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October 6, 2022

PiRate Picks — October 6, 2022

After coming back down to Earth last week with a 2-5 record against the spread, our seasonal record now stands at 18-10. That’s still abnormally high. Let’s hope we can get back on the winning side this week with seven selections, hoping to go 4-3 and be happy with a profit.

About 18 other games came within a point or two of being playable for us in our in-house method of picking games either against the spread, the total, or in creating a money line parlay where the odds are +120 or higher, preferably higher than +130 or +140.

Here are this week’s selections. Remember: We never wager real money on our selections, and we suggest you follow this lead.

Selection #1: Alabama and Texas A&M Over 51 1/2

First, we expect Bryce Young to be ready for this game, and he will only need a half or so of time he will be needed, as Alabama exacts some revenge against the Aggies. We chose to take the Over here, because ‘Bama could cover the total by themselves. We aren’t saying that a 52-0 game is in the offing, but 41-14 would be realistic.

Selection #2: Georgia Southern and Georgia St. Under 67 1/2

Both of these teams can put points on the scoreboard and score 35 points against a defense the caliber of their opponent this week, but this heated rivalry game is liable to have added defensive stops. Thus, we think the total is a little too high. We think this game could be 31-28, as high as 35-28, and we still win at 35-31. As long as this game doesn’t go to overtime, we think this is our top play of the week.

Selection #3: Army and Wake Forest Under 66 1/2

Our thinking here is that Army will try to reduce this game to a minimum of plays, and Wake Forest is coming off consecutive big games. Army’s offense isn’t assessing the real estate like it has in recent years, so scoring 20 points is not automatic, as they could only manage 14 against a weaker Georgia State defense last week. Wake Forest gave up 25 points to a Vanderbilt team that is somewhat comparable offensively to Army’s offensive abilities, and the Demon Deacons put up a strong defensive effort last week. We see this game as a 35-14, and 45-21 still wins this one.

Selection #4: Arkansas + 9 1/2 vs. Mississippi State

It is not in our DNA to play an underdog at 9 1/2 points, as 10 1/2 gives us so much better odds for the money. And, we know that teams that play Alabama frequently show the effects of the pasting they received in the next game.

Our internal game projection makes this spread playable for us, as we see this as almost a tossup and only give the Bulldogs the edge due to home field advantage. We don’t see State winning by more than a touchdown, if they win at all.

Selection #5: Money Line Parlay at +144.92

Notre Dame over BYU

Utah over UCLA

We wanted to find a way to get the Utes into our selections this week, and this appears to be the best possible play. After dropping the opener to Florida, the Utes have begun to look like the class of the Pac-12. As for the Notre Dame-BYU game, it is our belief that Notre Dame’s game with Marshall was a wake up call for the Irish. Looking at how close they came to winning at Ohio State compared to how the Buckeyes have fared since, we believe Notre Dame is sitting on their best game of the year this week. This is a neutral site game in Las Vegas, and it could be one of the more exciting TV games. But, we think the outcome is not all that much in doubt.

Selection #6: Money Line Parlay at +148.05

Nevada over Colorado St.

Tulane over East Carolina

These two games are simply a matter of our thinking that the ML is too low for the favorites, and thus, it gives us an inflated potential payout for playing the two favorites.

Money Line Parlay at +202.93

Oklahoma St. over Texas Tech

Kentucky over South Carolina

North Carolina St. over Florida St.

Similar to the #6 selection, our beliefs that these three favorites will win, while not as strong as the two-gamer above, still remains strong enough to make it playable at better than 2-1 odds.

March 26, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Saturday, March 26, 2022

Saturday, March 26, 2022
Southern UtahPortland3.7

Elite 8 Bracketnomics Analysis

TeamO-EffD-EffSOS37+ 3ptOReb%-45% vs. 2ptFT Rate 37R + T New RateOld R+T
North Carolina204259.00.36430.748.00.309.616.0
Saint Peter’s2252849.50.35532.143.50.384.68.9
Miami (Fla.)1812157.90.34422.753.20.29-5.4-3.0

Villanova vs. Houston: Houston has a more perfect Final Four Bracketnomics resume, but there is a caveat. The Cougars accumulated some of this resume with two former starters that were both lost for the season due to injuries.

