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June 1, 2014

PiRate College and Pro Football Coverage for 2014

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Welcome back to the PiRate Ratings.  We have enjoyed our little respite from rating college and pro football and NCAA basketball, and we are ready to start up again for the 2014-15 season.

Due to heavy workloads, we will streamline our coverage some this year.  The August previews will basically just be statistical looks at the preseason without long-winded previews.

During the regular season, we will issue ratings and other tidbits, but we will no longer select games against the spread, since we do not have the 20-30 hours a week it takes to find our selections.

Look for our first conference reviews to run around Saturday, August 16, and our first NFL review to run around Wednesday, August 27.

We are considering adding a new twist this year.  Since we are members of both the Massey Comparison Rankings and The Prediction Tracker (links available to the side), we might create a new rating based on the most successful computer ratings, as sort of the Dow Jones Industrials of football ratings.





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