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November 24, 2021


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This morning, something incredible happened with the PiRate Ratings. Somebody visited this site looking at the PiRate Picks for this week not knowing they were the one millionth visitor to the PiRate Ratings!

Thank you to each and every one of you that have visited this site. I started this site in the first decade of this century because the football ratings were no longer appearing in radio or print journalism. It was going to be a brief sojourn into the worldwide web, but one day, while my wife and I were vacationing in a rustic lakeside cabin, a New York Times sports columnist briefly mentioned my ratings, and overnight, I had too many subscribers to let down.

I hope to keep you entertained while at the same time encourage the younger patrons to develop an interest in statistics and analytics. When you finish your schooling, several things you learned will never be used again. Knowing the date of the Magna Carta or what a Bicameral legislature is will not be something you will need to remember, even though both are supremely important to your freedom. On the other hand, math skills will continue to be important throughout your life.

This portion of an email came to me five years ago from a 14-year old girl in Ohio. She was (probably still is) a big Ohio State football fan and wanted to be a sports reporter. Her TV idol at the time was Suzy Kolber. When she wrote that first email, it was to tell me that Ohio State was 30 points better than Michigan and didn’t agree with my three ratings which favored the Buckeyes by 5 to 6 points. I explained to her that day a little about how I used regression analysis to take past results, weigh the results so that the most recent results carried more weight, and used that information to try to predict future results.

When Ohio State beat Michigan by a field goal, keeping UM from going to the Rose Bowl, she sent me another email asking me where she could learn more about regression analysis, because she wanted to write her term paper on the subject.

Through the years, I have received updates from this teenager. From regression analysis, she developed a love for security analysis, soon to become totally infatuated with value investing. Her plans to go into journalism in college, probably at Ohio State changed in the summer between her junior and senior years of high school. By this time, she had become highly competent in math, where she had once suffered from math anxiety.

She graduated high school in 2020. Instead of going to Ohio State to study journalism, she chose the University of Pennsylvania over the University of Chicago, where she then earned a scholarship to their prestigious undergrad business program. Her goal is to continue on to Wharton Business School upon graduation. Once she earns her M.B.A., she hopes to find gainful employment with an investment firm and maybe start her own company down the road.

She still loved her Buckeyes and follows this website every week to see how much her team is expected to win their next game. But, what made me so happy is when she told me that ever since she read my disclaimer when she was in high school, she started to invest monthly from the income she received working as a baby sitter and other summer jobs and has continued to invest the same amount every month. She is a contrarian value investor, going for the boring corporations with strong track records.

This is why the PiRate Ratings continue to exist. I could have stopped taking all the time it uses to update these ratings every May through August and then way past Midnight into Sunday mornings during football season. But, if just one Sara from North Royalton, Ohio, still reads this site and gains something from it, I will do my best to keep it going and try to reach visitor number 2 million.

Thank you to all.

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