did not ban us. Only a small minority of the big-time players ever get limited or banned. That’s why in all honesty, the selections going forward are almost sure to disappoint until the percentages normalize. Think of our selections being like the Cleveland Indians beginning the 1966 baseball season at 14-1 and then 27-10 near the completion of the first quarter of the season. The Indians held a substantial lead over Baltimore, but Leon Wagner was not Frank Robinson. Robby would go on to win the Triple Crown, and the Orioles would pass Cleveland with ease and go on to win the AL pennant in a breeze. The PiRate Ratings are Cleveland. Maybe, our 1954 is out there some day, but there is no reason to believe that it is this year.

Now, that we have a clear conscience, here are our picks for this week. Remember: we never wager real money on these selections, and we suggest you follow this lead. If you are a professional wagering maven, then we know you only read this weekly feature as supplemental information for your other research.

Selection #1: Iowa +10 1/2 vs. Michigan

This play is all about the number. At 9 1/2, we wouldn’t play it. We probably wouldn’t play it at 13 1/2 either. Michigan is clearly better than Iowa, but can they win by double digits in Iowa City when the Hawkeyes’ offense is starting to show signs of respectability? Iowa might be able to control the ball for 32 or more minutes in this game, and Michigan has played one above average team at home with no road games. At 10 1/2, we get 39% of the spreads most likely for a game to have, including nine of the top 15 spreads in college football. Our internal (not the PiRate Ratings) quick compare system shows this game to be a maximum of 8 points in Michigan’s favor and only about a 65% chance that the Maize and Blue will win the game by any amount. We see this being a 27-20 game for the Wolverines, and it wouldn’t be a big shock if Iowa pulled off the upset.

Selection #2: Penn State & Northwestern Under 52 1/2

James Franklin has this team believing in itself, and we have little doubt that the Nittany Lions will win this game with relative ease, but we also believe the first quarter and some of the second quarter of this game will be played conservatively as Penn State tries some new wrinkles. Northwestern’s history of being good in even-numbered years and rebuilding in odd-numbered years may have come to an end, as the Wildcats look no better than they were last year, and their win over Nebraska isn’t worth much. The NU offense isn’t likely to keep the scoreboard operator busy. We think this could be a 34-10 game, maybe a 38-7 game.

Selection #3: UNLV and New Mexico Over 42 1/2

This was a late addition to our selections this week, as the total dropped by a full point on Wednesday, and we think it has been moved too much. There are some middling plays going on with this game. At 43 1/2, it was too close to our projection of 28-17 and 45 points. Usually, we like a game to differ by three points or more in the total, but when it’s this low, 2 1/2 points are enough to make a play. The only concern is that the Lobos are scoring points of fewer than normal total yards gained. However, UNLV’s offense is better than New Mexico’s defense, and we also think there is a chance that the Rebels could score more then 28 points in this game.

Selection #4: Minnesota & Purdue Over 51 1/2

If you follow this weekly feature for any amount of time, you will probably see a trend toward playing the Under on more totals than the Over, but this week, it is an even split. We respect Minnesota’s excellent start to the season, but their defense has yet to be tested by a Power 5 competent offense, as it will this week. This isn’t Drew Brees bringing the Spoilermakers to The Cities, but this also isn’t the Bobby Bell Gophers of 1960 and 1961. Our internal rating shows PU will top 24 points in this game, but their lack of a power running game might prevent the Boilermakers from scoring the one extra TD needed to win this game. Minnesota probably will top 30 points. At 34-27, that’s 9 1/2 more points than needed to satisfy this play.

Selection #5: Oklahoma & TCU Under 68 1/2

This was actually the one total that jumped off the page when we first saw it. Oklahoma is coming off an upset loss to Kansas State where they gave up more than 40 points. TCU is averaging 46.3 points per game but hasn’t played a real defense yet. We suspect that defensive-oriented Sooner coach Brent Venables will concentrate his efforts this week on giving his defense more confidence by playing this game a little more conservatively. Meanwhile, TCU will experience some difficulty trying to consistently move the ball with short passing plays. We think the total for this game will be 60 or less. A final score of 34-21 is expected.

