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August 10, 2015

PiRate Ratings Ready To Kick Off 2015-16 Football Season

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Welcome back to the PiRate Ratings.  After an interesting and fun-filled summer, it’s time to get back to the business of football ratings.  The PiRates once again go to sea, and we expect an interesting trip that will culminate on February 7, 2016, in Santa Clara, California.
Once again, the PiRate Ratings will be part of the Prediction Tracker and the Massey Comparison Rankings.
The ratings and game spreads will appear weekly at our sister site at .  This WordPress site will continue to have a weekly presence in both college and professional football with selections against the spread based on a consensus of computer ratings.  It will not be published to aid in the execution of wagering; it will strictly be experimental.  Occasionally (or frequently), we will issue opinions on the game, and because the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle will crank up in earnest near the end of the season, you won’t be surprised if you see us using our metrics to forecast the election.

It was this site in early 2012 that showed why Mitt Romney would not defeat President Obama in a general election, and we basically hit the electoral vote count right on the mark well in advance of the election.  Maybe we can be lucky again and predict the winner far in advance, but this election will be the toughest since the 1968 election to prognosticate.  Early indications are that this election could be closer than any since Rutherford B. Hayes beat Samuel J. Tilden 185-184 in a hotly controversial decision that earned President-elect Hayes the nickname of “Rutherfraud.”

Starting Tuesday, August 11, we will preview one conference per day.  We will preview the conferences in order of lowest to highest overall average ratings.

Coming in at last place once again is the Sun Belt Conference, and that’s what will be previewed Tuesday.

Check back around Noon Eastern Time.


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