Villanova has a better schedule strength and a better three-point shooting percentage, while Houston holds the R+T edge. It is so close to call, but the general rule of thumb is to go with the better R+T rating in tossup games. By a thin hair, the pick is Houston to repeat as a Final Four team.

Duke vs. Arkansas: It appears as if the Atlantic Coast Conference was quite underrated this year. Three of the Elite 8 are ACC teams. Duke showed a lot of toughness beating the number one defensive team in the nation Thursday night. Of course, Arkansas beat the number one team overall, and it did not look like a fluke.

Duke is close to having an ideal Final Four resume. The key here is that the Blue Devils have a considerably better Final Four resume than Arkansas, and they add two intangibles. First, they are playing for Coach K to go out a champion like John Wooden. Second, the ACC may need a few extra points in schedule strength. Duke is the choice.

North Carolina vs. Saint Peter’s: What we have here is a total monkey wrench in the Bracketnomics system. Saint Peter’s is not supposed to be here. I am not saying that no mid-major team should ever be in the Elite 8. It’s just that the Peacocks, with this resume, do not fit like past mid-major teams like George Mason, Wichita State, Virginia Commonwealth, and Butler. If Saint Peter’s makes the Final Four, the Bracketnomics System will be a total failure, because there isn’t any justification that says the Peacocks should make the Final Four.

How did this tiny commuter school located on both sides of what was once the Lincoln Highway in Jersey City get to the Elite 8? Beating Kentucky was “The Mouse That Roared.” This was not one of those all freshmen teams with no tournament experience. Beating Murray State wasn’t as surprising as we thought the Racers had failed to beat a really quality team. Beating Purdue was almost as shocking as beating Kentucky, but we have noted that Gene Keady and his disciples have never had great success in the NCAA Tournamnent, as Steve Lavin and Kevin Stallings also had issues with teams trying to win half-court possessions at the expense of forcing the issue and accumulating great R+T rating scores.

Now comes a North Carolina team that at one point this year lost to Kentucky by more than 30 points and looked like an NIT team but all of a sudden caught fire and slaughtered Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium on Coach K’s final home game. North Carolina looked like a national championship team in the Sweet 16, and Hubert Davis must be given all kinds of credit for guiding the Tar Heels from probable NIT to probable Final Four. I am going with the Tar Heels to set up the incredible top rivalry game in the Final Four. Saint Peter’s has a slightly better defensive efficiency, and their guards are incredibly deceptively better than a Metro Atlantic team, but the Peacocks’ schedule strength does not measure up to Final Four standards. What we’re looking at is an allowance horse champion trying to beat a Grade 1 Stakes winner in the Florida Derby with a trip to Churchill Downs on the line. For the sake of this system, the pick is North Carolina.

Kansas vs. Miami (Fla): After Selection Sunday, when we presented our massive Bracketnomics release, Kansas was our choice to go all the way and win the National Championship. The Jayhawks are halfway to the prize, but KU hasn’t won their games as convincingly as I hoped. Now the Jayhawks face a team that can attack them in a different way with Larranaga’s Runts. Miami is another team that the Bracketnomics say should not be here. Their R+T rating is the absolute lowest in R+T history of any Elite 8 team. In fact, they were not supposed to make it past the Round of 32 with this R+T rating.

In every facet that matters, KU has the advantage. This game should be a double-digit win for the Jayhawks, but with KU not clicking on all cylinders and Miami playing at its peak in the obviously underrated ACC, this game looks painfully closer than it should be. The pick is Kansas, but it may be one of those ugly wins.

