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December 4, 2015

Selections Against The Spread: December 4, 2015

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A stopped watch is correct twice a day, and the PiRates’ watch enjoyed one of those moments last week, as we won with our straight selections and our Money Line Parlays.


The straight sides selections are still only in the .500 range for the year, but our money line parlays now boast a return on investment above 50% for the year.  We know that some of you are actually now ignoring our advice and are playing our money line parlay selections.  Remember this: even though our ROI is about +52% for the year, unless you play every one, you may lose, because we are making parlays that pay out better than even money.  Thus, we can be correct 35% of the time and make a profit.  If you choose to play just one parlay when we issue five, the odds are greatly against you.  Thus, the smart thing to do is to NOT use our picks as advice in losing your hard-earned money.


That said, we do not particularly like this week’s schedules in college and pro football.  Between the two, we like the picks of underdogs more than the parlays, because the schedule is not favorable for making parlays.


We are actually going with two one-team money line selections and are picking the underdog in upsets.


Read with caution.

Note: Later today, we will reveal the opening round results of the computer simulated NCAA football playoffs using the 24-team format used in FCS Football.

Straight Sides Selections

Home Visitor Line Our Pick
Bowling Green (N) Northern Illinois 13.5 Northern Illinois
Georgia Southern Georgia St. 21 Georgia St.
South Alabama Appalachian St. -18 South Alabama
Western Kentucky Southern Miss. 7.5 Southern Miss.
Michigan St. (N) Iowa 3.5 Iowa
Buffalo Houston 3 Houston
Minnesota Seattle -1.5 Minnesota
Oakland Kansas City -3 Kansas City
Pittsburgh Indianapolis 7 Indianapolis


Money Line Selections

Money Line Parlay 5 Teams at 8-3   $375 payout on $100
Favorite Underdog   Must Win
Chicago San Francisco   Chicago
Cincinnati Cleveland   Cincinnati
Carolina New Orleans   Carolina
Denver San Diego   Denver
New England Philadelphia   New England
Money Line 1 Team at +210   $210 payout on $100
Favorite Underdog   Must Win
West Virginia Kansas St.   KANSAS ST.
Money Line 1 Team at +185   $185 payout on $100
Favorite Underdog   Must Win
Clemson North Carolina   NORTH CAROLINA


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