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November 9, 2017

PiRate Ratings Money Line Parlays for November 9-11, 2017

The Captain has regained control of the helm, and he is steering the PiRate ship once again.  Actually, the lasses suffered a loss last week, and they were too shy to come up with any parlays this week.  The Captain on short notice was only able to create two parlays, as he believes this may be a week to look at other wagering philosophies with several key games being played.

If you are new to this site, this weekly feature picks money line parlays that go off at better than +120 odds.  As a general rule, we look for 3-game parlays, but in some cases (like today), we will combine four or more games, and in fact, we once issued a 7-game parlay at +225 odds and won the wager.

Here are this week’s two parlay selections.  As always, consider this when deciding how you will make use of this publication: No PiRate booty has been jeopardized in the making of this feature.  We only play with pretend currency when selecting our parlays.

#1 @ +170  
Must Win Must Lose
Northwestern Purdue
South Carolina Florida
Southern Miss. Rice
#2 @ +157  
Must Win Must Lose
Pittsburgh North Carolina
Florida Int’l. Old Dominion
Missouri Tennessee
Middle Tenn. Charlotte




  1. Do you keep a record of how these parlays have done?

    Comment by Jay — November 9, 2017 @ 3:13 pm

  2. Yes, we keep records of how our parlays have done. Unfortunately, we lost many years of results due to a former external hard drive being misplaced and never found. We do have the most recent years in the cloud. The previous two years have been winning seasons, with last year’s parlays enjoying a 41% return on investment. As of this point in the 2017 season, the overall ROI went into the red by 4%. For the year, we have invested an imaginary $3,500 (35 parlays @ $100 each), and our Return has been $3,372 for an imaginary loss of $128. This broke a three-week winning streak in which we had gone into the black for the season.

    Remember, as we always say, we never invest real dollars on these picks. We only play with imaginary money, as we are math geeks and not gamblers.

    Comment by piratings — November 9, 2017 @ 7:04 pm

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