March 24, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Thursday, March 24, 2022

Thursday, March 24, 2022
DukeTexas Tech-0.2

March 18, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Saturday, March 19, 2022

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Saturday’s Games–NCAA, NIT, CBI, and The Basketball Classic

Saturday, March 19, 2022
BaylorNorth Carolina7.3
UCLASaint Mary’s4.6
Murray St.Saint Peter’s9.0
ArkansasNew Mexico St.7.9
Texas A&MOregon3.9
Wake ForestVCU4.8
BYUNorthern Iowa6.7
DrakePurdue Ft. Wayne9.5
Stephen F. AustinUNC Asheville5.7
Middle TennesseeCal Baptist6.8
UTEPWestern Illinois6.6
PortlandNew Orleans8.2

TeamO-EffD-EffSOS37+ 3ptOReb%-45% vs. 2ptFT Rate 37R + T New RateR+T Old Rate
N. Carolina276458.036.230.448.329.610.015.7
Saint Mary’s63957.335.027.846.023.97.313.2
Murray St.354048.435.336.048.331.315.224.0
Saint Peter’s2593448.335.332.043.537.15.09.0
N. Mexico St.877350.732.633.745.634.88.114.5

Bracketnomics Predictions

Baylor vs. North Carolina

Baylor is just a tad stronger across the board and has a lot more NCAA Tournament experience on the bench and on the court.  Baylor should win but not by a large margin.

Kansas vs. Creighton

This has all the looks of a large margin victory for the Jayhawks   Creighton’s offense looks to be in trouble against Kansas’s defense, and spurtability heavily favors KU.

Tennessee vs. Michigan

This should be a close game with several lead changes.  Michigan’s interior defense may be a tad vulnerable to Tennessee’s inside muscle, but, the Wolverines’ offense is considerably better overall than Tennessee’s offense.  Schedule strength and R+T Ratings are basically a wash.  Solely on the interior defense, Tennessee gets the nod.

Providence vs. Richmond

Can Richmond make the Sweet 16 with an R+T Rating that shows the Spiders receive little or no Spurtability?  Providence is not a pushover, but the Friars are most likely not going to advance past the Sweet 16.  Providence has the advantage in every one of these stats.  Richmond beat Iowa by playing a much better half court game than the Big Ten Tournament champs.  Providence’s win over South Dakota St. was a little more hustle points over half court game, and it gets really difficult for a team to keep winning the half court game over and over, especially when the other team has the decided Spurtability advantage.  Look for the Friars to advance.

UCLA vs. Saint Mary’s

This game could stay close for quite a long time.  UCLA has the clear-cut edge in the essential stats, but the edge is not large enough to call the Bruins a prohibitive favorite.  The key here is the FT rate, where UCLA might be a little quicker and force SMC to commit more than their usual number of fouls.  UCLA needs to keep its starters on the floor more than the average tournament team, and the Gaels do not figure to force key players to go to the bench with foul trouble.  Give the edge to the Bruins but don’t expect a big blowout.

Murray St. vs. Saint Peter’s

In all but one respect, these teams are rather evenly matched.  Murray State has a huge R+T Rating advantage, 15 points to be exact in the old counting stat version and three times more in the rate stat version.  What this means is that the Racers are likely to enjoy one major spurt or multiple smaller spurts and pull away from the Peacocks at some point in the game.  Saint Peter’s won’t have the ability to play catch-up after a large spurt.  The Racers will be an interesting Sweet 16 team.

Arkansas vs. New Mexico St.

This game has special meaning with yours truly, ye old PiRate Captain.  Five years ago, when he was the head coach at Nevada, I called Eric Musselman the best Mid-Major head coach and a sure thing success wherever he ended up in a power conference.  When he was hired by Arkansas, I predicted he would return the Razorbacks to the prominence they enjoyed under Eddie Sutton and Nolan Richardson and have Arkansas competing for a shot at the Final Four within five years.  He is only in year three, and he almost made the Final Four last year.  

New Mexico State head coach Chris Jans is my current top Mid-Major coach in college basketball.  It is my belief that when he gets a power five coaching job, he too will produce the results Muss is producing in Fayetteville.

Now, about this game: Arkansas has a bit too much defensive abilities for the Aggies to consistently score in this game.  The difference in schedule strength and the slight evidence that the Razorbacks have a little more quickness is enough to call this one in Arkansas’s favor.  Don’t discount NMSU; Jans can coach undermanned talent and keep games close.  The Aggies can keep this game close and even have a chance to pull the upset, but the Razorbacks have about a 65% chance of winning this game.  Arky goes to the Sweet 16 again.

