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November 21, 2013

PiRate Picks: November 21-25, 2013

After a 4-3 week marked our fourth winning week in a row last week, we are sticking with what has been working.  This week, we present seven selections again.  4-3 will not make a fortune overnight, but it will make a nice profit every week.  Of course, we would not be sad with 7-0.


Last week, we received a comment on our other page asking to explain the Money Line and teasers we play.  In a brief nutshell:


Money Line: In this selection, you pick the winner only without a spread.  In other words, instead of State U being a 3-point pick over Tech, a posisble money line spread for this game would be State -140, Tech +135.  If you selected State to win, then you would have to put up $140 for every $100 you wanted to win.  If you picked Tech to win in an upset (getting no points), you would win $135 for every $100 you wagered.


When you pool Money Line picks together, this is a parlay.  There are parlay calculators that compute the new odds, where all the teams you pick must win.  For example, say you pick 3 favorites at -350, -360, and -370.  These are three decent favorites that all have about a 65% chance to win their games.  If you bundle these three into a parlay, our calculator says the new Money Line is +109, which means you would win $109 for every $100 wagered if all three of your teams win their games.


Teaser:  A teaser allows the bettor to move the pointspread by X points with “X” representing the number in the teaser name.  Thus, a 7-point teaser allows you to move the pointspread 7 points in the direction of your choice.  Obviously, you cannot just move the line by 7 points.  The odds change with every teaser, and in order to play a teaser with allowable odds, or odds close to the odds of a straight wager, you must combine two or more games together into a parlay, where all teams must cover under the teased spread.


We here at the PiRate Ratings have been successful in the past with 10-point and 13-point teasers.  For a 10-point teaser, you must select three games to make the odds acceptable.  For a 13-point teaser, you must select four games to make the odds acceptable.  Teaser bets are called that name, because many sucker players believe it is so easy, when it is anything but that.  Some smarter players know that mathematics are more important than the actual teaser spreads, with certain numbers giving the smart player a little extra advantage.  When 5% advantage can be the difference in turning a consistent loser into a consistent winner, then knowing the numbers to tease can make a world of difference.


Here are the PiRate Picks for this week.


1. Money Line Parlay @ -114

Duke over Wake Forest

Central Michigan over Massachusetts

Florida Atlantic over New Mexico St.


2. Money Line Parlay @ -112

Central Florida over Rutgers

Temple over Connecticut

North Texas over UT-San Antonio


3. Money Line Parlay @ +101

Wyoming over Hawaii

Illinois over Purdue


4. 10-point Teaser

New Orleans +1 ½ vs. Atlanta

Detroit +1 vs. Tampa Bay

Pittsburgh +11 ½ vs. Cleveland


5. 10-point Teaser

Oakland +11 vs. Tennessee

Indianapolis +12 ½ vs. Arizona

San Francisco +4 vs. Washington


6. 13-point Teaser

Jacksonville +23 vs. Houston

Minnesota +17 ½ vs. Green Bay

San Diego +18 vs. Kansas City

Carolina +14 ½ vs. Miami


7. 13-point Teaser

Chicago +14 vs. St. Louis

Baltimore +9 ½ vs. New York Jets

New York Giants +10 ½ vs. Dallas

New England +15 ½ vs. Denver


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