Selection #6: Money Line Parlay @ +176.22

Kent State over Ohio U

Wyoming over San Jose St.

The key game for us this week is the Wyoming-San Jose State game in Laramie. We believe the wrong team is favored. The Cowboys have been a different team at home in altitude as opposed to the road, and San Jose State is coming into a weather situation they have not had a chance to prepare for in the Bay Area. This game could be played in a windy rainstorm, possibly a thunderstorm, with a chance that it could be delayed one or more times. Wyoming has an advantage if the running game must be used more in the quarters where the wind is in the face of the offense. We are looking for Wyoming to win this one outright by 5 to 10 points.

We didn’t want to play Wyoming straight up for 11-10 odds, so we looked to a coupling game that would ramp it up to better than +130, and we found it in the Kent State-Ohio game. The Golden Flashes are at least 10 points better than the Bobcats, but the Money Line was only -450, and combining it with the underdog selection, it makes this parlay an attractive +176.22.

Selection #7: Money Line Parlay @ +157.22

Kansas State over Texas Tech

North Carolina over Virginia Tech

Western Kentucky over Troy

Both teams won big games last week in the Kansas State-Texas Tech match-up. But, the Red Raiders beat their most hated rival. TTU rarely gets the respect in the Lone Star State by the fans of the Longhorns. At the same time, Kansas State has used a big win over a ranked opponent to propel themselves to bigger and better things. Add in the factor that our internal rating shows the Wildcats to be nine points better, and this is an attractive part of a parlay for us.

Neither North Carolina nor Virginia Tech are going to go on big runs to finish with fat won-loss records this year. In fact, we think the Hokies are looking at 5-7 or even 4-8, while the Tar Heels are maybe looking at 7-5 and a minor bowl game. We are looking at a 35-28 win for Mack Brown’s squad.

In Bowling Green, Kentucky, the Hilltoppers have been known as a basketball school with a neat mascot, but their football team should not be overlooked this year. Following a 73-0 win over possibly the worst FBS team in Florida International, they step up to play another under-the-radar team in Troy. This used to be a fierce rivlary game when both were Sun Belt Conference members, and we expect a close, hard-fought game with a lot of offensive action. Our selection of WKU here comes about due to an old theorem of ours from the 1970s that states that when a team easily slaughters a weaker team in a home game one week and then plays at home again the following week, they tend to continue to play near the best of their abilities. We think WKU wins this close game, maybe by just a field goal to five points.

September 8, 2022

PiRate Picks For September 9-10, 2022

Last week, the most important part of our PiRate Picks publication was telling you that a broken clock is still correct twice a day. Please remember this, because we have experienced our broken clock accuracy up front this year. For the second week in a row, our selections went 3-0 to give us a 6-0 record to start the season. We know there are about 150-200 new visitors to this site since the 2021-22 College Football National Championship. Get this and get it good–we are not svengali’s. We are not Billy Walters. We aren’t even Brent Musberger and his incredible cast of handicappers. What are we? Really lucky and not much more than that.

Every week, we preface our selections by urging (begging) you not to wager real currency on the selections you read on this site. We know that there are a considerable number of professional speculators in the Nevada gold mines. We don’t have to tell you what to do with your occupation. It’s Joe Tackletrap in Wichita Falls, Texas, who makes $40,000 a year working himself silly that can ill afford to lose $500 that we have concerns about losing $500 because he wagered $100 each on five selections and lost them all, as he saw his mortgage payment money taken away.

Last week, we casually mentioned that there were some people in Nevada that we had information that they were following this site. Wow! We heard from six different people, two of whom represent a consortium of others, telling us they follow this site. And, they were not all from Las Vegas. We have to give some love to the biggest little city in America–Reno. There’s somebody there that sent us a little note.