Gonzaga vs. Memphis

Don’t automatically dismiss Memphis in this game.  While Gonzaga has a decisive Bracketnomics advantage, Memphis has two superior aspects that can be used to exploit the 1-seed, and both work together to strengthen the advantages.  

Memphis has an exceptional offensive rebounding advantage in this game.  The Tigers are one of a small handful that have an O Reb% in excess of the magical 37%.  Memphis also exceeds the 37% margin in FT rate, which shows the Tigers have explosive quickness to the rim.  If Gonzaga gets into foul trouble in this game, all their other advantages will be neutralized.

Gonzaga is still the pick here, but this game should be a lot closer than expected, and Memphis will have a chance to pull off the big upset if Gonzaga fouls too much.

March 2, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Wednesday’s College Basketball Spreads

Wednesday’s Conference Tournaments
Big South Conference–1st Round
Charlotte, NC
Higher SeedLower SeedSpread
RadfordNorth Carolina A&T1.2
UNC AshevilleCharleston Southern12.1
High PointHampton6.2
Northeast Conference–1st Round
Campus Sites
BryantCentral Connecticut14.6
WagnerSt. Francis (PA)13.2
Long IslandSacred Heart8.1
Mount St. Mary’sSt. Francis (NY)6.4
Ohio Valley Conference–1st Round
Evansville, IN
Higher SeedLower SeedSpread
Tennessee St.SIU-Edwardsville1.9
Austin PeayTennessee Tech-0.7
Wednesday’s Regular Schedule
St. John’sXavier1.3
AlabamaTexas A&M9.2
Seton HallGeorgetown15.4
MarshallWestern Kentucky-4.6
Louisiana TechOld Dominion7.9
CharlotteMiddle Tennessee-2.5
ClemsonGeorgia Tech9.6
Florida St.Notre Dame-0.8
Iowa St.Oklahoma St.2.8
Rhode IslandSaint Louis-2.6
La SalleSaint Joseph’s-1.0
George WashingtonDuquesne5.3
DavidsonGeorge Mason8.3
Southern Miss.UAB-19.2
New OrleansHouston Baptist10.3
LamarUT Rio Grande Valley-2.4
Texas A&M-CCNicholls St.-1.0
Mississippi St.Auburn-5.0
TulsaWichita St.-3.0
New Mexico St.Stephen F. Austin5.9
Wake ForestNorth Carolina St.10.8
Boston CollegeMiami (Fla.)-3.7
California BaptistChicago St.14.3

Tuesday’s Conference Tournament Results

Atlantic Sun
1st Round
Central Arkansas74Stetson73
Kennesaw St.82Eastern Kentucky73
Florida Gulf Coast81North Alabama72
Lipscomb74North Florida65
Horizon League
1st Round
Detroit79Green Bay62
Robert Morris77Youngstown St.73
Illinois Chicago80Milwaukee69
Patriot League
1st Round
American69Holy Cross63

February 26, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Saturday, February 26, 2022

