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October 1, 2015

Selections Against the Spread–October 1-5, 2015

Have you not had enough angst in your life?  Do you have to come visit this addictive weekly exercise in futility?  Why is it that this no-frills weekly submission is our most read regular post?  Are we doing that well that you must look at our picks before losing your rent money?

We have told you time and again that you should not use these picks to make real wagers, because we sure don’t.  So, why is it that we have dozens of visits from web addresses in Nevada, Delaware, Ontario, and Europe, the places where there are legal storefront sports books?

We have figured out the answer.  Something in the way we select teams has been tipping off the smart bettors.  They know something about our picks we ourselves do not know.  Maybe when we select an NFC West game, and they believe the opposite will be true, they wager more knowing they will be correct, and we will not.  Or, maybe when we select a money line parlay, they take each of the individual components and wager against our selection?

Our more likely, a couple dozen poor souls do not heed our advice and go ahead and use this site as their reference.  When we say “poor” souls, we are hiting the nail on the head, because our picks have been mediocre to this point.

With that in mind, remember that a broken clock is still correct twice a day, and we figure that eventually our broken clock will tell the correct time this year–maybe this week.

We are expanding our picks this week, because in our crazy mixed-up brains, the five of us believe we know things that the books do not.  We believe we have isolated some decent picks this week.  For your sake, we hope you know better.


Home Visitor Line Our Pick
Cincinnati Miami -6.5 Miami
Oklahoma West Virginia 7 Oklahoma
Florida Ole Miss -7.5 Florida
Middle Tenn. Vanderbilt 1.5 Middle Tenn.
New Mexico N. Mexico St. 12.5 New Mexico
Pittsburgh Baltimore -3 Pittsburgh
Carolina Tampa Bay 3 Carolina

10-Point Teasers

Home Visitor Teaser Pick
Charlotte Temple -12.5 Temple
Penn St. Army 15 Penn St.
Kent St. Miami (O) 0.5 Kent St.
Northwestern Minnesota -6 Northwestern
Wisconsin Iowa 16.5 Iowa
Oklahoma St. Kansas St. 17.5 Kansas St.
Georgia Alabama 12 Alabama
Duke Boston College 17 Boston College
Middle Tennessee Vanderbilt -8.5 Middle Tennessee
Missouri South Carolina 12.5 South Carolina
Tennessee Arkansas 16.5 Arkansas
Maryland Michigan -6 Michigan
Miami (@London) N. Y. Jets -11.5 Miami
Arizona St. Louis -3 Arizona
Seattle Detroit Pk. Seattle

Money Line Parlays

Money Line Parlay 5 teams at 43-20   $315 payout on $100
Favorite Underdog   Must Win
Indianapolis Jacksonville   Indianapolis
San Diego Cleveland   San Diego
Denver Minnesota   Denver
Arizona St. Louis   Arizona
Seattle Detroit   Seattle
Money Line Parlay 4 teams at 11-10   $210 payout on $100
Favorite Underdog   Must Win
BYU Connecticut   BYU
Kent St. Miami (O)   Kent St.
Oklahoma West Virginia   Oklahoma
Michigan Maryland   Michigan
Money Line Parlay 3 teams at 1-1   $200 payout on $100
Favorite Underdog   Must Win
Iowa St. Kansas   Iowa St.
Northwestern Minnesota   Northwestern
Southern Miss. North Texas   Southern Miss.


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