For one paragraph, let’s pretend that we really did speculate these first two weeks of the football season, wagering $100 ($110) on margins and totals and $100 on the money line parlay. With the 6-0 record, including a parlay that paid back $241.77, our pretend starting bank account of $1,000 would now be worth $1,641.77. Making a 64% profit in two weeks in real life would quickly lead us to cash out and play no more games. That would be our Holiday Fund for this year.

What are the chances that our picks will be perfect again this week? The prior best first three week start we have ever had was a 9-3-1 start to the 2008 season. In most years, September is our worst month, with a big turnaround in October. Thus, we still do not have much confidence in our September picks. It’s merely the law of averages giving us a positive outlier.

Now that we have adequately warned you, we present our picks for this week. We are going with five selections.

Selection #1: Missouri and Kansas State UNDER 56 1/2

Our belief here is that the Wildcats will play a bit conservatively in the first half trying to keep the ball away from the Tiger offense, as Coach Chris Kleiman is a defense first leader. Missouri scored 52 points against a weak Louisiana Tech defense, and our belief is that the totals line might be a tad too high due to this. KSU’s defense pitched a shutout over FCS South Dakota. The Coyotes are not the top team in the Mount Rushmore state, but their offense is consistent. We see this game as a 28-20 win for the Wildcats. That gives us an extra touchdown to be wrong and still be right.

Selection #2: Iowa and Iowa State OVER 39 1/2

Iowa failed to reach the end zone against South Dakota State, winning 7-3 on a field goal and two safeties. The public looked at a Big Ten team’s offense failing to score on an FCS opponent and didn’t realize two important factors. First, South Dakota State is probably better than 60-75 FBS teams. Second, a college football team improves the most during a season in the practices between game one and game two. You can bet that this week in Iowa City, the offensive units in Hawkeye Land have had just about enough of hearing how lame they were in the opener. Over in Ames, Iowa State’s offense is far superior to its defense. Giving up 10 points to SEMO is nothing like Iowa’s holding SDSU to 3. SEMO is a mediocre Ohio Valley Conference team. Iowa will unleash its offense this week and top 20 points. Our hope is that Iowa State will respond in kind and make this a 24-21 game, topping 39 1/2 points.

Selection #3: Florida and Kentucky OVER 52 1/2

Florida came through for us last week, winning as an underdog when we believed the wrong team was favored. Kentucky overcame a slow start and eventually slaughtered a decent but not spectacular Miami of Ohio team. We believe that the Florida team that almost beat Alabama in 2021 before the team quit on former coach Dan Mullen has returned. If they could score 29 on Alabama last year and 29 on a tough Utah defense in week one, the Gators should put the chomp on Kentucky’s defense for more than 35 points. Can Kentucky’s offense produce 17 points or more? We think they Wildcats will top 20 points, and thus we believe the total in this game will top 56.

Selection #4: Arizona +11 1/2 vs. Mississippi State

This game is a tad different from how we normally play home underdogs. We tend to like our home dogs to get 1 to 7 points. We are making an exception here because it is our belief that few too people saw how the Wildcats went to San Diego State on the Christening of their new stadium and spoiled the party for the home team. We have been keeping our eyes on Coach Jedd Fisch since his arrival in Tucson. It is our beliefe that ‘Zona may have found their football equivalent of Lute Olson. His pedigree is about as incredible as a long-time assistant coach can own. Going up against a Mike Leach-coached team, this late night desert dogfight is going to give us reason to brew an evening pot of coffee. This could be the most entertaining game of Week Two, and we expect the home team to be in it for the entire 60 minutes. What’s great about this selection is that the superior SEC is having to play at the Pac-12 opponent’s home field rather than watch the Pac-12 team make the 2,000+ mile trip to the Southeast. Mississippi State could win this game 31-21, 34-24, 38-28, 35-24, 38-27 and still not cover. We tend to believe that this game will be a 3 to 7 point game in either direction.

Selection #5: Money Line Parlay at +172.97

Central Florida over Louisville

Arkansas over South Carolina

Florida over Kentucky

Louisville looked terrible in a blowout loss at Syracuse and did not look ready to play. Coach Scott Satterfield is sitting on a scorching hot seat, as he has had UL detractors since his hiring. At the same time, Gus Malzahn has quickly become a favored coach in Orlando, and Central Florida looks like a real contender for the American Athletic Conference Championship. In addition, UCF has had this game circled on their schedule and calendar. UL won this game on a pick six last year. The Cardinals are headed to an ambush in Orlando.

