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July 30, 2020

PiRate Ratings College Football Update

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Since we last posted, there have been considerable changes to the 2020 college football landscape.  We waited to hear what the Southeastern Conference planned to do before deciding what we would do on the PiRate Ship.  Obviously, we are sailing in uncharted waters, and we don’t know where this ship will be sailing in the next four months.

Here is where we are today as far as what we plan to do.  We will soon be finished with our preseason ratings.  This has been quite difficult, as we update the ratings from the end of the previous season by adjusting the power ratings up or down based on the changes to the depth chart between the final month of the last season and the Spring Outlook depth chart after Spring Practice concludes and Spring games have been played.

That dastardly Covid-19 virus attacked the landlubbers at the beginning of Spring practice.  Some schools had as much as a week of practice.  Some had just one or two practices.  Some had no Spring practice.  All 130 did not issue the media publications we really need to determine how much stronger and weaker each team should be based on who returns, who departs, and who will contribute of new players, be from transfers or in most cases redshirt freshmen and sophomores.

As a substitute, we have been reading a lot of online information trying to see who is back and who isn’t.  In many cases, we have to look at who started in November, December, and January, and then perform personal searches for each player to make sure they are still on the team.

Normally, we would be finished with the base ratings and be ready to plug them in our algorithms and have a raw PiRate, Mean, and Bias rating for each team.  We have 27 more teams to go before we will be able to do so.

The plan is to take two weeks in August and do nothing but work on those final teams to get ready and then to comb the Internet for as much information as we can to see what players are opting out or moving late when their particular team does not plan to play in the Fall.

We admit up front that our early season ratings could be all over the map, or they could be too conservative.  We just don’t know until we get there.  Hopefully by the end of the year, the ratings will return to some form of normalcy, even if we have no inter-conference games to compare a team like Clemson with a team like Oklahoma or Oregon.

Our schedule is up in the air as to when we will post the initial ratings for the season.  We can tell you that there will be no previews this year, just the ratings release.  We hope to be able to then issue weekly ratings and spreads for all the games.  We really hope that the schedules don’t change two days before a kickoff like the Miami Marlins, Philadelphia Phillies, and New York Yankees have already seen happen in baseball.  But, we will take whatever comes and try to do our best this year.

Thank You from all the Pirates on board the old schooner.

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