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Michigan St.Purdue-4.8
New HampshireBinghamton5.8
OklahomaOklahoma St.3.5
ToledoMiami (O)18.2
Rhode IslandDuquesne14.1
Central ConnecticutMount St. Mary’s-7.5
Maryland Baltimore Co.Maine16.8
StetsonNorth Florida-0.6
LibertyKennesaw St.11.3
Florida Gulf CoastJacksonville0.5
Eastern KentuckyBellarmine-1.7
DetroitPurdue Fort Wayne3.0
The CitadelFurman-11.4
Mississippi St.Vanderbilt6.5
West VirginiaTexas-4.4
BucknellBoston U-11.9
Holy CrossArmy-5.3
AmericanLoyola (MD)-6.4
St. Francis (NY)Merrimack2.5
Sacred HeartSt. Francis (PA)1.1
Long IslandFairleigh Dickinson16.4
High PointHampton10.2
North Carolina St.North Carolina-6.1
LipscombCentral Arkansas6.7
Jacksonville StateNorth Alabama15.5
Kansas St.Iowa St.1.5
La SalleDayton-14.3
North DakotaNorth Dakota St.-14.6
HofstraWilliam & Mary22.7
BuffaloNorthern Illinois18.7
Chicago St.New Mexico St.-24.4
Miami (Fla.)Virginia Tech-0.1
Boston CollegeClemson-3.6
OaklandCleveland St.3.4
Western IllinoisDenver9.0
XavierSeton Hall3.1
GramblingFlorida A&M5.2
Ball St.Eastern Michigan6.8
MississippiTexas A&M0.7
Oregon St.UCLA-20.3
HowardUNC Central6.4
East CarolinaTulsa0.8
UC San DiegoCal St. Fullerton-2.3
Maryland-Eastern ShoreCoppin St.1.7
North TexasLouisiana Tech7.4
CharlotteFlorida Atlantic-0.2
Northern ArizonaWeber St.-11.7
Northwestern St.New Orleans-6.8
Utah ValleyCalifornia Baptist9.2
USC UpstateGardner-Webb-7.3
WinthropCharleston Southern23.0
VirginiaFlorida St.6.2
VermontUMass Lowell18.1
DrakeSouthern Illinois7.0
Illinois St.Indiana St.3.9
DelawareUNC Wilmington5.9
James MadisonTowson-8.8
New MexicoAir Force9.6
SIU EdwardsvilleMorehead St.-11.2
Eastern IllinoisAustin Peay-11.3
Delaware StateMorgan St.-10.3
UNC AshevillePresbyterian7.7
IUPUIGreen Bay-7.7
Southeast Missouri St.Murray St.-19.2
Alabama A&MAlabama St.1.7
Southeast LouisianaNicholls St.-4.4
McNeese St.Incarnate Word11.8
Stephen F. AustinAbilene Christian3.2
San DiegoSan Francisco-14.3
Santa ClaraPortland13.3
North Carolina A&TRadford2.5
Notre DameGeorgia Tech12.2
EvansvilleMissouri St.-19.9
Bowling GreenWestern Michigan11.9
TCUTexas Tech-5.9
AlabamaSouth Carolina12.1
Norfolk St.South Carolina St.14.0
WashingtonWashington St.-5.9
BelmontTennessee St.19.1
Northern IowaLoyola (Chi.)-4.1
Saint Joseph’sSt. Bonaventure-6.4
Arkansas-Pine BluffMississippi Valley St.5.4
Prairie ViewAlcorn St.1.7
Stony BrookAlbany3.0
CincinnatiSouth Florida16.1
RiceSouthern Miss.16.4
Old DominionFlorida Int’l7.0
Middle TennesseeWestern Kentucky2.2
Wake ForestLouisville10.7
Northern KentuckyYoungstown St.5.5
Wright St.Robert Morris14.9
Western CarolinaVMI-8.8
Central MichiganKent St.-13.6
Loyola MarymountPacific8.5
UC RiversideUC Santa Barbara-0.4
UC DavisCal St. Northridge11.4
Northern ColoradoIdaho13.5
Houston BaptistTexas A&M-CC-7.6
Grand CanyonSam Houston St.7.1
Tarleton St.Lamar18.1
Illinois ChicagoMilwaukee6.7
Oral RobertsSouth Dakota7.4
Kansas CitySouth Dakota St.-9.3
St. ThomasOmaha7.6
Texas SouthernJackson St.9.0
Tennessee TechUT Martin6.0
Dixie St.Seattle-8.4
Saint Mary’sGonzaga-9.9
UtahArizona St.2.1
Portland St.Idaho St.10.9
Sacramento StateEastern Washington-8.2
UNLVBoise St.-1.4
Utah St.Colorado St.2.1
UC-IrvineLong Beach St.7.6
HawaiiCal St. Bakersfield10.9

February 22, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Tuesday, February 22, 2022

