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November 20, 2015

Selections Against The Spread–November 20, 2015

We almost decided to take this week off in our selections against the spread and money line parlays.  To start off with, we do not like any of the NFL lines this week, and we eliminated them all from consideration.  Since an overwhelming majority of our readers come to us for NFL information rather than college, it almost did not seem worth it.  However, a couple of you like the college game, so we need to give you something to laugh at.

While our selections against the spread are basically at .500 this year, our money line parlays have been an inconsistent winner.  Because we are playing parlays where the final odds on each game are on the + side, it figures that it would be very hard to win half, but the average payout is about 5-3, so winning 50% is okay, because you come out ahead.

To date, our parlay choices are just 10-12, but our return on the mythical 22 selections has been positive to the turn of 43.5% ROI.


However, we do warn you: do not use our selections as your source of investment.  It’s fine if you want to look, but make your own choices.  We do not use ours for anything other than the fun we have doing it.


Straight Picks–Sides

Home Visitor Line Our Pick
Maryland Indiana 3 Indiana
Connecticut Houston -10 Connecticut
Virginia Tech North Carolina -4 North Carolina
Wisconsin Northwestern 10 1/2 Northwestern
Oklahoma TCU 11 1/2 TCU
Arizona St. Arizona 7 1/2 Arizona
Kansas St. Iowa St. 5 1/2 Kansas St.
Stanford California 11 1/2 California
New Mexico Colorado St. -2 1/2 New Mexico

Money Line Parlay

Money Line Parlay 6 Teams at 8-5   $264 payout on $100
Favorite Underdog   Must Win
Georgia Georgia Southern   Georgia
NC St Syracuse   NC St
Tennessee Missouri   Tennessee
Ohio St. Michigan St.   Ohio St.
Washington Oregon St.   Washington
Notre Dame Boston College   Notre Dame


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