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October 10, 2013

PiRate Picks for October 10-14, 2013

This Week’s Themes

In recent weeks, our college money line parlays have done quite well, so we are going to play four of those this week.


We have yet to utilize the 13-point sweetheart teaser to tease the totals on NFL games, but a couple of weeks of test runs have seen good returns.  So, we are throwing in a couple of those this week.


We do not feel totally comfortable with any straight sides advice this week, so we will use the 13-point teasers for our remaining selections as well.


REMEMBER THIS: DO NOT use these selections to lose your mortgage payment.  We never wager real money, or the fake stuff printed by the Federal Reserve, on these picks.  These are only offered for entertainment fun.  You should know that you get what you pay for, and these selections are free.


1. 13-point Teaser

Pittsburgh + 22 ½ vs. Virginia Tech

Troy – 4 ½ vs. Georgia St.

Texas Tech – 1 ½ vs. Iowa St.

Rice +14 ½ vs. UT-San Antonio


2. 13-point Teaser

Nebraska – 1 ½ vs. Purdue

Florida +20 vs. L S U

Northwestern +23 ½ vs. Wisconsin

Michigan +10 ½ vs. Penn St.


3. Money Line Parlay @ -106

Troy over Georgia St.

Northern Illinois over Akron

Army over Eastern Michigan

Buffalo over Western Michigan


4. Money Line Parlay @ -114

Ohio over Central Michigan

B Y U over Georgia Tech

East Carolina over Tulane


5. Money Line Parlay @ -105

Stanford over Utah

Oklahoma over Texas

Michigan St. over Indiana


6. Money Line Parlay @ -108

Houston over Memphis

U N L V over Hawaii

Texas Tech over Iowa St.


7. 13-point Teaser

Chicago +5 ½ vs. N. Y. Giants

Kansas City +4 vs. Oakland

Philadelphia +12 vs. Tampa Bay

Baltimore +16 vs. Green Bay


8. 13-point Teaser

Minnesota +10 ½ vs. Carolina

N. Y. Jets +10 ½ vs. Pittsburgh

Buffalo +20 vs. Cincinnati

Seattle – ½ vs. Tennessee


9. 13-point Teaser

Denver -14 ½ vs. Jacksonville

New England +10 ½ vs. New Orleans

Dallas + 7 ½ vs. Washington

Indianapolis +11 ½ vs. San Diego


10. 13-point Teaser

Chicago & N.Y. Giants OVER 34 ½

Kansas City & Oakland OVER 27 ½

Minnesota & Carolina OVER 31

St. Louis & Houston OVER 30


11. 13-point Teaser

N. Y. Jets & Pittsburgh UNDER 54

Seattle & Tennessee UNDER 53 ½

Arizona & San Francisco OVER 28 ½

Dallas & Washington OVER 38 ½



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