North DakotaSt. Thomas-0.9
IowaMichigan St.5.6
St. BonaventureRhode Island7.1
George WashingtonRichmond-6.4
Eastern MichiganNorthern Illinois2.6
Kent St.Ball St.9.6
AkronBowling Green8.1
Miami (O)Buffalo-6.5
Western MichiganToledo-15.3
OhioCentral Michigan17.6
Texas A&MGeorgia12.2
Texas TechOklahoma9.3
PittsburghMiami (Fla.)-4.4
Saint LouisSaint Joseph’s11.8
KansasKansas St.13.0
Air ForceFresno St.-8.7
Boise St.San Diego St.2.0
Cal PolyCal St. Bakersfield-1.5
Utah St.New Mexico12.1

February 19, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Saturday, February 19, 2022

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VermontMaryland Baltimore Co.14.1
SyracuseBoston College9.9
MassachusettsLa Salle6.4
South FloridaTulsa-2.5
NavyHoly Cross16.6
Michigan St.Illinois0.3
TexasTexas Tech1.3
Southern Miss.UTEP-8.7
WagnerCentral Connecticut St.18.1
Saint Joseph’sDayton-6.3
Wake ForestNotre Dame5.3
Indiana St.Southern Illinois-1.8
The CitadelEast Tennessee St.-1.1
ColgateBoston U.6.9
North Dakota St.UMKC5.4
HowardMorgan St.9.8
Youngstown St.IUPUI17.6
Western CarolinaMercer-4.5
RadfordHigh Point0.7
North DakotaOral Roberts-11.6
Oklahoma St.Kansas St.4.8
Iowa St.Oklahoma0.8
BradleyIllinois St.9.1
Ohio St.Iowa3.1
Eastern MichiganAkron-5.7
Georgia SouthernGeorgia St.-2.3
Chicago St.Tarleton St.-8.8
UT-ArlingtonArkansas St.1.7
South Dakota St.St. Thomas19.9
SamfordUNC Greensboro-0.4
MerrimackSacred Heart5.3
South CarolinaLSU-6.4
DavidsonSaint Louis0.5
South Carolina St.Maryland Eastern Shore1.4
Florida AtlanticMiddle Tennessee2.5
Tennessee St.Eastern Illinois11.4
SeattleCalifornia Baptist8.3
Nicholls St.Houston Baptist13.5
Alcorn St.Jackson St.2.8
North Carolina CentralDelaware St.16.3
Florida A&MAlabama St.4.9
Coppin St.Norfolk St.-3.3
UC IrvineHawaii5.4
Virginia TechNorth Carolina4.1
Mount St. Mary’sLong Island1.3
Bethune-CookmanAlabama A&M3.1
WyomingAir Force17.3
St. Francis (PA)St. Francis (NY)1.5
Southern UtahMontana St.1.6
BuffaloW. Michigan19.0
Coastal CarolinaTroy3.4
Morehead St.Southeast Missouri St.12.5
William & MaryDelaware-10.6
AlbanyNew Hampshire1.8
UABNorth Texas4.8
LamarStephen F. Austin-17.8
CampbellNorth Carolina A&T7.2
North AlabamaLipscomb1.9
UNC AshevilleWinthrop0.7
UT MartinMurray St.-18.1
Northern IllinoisMiami (O)-1.8
Appalachian St.South Alabama-1.0
New OrleansMcNeese St.5.9
Mississippi Valley St.Texas Southern-15.7
Incarnate WordSoutheast Louisiana-5.7
Miami (Fla.)Virginia3.8
North FloridaFlorida Gulf Coast-0.6
South DakotaWestern Illinois3.5
Texas St.Little Rock13.5
BelmontSIU Edwardsville19.6
Austin PeayTennessee Tech0.5
UMass LowellBinghamton6.4
Bowling GreenBall St.3.2
Stony BrookHartford4.5
Charleston SouthernUSC Upstate-5.3
DukeFlorida St.14.1
Loyola (Chi.)Drake8.6
George WashingtonRhode Island-5.0
St. BonaventureDuquesne15.3
Texas A&M-CCNorthwestern St.7.9
VanderbiltTexas A&M2.7
JacksonvilleKennesaw St.4.9
Boise St.Utah St.3.8
IdahoEastern Washington-5.3
Arkansas Pine BluffPrairie View-6.9
Robert MorrisIllinois Chicago0.2
Florida InternationalRice0.1
PittsburghGeorgia Tech3.0
Louisiana TechUTSA16.7
Western KentuckyOld Dominion7.7
ToledoCentral Michigan21.2
UNC WilmingtonJames Madison1.9
Central ArkansasEastern Kentucky-4.0
UC RiversideCal Poly10.8
Arizona St.Oregon St.9.4
Seton HallDePaul10.4
Grand CanyonNew Mexico St.2.1
West VirginiaKansas-6.4
UNLVColorado St.-2.8
UC DavisCal St. Bakersfield5.5
Weber St.Northern Colorado5.0
Idaho St.Sacramento St.2.4
UT-Rio Grande ValleySam Houston-5.9
GonzagaSanta Clara21.5
Dixie St.Utah Valley-7.8
Fresno St.San Diego St-0.5
Saint Mary’sBYU6.4
UC Santa BarbaraLong Beach St.4.4
Cal St. NorthridgeCal St. Fullerton-7.2
PacificLoyola Marymount-2.0

