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October 22, 2020

PiRate Picks for October 22-26, 2020

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Go Big or Go Home But Make Sure You Don’t Bet Your Mortgage!

Every week, we make sure any newcomers to this site understand that our selections on this weekly edition are made strictly for entertainment purposes only. We highly urge you never to wager real money on the picks you see published at this site. We never wager real money; all of our selections are made with our infinite imaginary bankroll.

That said, we know that there are a number of you reading this that will ignore the warning. That is your mistake, so if you have to cash in a Treasury Bond to cover your losses, don’t get mad at us.

Before we get into this week’s selections, let’s quickly review what happened last week. It wasn’t good. A lot of the profits we had accumulated were returned to the imaginary sports book in the imaginary Nevada. We still show a small imaginary profit for the year, but it is infinitesimal. Additionally, the selections that won were different styles of exotic wagers, while what had been most successful earlier in the year, the straight wagers, didn’t perform well.

This week, we are issuing a season high 18 selections. One might postulate that we are really confident this week and decided to issue a lot of selections. Actually, the reverse is true. We are considerably less confident with this week’s selections. We found several “almost good” possibilities and could not narrow the list down to “best” possibilities, as our internal numbers and the folks in Nevada agreed too often. We hoped to be able to play a bunch of Underdogs in the conferences beginning play, but it is like somebody set the odds based on our ratings. Multiple games with teams playing their openers saw the official line and our ratings agree within one point. Some of these lines originated several points off of our ratings, but by Monday night, they had moved to where our ratings had them. In a way, we love this, as it gives us a shot in the arm to know that our ratings are similar to what the Sharps believe. We do know that a handful of Sharps do follow this site, and we are thankful to some really nice people in the Las Vegas-Henderson area that have reached out to us. So, when does the invitation come to spend a week there in the middle of Winter?

Now, it’s time for this week’s selections. We do not really like playing a lot of favorites, but the underdog numbers just didn’t offer a lot of value. You will see that we are playing some games multiple times in different types of wagers. This leads to feast or famine, and in the past, this has offered us a tiny percentage increase in weeks where one or two games met our internal requirements for straight wager, totals, teasers, and/or money line parlays.

Enjoy, but keep your real money in your bank accounts, unless you already planned to wager on the selections you see here.

College Straight Wagers
1. Penn St.Indiana-5.5
2. NavyHouston+14
3. Boston Col.Ga. Tech-3
4. MinnesotaMichigan+3
5. CincinnatiSMU+3
6. Air ForceSan Jose St.-7

7. College 6-point Teaser @ -110

8. College 6-point Teaser @ -110
Penn St.IndianaE

9. College 7-point Teaser @ +140
AuburnOle Miss+3.5
Okla. St.Iowa St.+3.5
Air ForceS.J. St.E

10. College Money Line Parlay @ +160.60
Must WinOpponentOdds
TulsaFla. Atlantic
Air ForceS.J. St.

11. College Money Line Parlay @ +169.19
Must WinOpponentOdds
LibertySou. Miss.
Penn St.Indiana+169.19
LSUS. Carolina

NFL Straight Wagers
12. PhiladelphiaN.Y. Giants-4
13. AtlantaDetroit-1
14. DenverKansas City+10

15. NFL 10-point Teaser @ -110
PhiladelphiaN.Y. GiantsO35
BuffaloN.Y. JetsO35

16. NFL 10-point Teaser @ -110
DenverKansas CityO36
New EnglandSan FranciscoO33.5
LA RamsChicagoO35

17. NFL Money Line Parlay @ +190.94
Must WinOpponentOdds
PhiladelphiaN.Y. Giants

18. NFL Money Line Parlay @ +180.33
Must WinOpponentOdds
Green BayHouston
New EnglandSan Francisco+180.33

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