The Arkansas-South Carolina game should be quite interesting as two very good SEC teams face off in Fayetteville. We were a bit concerned with Spencer Rattler’s performance against Georgia State, as it was a little too similar to the performances he turned in at Oklahoma, which cost him his starting spot. Arkansas has a much better pass rush and secondary than Georgia State, and their offense at times pushed Cincinnati’s defense around. We see Pig Sooey winning by 10-14 points if not more.

Kentucky has defeated Florida twice in four years, after going mutiple decades without a win over the Gators. Billy Napier has quickly become a favorite in the Swamp almost on par with Steve Spurrier. He probably is the most like former Gator coaches Ray Graves and Doug Dickey than Spurrier or any coaches since. The Gators will be prepared and ready to play every week. Napier is part of both the Nick Saben and Dabo Swinney coaching trees. He knows how to run a program, and his year at Louisiana proved it. Kentucky and coach Mark Stoops are not exactly chopped liver. The Wildcats have a potent team with an NFL prospect under center. Will Levis could be a top three pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Kentucky could be the second best team in the SEC East, but they could be the third or fourth best too. We believe that the Gators will come into this game not resting on their laurels after pulling off the biggest win of Week One. Napier won’t let them get swollen heads. We’re going with Florida in a thriller, and we see the Gators winning 38-28.

August 18, 2022

Big Ten Conference Preview

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Will the Big Ten Conference become the Big Billion? Rumors from multiple sources indicate that this league is on the precipice of signing a TV and media rights package that will be north of a billion dollars. This deal does not include Notre Dame. Should the Irish end up in this league, the Big Ten will dwarf even the SEC in money paid out per school.

USC and UCLA are set to join the league in two years. Whether other teams join as well is anybody’s guess.

Both divisions this year figure to have competitive races. Ohio State is the odds-on favorite to win the East and the league overall, but there are multiple teams capable of upsetting the Buckeyes. Michigan, Penn State, and Michigan State are strong once again, and it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that at least one of these contenders upsets the Buckeyes.

Maryland has an easy out of conference schedule and has a good chance to gain bowl eligibility. Rutgers and Indiana will bring up the rear.

In the West, five different teams could contend for the division title. Purdue has the benefit of avoiding Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State from the East. Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa are all about equal in talent this year, while Nebraska could finally return to the plus side of .500. Illinois and Northwestern are one or more excellent recruiting classes away from being contenders.

Big Ten Preseason PiRate Ratings

East Division
Ohio St.128.6126.6129.5128.2
Michigan St.118.9117.3116.7117.6
Penn St.115.0114.5114.0114.5

West Division

Big Ten112.7112.0111.4112.0

Preseason Official Big Ten Media Poll

#East1st PlaceOverall
1Ohio St.36252
3Penn St.0169
4Michigan St.0162

#West1st PlaceOverall

Ohio St.36

The PiRate Ratings are designed to look at just the next week’s schedule of games and not to use to look forward. Nevertheless, here are the predicted won-loss records for the league.

Predicted Won-Loss Records

Ohio St.9-013-0
Penn St.6-38-4
Michigan St.6-39-3


July 18, 2022

PiRate College Football Game Debuts

After months of planning and design, the makers of the PiRate Ratings have created a college football game that can be played by one person in solitaire mode or by two people in head-to-head mode. All teams have been designed to perform as they did in real life using the PiRate Ratings’ Strength of Schedule formula to adjust their statistics to account for quality of opposition.

If you played the Sports Illustrated and Avalon Hill games of Bowl Bound and Pay Dirt, you will find this game a little more strategically involved while a little easier to play, as it used standard dice to see the results.

For the low price of $8, we will send you a zip file with all the charts, rules, and a scoreboard and numbers that you can print out to keep track of the action. We also send you a blank statistics sheet so you can record the action for posterity.

