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September 20, 2019

PiRate Ratings Special Money Line Play

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This is a special late play that the PiRate Ratings are unofficially listing for our fans to peruse as an experimental “sure thing” grouping.

We do not advise anybody to actually play this parlay.  This is just an example to show how one group of so-called sharps are looking into making a hefty profit on a group of games that will give them +250 odds at one particular Vegas book that has made Money Line odds too rewarding for non-squares.

We don’t know if the Sharps are actually playing this parlay.  It was inferred from what one particular Sharp (a female that appeared on this site last year) told our captain in an exchange of football information and tasteless jokes about “Squares.”

Here is what the Captain believed she inferred.  This Money Line parlay does show up at +250 at one particular lesser book in Vegas.


Nebraska over Illinois

Boston College over Rutgers

Washington over BYU

Missouri over South Carolina

UAB over South Alabama


The thinking to this parlay is:

  1. Nebraska is not undefeated only because of a fluke play that went for big yards.  Illinois does not have the strength in the trenches or speed on the flanks to contain Nebraska’s offense.

  2. The public is putting too much emphasis on BC’s loss to Kansas, in a game they failed to show up, and Rutgers is still the #14 team in the Big Ten by a lot behind #13 Illinois.

  3. BYU is playing their third consecutive tough game against a Power 5 opponent and played the last two in overtime.  They now face a much better UW team that internal power ratings show the Huskies to be more than a touchdown better than the Cougars.

  4. South Carolina’s freshman QB is starting on the road for the first time after facing Alabama in a high-energy game at home.  Missouri QB Kelly Bryant and the Tigers’ offense is looking like it is coming into form at the right time.

  5. UAB had two weeks to prepare for this game after playing subpar in a win at Akron.  USA is still quite inexperienced and not talented enough to win on the road against a quality team like UAB.  The Nebraska game to start the year was one where the Cornhuskers looked like they could walk over the Jags.  By the second half, depth and reality made this game more of a blowout.

This is the reasoning of what the Captain perceives he heard from one particular Sharp who talked about what a group of Sharps felt.  Neither the Captain, nor any other of us on the PiRate ship endorse these picks, and as always, we recommend you invest your hard-earned dollars in long-term value in the stock market.  Over any 10 years, you are virtually guaranteed to be a winner, whereas the odds are always against you in Las Vegas.

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