February 12, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Saturday, February 12, 2022

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AuburnTexas A&M14.0
MassachusettsSaint Joseph’s1.7
VillanovaSeton Hall8.3
Boston UAmerican12.7
Fairleigh DickinsonSacred Heart-2.5
Central ConnecticutSt. Francis (NY)-0.3
Indiana St.Illinois St.1.0
BucknellHoly Cross4.0
Morgan St.North Carolina Central-1.2
Montana St.Northern Arizona13.9
Long IslandBryant-0.8
Gardner-WebbCharleston Southern17.5
North CarolinaFlorida St.7.3
BinghamtonNew Hampshire0.3
Oklahoma St.West Virginia3.1
Coastal CarolinaGeorgia Southern5.6
DaytonGeorge Washington15.9
Rhode IslandDavidson-2.1
BuffaloBall St.11.7
GeorgiaSouth Carolina-2.7
RiceNorth Texas-5.7
Chicago St.Sam Houston-11.7
Wake ForestMiami6.8
PittsburghNC St.-0.4
Cleveland St.IUPUI22.0
UL MonroeTexas St.-3.6
LouisianaUT Arlington4.1
Western IllinoisNorth Dakota12.7
Michigan St.Indiana3.7
VMIThe Citadel8.5
Miami (O)Bowling Green1.2
Eastern MichiganOhio-10.2
Texas TechTCU10.4
Morehead St.Murray St.-5.2
Coppin St.South Carolina St.6.5
UC San DiegoUC Riverside-4.2
Alcorn St.Bethune-Cookman8.9
HowardDelaware St.19.9
UTSAWestern Kentucky-12.0
Sacramento St.Southern Utah-7.5
Northwestern St.McNeese St.-0.9
NichollsTexas A&M-CC5.9
Utah ValleyNew Mexico St.-0.4
St. Francis (PA)Mount St. Mary’s-1.7
USC UpstateUNC Asheville-0.1
North Carolina A&TLongwood-5.1
VirginiaGeorgia Tech8.6
Florida Gulf CoastStetson7.9
Iowa St.Kansas St.4.2
Appalachian St.Georgia St.3.5
Missouri St.Valparaiso13.1
George MasonVCU-0.1
DenverSouth Dakota-3.5
East Tennessee St.Samford5.2
James MadisonWilliam & Mary12.6
SIU EdwardsvilleTennessee Tech-0.8
Eastern IllinoisUT Martin-5.7
Texas SouthernGrambling11.6
North AlabamaBellarmine-4.1
Northern IllinoisToledo-14.2
Boston CollegeDuke-14.1
Alabama A&MMississippi Valley St.11.5
Loyola (MD)Colgate-6.5
Southeast Missouri St.Belmont-13.9
Austin PeayTennessee St.4.3
IdahoWeber St.-9.9
Eastern WashingtonIdaho St.12.5
SE LouisianaHouston Baptist8.6
New OrleansIncarnate Word11.1
UMass LowellMaryland Baltimore Co.2.0
LipscombEastern Kentucky-0.9
Jacksonville St.Central Arkansas16.0
TroyLittle Rock12.9
South Dakota St.Omaha24.5
Alabama St.Arkansas-Pine Bluff9.9
Kennesaw St.North Florida5.1
MichiganOhio St.2.4
East CarolinaSMU-7.8
Norfolk St.Maryland-Eastern Shore11.3
Santa ClaraSan Francisco-0.3
High PointCampbell0.4
Virginia TechSyracuse6.0
RichmondLa Salle13.3
Prairie View A&MSouthern-3.4
Jackson St.Florida A&M4.4
ClemsonNotre Dame2.5
Purdue Fort WayneIllinois Chicago4.1
South AlabamaArkansas St.5.7
WoffordWestern Carolina14.0
UNC WilmingtonCharleston0.8
Western MichiganCentral Michigan0.4
Wichita StateSouth Florida14.4
TarletonAbilene Christian0.3
San DiegoPacific7.4
Southern IllinoisEvansville12.4
Oral RobertsKansas City7.8
St. ThomasNorth Dakota St.-5.5
LSUMississippi St.8.0
San Diego St.Air Force18.3
MinnesotaPenn St.0.7
MontanaPortland St.5.7
Dixie St.Grand Canyon-10.0
San Jose St.Wyoming-13.8
GonzagaSaint Mary’s16.2
Washington St.Arizona St.11.4
Cal St. BakersfieldCal St. Northridge7.3
Cal PolyUC Santa Barbara-9.5
California BaptistUT Rio Grande Valley6.9
PortlandLoyola Marymount0.8
Oregon St.Stanford-4.5
HawaiiCal St. Fullerton3.0