All you need are the dice, or to use one of many different free online dice rollers available online.

Go to to purchase.

Our debut college game is the 1960-1979 Best of the Big Ten Conference. Here are the teams included in this set.

1963 Illinois–The greatest linebacker of all time, Dick Butkus, played center as well and made All-American with a powerful team

1967 Indiana–One of the most exciting teams of all time, the “Cardiac Kids” kept pulling out late victories week after week until they won a trip to the Rose Bowl

1960 Iowa–Some computer formulas say the Hawkeyes were the best team in the nation, as they beat 7 ranked teams and finished 8-1

1973 Michigan–Bo Schembechler’s Wolverines went 10-0-1 but had to stay home for the Holidays thanks to the archaic Big Ten rules of the time

1966 Michigan St.–Duffy Daugherty stockpiled some of the best talent ever to appear on a Big Ten campus at the same time. Bubba Smith anchored a stellar defense, while Gene Washington stretched defenses with his quickness and deceptive moves

1960 Minnesota–Coach Murray Warmath played for General Robert Neyland at Tennessee and continued to follow the General’s philosophy of playing conservative football and waiting for the other team to make the mistakes. He had a great squad in 1960, featuring the multi-tooled Sandy Stephens, who was the starting quarterback, a starting defensive back, the team’s punter, and the top punt returner. Future All-Pro Bobby Bell led the defensive charge and also opened up running lanes as an offensive lineman

1962 Northwestern–Before he became a multiple national championship winning coach at Notre Dame, Ara Parseghian took the Wildcat to Number 1 in the polls for a couple weeks in 1962

1973 Ohio State–Woody Hayes had no trouble stockpiling talent, and he had it on both sides of the ball in 1973, as the Buckeyes went 10-0-1 with a 21-point win in the Rose Bowl

1967 Purdue–The Boilermakers split the conference championship, as Leroy Keyes may have deserved the Heisman Trophy with his ability to catch passes out of the backfield, run the sweep and off-tackle as competently as anybody in the game, and to pull up and throw a halfback option pass like a pro. Having future pro quarterback Mike Phipps made the offense click

1962 Wisconsin-The Badgers came within one close incomplete pass of coming back from a 42-14 deficit to win the Rose Bowl

March 17, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Thursday, March 17, 2022

Thursday, March 17, 2022
Colorado St.Michigan-2.1
ProvidenceSouth Dakota St.2.9
Boise St.Memphis-1.9
BaylorNorfolk St.20.2
GonzagaGeorgia St.23.1
North CarolinaMarquette1.9
ConnecticutNew Mexico St.9.0
KentuckySaint Peter’s17.3
Saint Mary’sIndiana2.3
San Diego St.Creighton2.3
Murray St.San Francisco-2.3
KansasTexas Southern18.7
Fresno St.Eastern Washington11.8

March 13, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Sunday, March 13, 2022

Sunday’s Conference Tournaments
American Athletic Conference–CHAMPIONSHIP
Fort Worth, TX
Higher SeedLower SeedSpread
Atlantic 10 Conference–CHAMPIONSHIP
Washington, D.C.
Higher SeedLower SeedSpread
Big Ten Conference–CHAMPIONSHIP
Higher SeedLower SeedSpread
Higher SeedLower SeedSpread
Southeastern Conference–CHAMPIONSHIP
Higher SeedLower SeedSpread
TennesseeTexas A&M7.8

Final Bracketology coming this afternoon after SEC Championship Game Concludes

After last night’s late games on the West Coast concluded, our Bracketology hopefuls shrunk to 70 teams. We still have to eliminate two teams from our field of 68 and then do a final seeding after the conclusion of the Southeastern Conference Tournament. The outcome of that game will most definitely affect the field, possibly changing who plays an opening round “play-in” game in Dayton.

