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January 17, 2022

PiRate Ratings NFL Divisional Playoff Round


Green BaySan Francisco3.22.72.6
Tampa BayLos Angeles2.72.22.6
Kansas CityBuffalo0.91.31.1


Green BaySan Francisco52
Tampa BayLos Angeles55.5
Kansas CityBuffalo55

January 11, 2021

PiRate Ratings–NFL Playoffs Divisional Round


Green BayLA Rams6.06.16.5
Kansas CityCleveland9.79.59.0
New OrleansTampa Bay0.2-0.1-0.3


Green BayLA Rams46.5
Kansas CityCleveland53.5
New OrleansTampa Bay58.5


SaturdayJanuary 16
HomeVisitorNetworkTime (EST)
Green BayLA RamsFOX4:35 PM
BuffaloBaltimoreNBC8:15 PM
SundayJanuary 17
HomeVisitorNetworkTime (EST)
Kansas CityClevelandCBS3:05 PM
New OrleansTampa BayFOX6:40 PM

January 9, 2017

NFL Ratings And Spreads For Divisional Playoff Round: January 14-15, 2017

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Game 1: Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons

Time: 4:35 PM EST

TV: Fox

Vegas Line: Atlanta by 4 1/2

Total Line: 51


PiRate Rating: Atlanta by 6.5

Mean Rating: Atlanta by 9.0

Bias Rating: Atlanta by 6.1

PiRate Total: 56


100 Simulations

Atlanta wins 63

Seattle wins 37

Average Score: Atlanta 29  Seattle 24

Outlier A: Atlanta 37  Seattle 16

Outlier B: Seattle 24  Atlanta 9


Game 2: Houston Texans at New England Patriots

Time: 8:15 PM EST


Vegas Line: New England by 16

Total Line: 45


PiRate Rating: New England by 17.8

Mean Rating: New England by 15.5

Bias Rating: New England by 19.5

PiRate Total: 45


100 Simulations

New England wins 96

Houston wins 4

Average Score: New England 37  Houston 17

Outlier A: New England 56  Houston 7

Outlier B: Houston 24  New England 20


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Game 1: Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs

Time: 1:05 PM EST


Vegas Line: Kansas City by 1 1/2

Total Line: 45 1/2


PiRate Rating: Kansas City by 2.9 

Mean Rating: Kansas City by 3.1

Bias Rating: Kansas City by 3.0

Total Line: 46


100 Simulations

Kansas City wins 53

Pittsburgh wins 47

Average Score: Kansas City 23  Pittsburgh 23 (KC 23.3 Pit 22.9)

Outlier A: Kansas City 27  Pittsburgh 10

Outlier B: Pittsburgh 34  Kansas City 13


Game 2: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys

Time: 4:40 PM EST

TV: Fox

Vegas Line: Dallas by 4

Total Line: 52


PiRate Rating: Dallas by 2.7 

Mean Rating: Dallas by 3.5

Bias Rating: Dallas by 3.2

Total Line: 52


100 Simulations

Dallas wins 43

Green Bay wins 57

Average Score: Green Bay 33  Dallas 28

Outlier A: Dallas 34  Green Bay 20

Outlier B: Green Bay 38  Dallas 16

January 12, 2016

PiRate Ratings Divisional Playoff Round Preview

Note: Computer Simulations of the Divisional Playoff Round games will be published Friday after we can input better weather forecasts into the simulator.


This Week’s Games
Week Number: Divisional Round      
Date of Games: January 16-17      
Home Visitor PiRate Mean Bias
New England Kansas City 2.2 0.6 0.1
Arizona Green Bay 7.7 7.9 8.7
Carolina Seattle 0.4 1.2 1.9
Denver Pittsburgh -0.8 -1.5 -1.2

January 8, 2014

PiRate Ratings: NFL Divisional Playoff Round–January 11-12, 2014

Wildcard Playoff TV Schedule


Time (ET)




Saturday, January 11

4:35 PM

New Orleans @ Seattle


Westwood 1

Saturday, January 11

8:15 PM

Indianapolis @ New England


Westwood 1

Sunday, January 12

1:05 PM

San Francisco @ Carolina


Westwood 1

Sunday, January 12

4:40 PM

San Diego @ Denver


Westwood 1





To find a local Westwood 1 radio affiliate, check this link:


Weather Forecasts For Kickoff and Next 3-4 hours

Seattle—100% chance of rain, potentially heavy, and windy with a game time temperature in the mid to upper 40’s and falling slowly through the duration of the game


New England—60% chance of rain and gusty winds with temperatures holding steady near 50 throughout the game.


Carolina—Partly cloudy with a small rain chance and light winds with temperatures in the mid to upper 50’s during the course of the game.


Denver—Partly cloudy with a small rain chance and moderate wind gusts with temperatures at kickoff in the mid-40’s and falling into the 30’s during the game.



PiRate Spreads

Home Visitor




Seattle New Orleans




New England Indianapolis




Carolina San Francisco




Denver San Diego





Computer Simulations (100x)

New Orleans at Seattle

New Orleans wins: 14

Seattle wins: 86

Average Margin: Seattle 32.3  New Orleans 22.6

NO Outlier Win: 36-24

Sea Outlier Win: 44-13


Indianapolis at New England

Indianapolis Wins: 33

New England Wins: 67

Average Margin: New England 29.4  Indianapolis 23.1

Ind Outlier Win: 34-19

NE Outlier Win: 31-6


San Francisco at Carolina

San Francisco Wins: 64

Carolina Wins: 36

Average Margin: San Francisco 22.8  Carolina 18.6

SF Outlier Win: 30-10

Car Outlier Win: 21-6


San Diego at Denver

San Diego Wins: 49

Denver Wins: 51

Average Margin: San Diego 29.8  Denver 29.6

SD Outlier Win: 49-27

Den Outlier Win: 52-31

This one surprised us, but then again San Diego already won at Denver once before this season.

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