Great TV Watching Today–Our Best Bets

Time (EST)NetworkHomeVisitor
12:00 PMESPN2BaylorTexas
12:00 PMSECNAlabamaArkansas
1:00 PMCBSKansasOklahoma
1:00 PMFOXVillanovaSeton Hall
2:00 PMFS1WisconsinRutgers
2:00 PMESPN+FurmanChattanooga
3:00 PMACCNWake ForestMiami (Fla.)
3:30 PMABCHoustonMemphis
3:30 PMFOXMichigan St.Indiana
4:00 PMESPNKentuckyFlorida
4:00 PMESPN+Texas TechTCU
4:00 PMESPN+Morehead St.Murray St.
4:00 PMESPNUIowa St.Kansas St.
6:00 PMPAC12WashingtonArizona
6:00 PMESPNMichiganOhio St.
8:00 PMESPN2LSUMississippi St.
10:00 PMESPN2GonzagaSaint Mary’s
12:00 AMESPN2HawaiiCal St. Fullerton

February 8, 2022

PiRate Ratings College Basketball–Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Florida AtlanticOld Dominion6.0
ClemsonNorth Carolina0.5
South CarolinaKentucky-12.5
Michigan St.Wisconsin4.6
Indiana St.Evansville9.6
St. BonaventureFordham10.3
TCUOklahoma St.1.7
West VirginiaIowa St.2.1
VCURhode Island6.0
La SalleSaint Louis-10.9
Ball St.Central Michigan9.8
Miami (O)Western Michigan11.6
Kent St.Bowling Green5.8
BuffaloEastern Michigan12.8
Texas A&MLSU-4.4
St. ThomasUMKC-2.1
TulsaEast Carolina5.0
Boston CollegeSyracuse-3.8
Northern IllinoisAkron-8.0
St. John’sVillanova-6.8
Central FloridaWichita St.1.2
WyomingUtah St.1.8
Penn St.Michigan-1.3
San FranciscoPortland17.4
Long Beach St.Cal St. Fullerton0.6
UNLVAir Force11.3
Santa ClaraSaint Mary’s-2.0
NevadaColorado St.-4.0
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