March 3, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Thursday, March 3, 2022

Thursday’s Conference Tournaments
Atlantic Sun Conference–Quarterfinals
Higher Seed Team at Home
JacksonvilleCentral Arkansas12.8
Jacksonville St.Kennesaw St.7.4
BellarmineFlorida Gulf Coast1.4
Horizon League–Quarterfinals
Higher Seed Team at Home
Purdue Ft. WayneIllinois Chicago6.6
Northern KentuckyDetroit3.3
Wright St.Oakland1.4
Cleveland St.Robert Morris11.6
Missouri Valley Conference–1st Round
St. Louis
Higher SeedLower SeedSpread
Illinois St.Indiana St.2.1
Ohio Valley Conference–Quarterfinals
Evansville, IN
Higher SeedLower SeedSpread
Southeast MissouriTennessee St.-0.1
Morehead St.Tennessee Tech7.8
Patriot League–Quarterfinals
Higher Seed at Home
Boston ULoyola (MD)6.1
Sun Belt Conference–1st Round
Pensacola, FL
Higher SeedLower SeedSpread
South AlabamaLittle Rock13.0
Arkansas St.Louisiana-Monroe4.7
Coastal CarolinaGeorgia Southern6.0
West Coast Conference–1st Round
Las Vegas
Higher SeedLower SeedSpread
Loyola MarymountPacific5.0
San DiegoPepperdine4.2
Thursday’s Regularly Scheduled Games
HartfordUMass Lowell-0.1
IllinoisPenn St.11.6
Ohio St.Michigan St.4.5
Florida Intl.Florida Atlantic-4.1
UNC CentralSouth Carolina St.6.2
Norfolk St.Howard4.2
Coppin St.Morgan St.2.9
Maryland-Eastern ShoreDelaware St.13.4
Sam HoustonTarleton4.8
TulaneCentral Florida1.0
Arizona St.California5.4
Alabama A&MGrambling-0.3
UTSANorth Texas-15.3
Abilene ChristianDixie St.11.2
Jackson St.Arkansas-Pine Bluff11.7
Alcorn St.Mississippi Valley St.15.8
Alabama St.Southern-6.7
South FloridaMemphis-13.6
Montana St.Sacramento St.13.1
MontanaNorthern Colorado2.7
Idaho St.Southern Utah-9.1
IdahoPortland St.-2.4
Eastern WashingtonNorthern Arizona11.2
Grand CanyonUtah Valley4.2
Long Beach St.UC Davis5.4
UC Santa BarbaraHawaii5.0
Cal St. BakersfieldUC San Diego2.4
Cal PolyUC Irvine-11.0
San Diego St.Fresno St.7.5
Washington St.Oregon St.15.4
Cal St. FullertonUC Riverside3.0

February 17, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Thursday, February 17, 2022

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Eastern MichiganBuffalo-9.5
Penn St.Minnesota4.7
UNC WilmingtonTowson-4.7
Appalachian St.Troy3.8
Murray St.Austin Peay19.8
AkronNorthern Illinois13.3
South FloridaEast Carolina0.3
CincinnatiWichita St.2.9
Florida InternationalMiddle Tennessee-4.2
MarshallOld Dominion0.5
Florida AtlanticNorth Texas-2.9
St. Francis (PA)Long Island-1.5
Sacred HeartWagner-10.0
Mount St. Mary’sSt. Francis (NY)7.0
MerrimackFairleigh Dickinson8.4
BryantCentral Connecticut13.5
Youngstown St.Illinois Chicago4.8
Robert MorrisIUPUI15.3
Georgia St.Georgia Southern6.6
Coastal CarolinaSouth Alabama-0.4
ChattanoogaUNC Greensboro10.0
William & MaryDrexel-10.4
CharlestonJames Madison4.3
ArizonaOregon St.26.7
Louisiana TechUTEP8.5
Sam HoustonAbilene Christian1.5
UL MonroeLouisiana-1.9
BelmontEastern Illinois27.7
Southern Miss.UTSA1.9
Western KentuckyCharlotte7.8
Nicholls St.McNeese St.8.3
UT ArlingtonLittle Rock10.0
Texas St.Arkansas St.4.1
North DakotaKansas City-7.0
South DakotaSt. Thomas8.8
South Dakota St.Western Illinois13.0
North Dakota St.Oral Roberts-0.2
Tennessee TechSoutheast Missouri St.5.1
Tennessee St.SIU Edwardsville2.6
Texas A&M-CCSE Louisiana4.9
Incarnate WordNorthwestern St.0.3
HoustonCentral Florida14.8
New MexicoColorado St.-7.1
Arizona St.Oregon-3.6
Weber St.Sacramento St.14.4
Idaho St.Northern Colorado-7.7
Eastern WashingtonMontana St.-0.8
High PointLongwood-3.2
Saint Mary’sSan Francisco3.8
UC RiversideCal St. Bakersfield7.3
UC San DiegoHawaii-3.3
Cal St. NorthridgeLong Beach St.-6.2
UC Santa BarbaraCal St. Fullerton5.6
Portland St.Northern Arizona6.7
PortlandSan Diego1.0
Loyola MarymountSanta Clara-5.6
UCLAWashington St.9.7
San Jose St.Nevada-8.0

