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September 17, 2015

Selections Against The Spread–September 17-21, 2015

Usually, when we look at a week and find that we like several different games, both straight up and via 10-point teasers, we are more than likely not finding fool’s gold.  Nevertheless, we are going to go all out and reveal the entire list.

What we concluded was that we liked nine different games straight up.  Afterwards, we looked at another seven teaser parlays.  If you are unfamiliar with what a “teaser” is, there are various point totals where you can move the line in your favor by that number of points.  The odds vary depending on the total points in your teaser.  We like 10-point teasers, because 10 points really affects the line, and when you play a 3-game parlay, the odds are about the same as playing sides.  It is called a “teaser” because it looks so easy to win these wagers, while in actuality, they are much harder to win than picking one team on a side or the totals of a game.  However, there are some mathematical wizards that have succeeded to the point where they cannot find a place to wager, because their teaser-picking accuracy is too high.  Note: We are mathematical lovers, not wizards.


Here are our Teaser Parlay Selections for September 17-21, 2015

10-point Teasers
Home Visitor Teaser Pick
Massachusetts Temple -0.5 Temple
North Carolina Illinois 19.5 Illinois
New Mexico St. UTEP 7.5 UTEP
Kansas St. Louisiana Tech -1 Kansas St.
Purdue Virginia Tech 4 Virginia Tech
Syracuse Central Michigan -3.5 Syracuse
Penn St. Rutgers -0.5 Penn St.
Miami (O) Cincinnati -8.5 Cincinnati
North Texas Rice 2.5 Rice
LSU Auburn 17 Auburn
Army Wake Forest 4 Wake Forest
Iowa Pittsburgh 15.5 Pittsburgh
Minnesota Detroit 13 Detroit
Cleveland Tennessee 10 Tennessee
Kansas City Denver 13 Denver
Buffalo New England 9 New England
Oakland Baltimore 4 Baltimore
Indianapolis N. Y. Jets -3 Indianapolis
Pittsburgh San Francisco -4 Pittsburgh
Carolina Houston 13 Houston
Cincinnati San Diego -7 Cincinnati


Games Straight up for September 17-21, 2015

Home Visitor Line Our Pick
Massachusetts Temple -10.5 Temple
North Carolina Illinois 9.5 Illinois
Missouri Connecticut 21.0 Missouri
Bowling Green Memphis -3.0 Memphis
Indiana Western Kentucky 2.0 Western Kentucky
New Mexico St. UTEP -2.5 UTEP
Washington Utah St. 5.5 Washington
Philadelphia Dallas 5.0 Cowboys
Kansas City Denver 3.0 Broncos

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