February 13, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Sunday, February 13, 2022

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St. John’sConnecticut-3.7
Youngstown St.Robert Morris7.4
Wright St.Northern Kentucky5.2
MaineStony Brook-8.0
Old DominionUAB-10.4
MilwaukeeGreen Bay3.7
Middle TennesseeCharlotte5.9
UNC GreensboroMercer5.1
Boise St.Colorado St.3.8
Loyola (Chi.)Northern Iowa8.2

Coming Tomorrow: Updated ratings in the morning and updated Bracketology in the afternoon.

February 10, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Thursday, February 10, 2022

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WagnerMount St. Mary’s10.4
TowsonWilliam & Mary19.9
Appalachian St.Georgia Southern6.8
Central MichiganOhio-14.6
EvansvilleIndiana St.-4.6
UABSouthern Miss.24.3
Middle TennesseeOld Dominion5.6
MarshallFlorida International2.6
CharlotteLouisiana Tech-4.7
Sacred HeartBryant-4.9
MerrimackCentral Connecticut6.5
Long IslandSt. Francis (NY)7.4
Fairleigh DickinsonSt. Francis (PA)-2.3
LongwoodUSC Upstate9.0
Cleveland St.Illinois Chicago8.6
Purdue Fort WayneIUPUI18.6
TroyArkansas St.2.5
Coastal CarolinaGeorgia St.3.8
Western IllinoisNorth Dakota St.1.0
UNC GreensboroThe Citadel6.6
James MadisonElon6.1
UL MonroeUT Arlington-0.4
NichollsIncarnate Word14.5
SIU EdwardsvilleUT Martin4.5
BelmontMorehead St.9.5
Western KentuckyFlorida Atlantic4.3
New OrleansTexas A&M-CC2.5
Utah ValleyGrand Canyon1.3
Chicago St.Stephen F. Austin-13.3
LouisianaTexas St.1.8
South AlabamaLittle Rock13.6
St. ThomasNorth Dakota8.2
OmahaSouth Dakota-7.4
Tennessee St.Murray St.-16.5
Eastern IllinoisTennessee Tech-7.8
Austin PeaySoutheast Missouri St.4.4
Northwestern St.Houston Baptist5.4
Washington St.Arizona-7.4
Saint Mary’sSan Diego15.8
Montana St.Portland St.9.4
MontanaNorthern Arizona11.3
IdahoIdaho St.4.0
Eastern WashingtonWeber St.-1.6
SE LouisianaMcNeese St.3.3
Dixie St.New Mexico St.-10.8
DenverSouth Dakota St.-13.4
UC IrvineUC Riverside5.5
Cal St. BakersfieldUC Santa Barbara-4.4
Cal PolyCal St. Northridge3.8
Sacramento St.Northern Colorado-4.6
California BaptistLamar11.6
SeattleUT Rio Grande Valley11.8
WashingtonArizona St.2.1
Loyola MarymountBYU-8.1
San FranciscoPepperdine20.6
HawaiiLong Beach St.4.8

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