The Pi-Rate Ratings

September 26, 2013

PiRate Picks for September 26-30, 2013

Our 2013 picks have been mediocre to date, so when we warn you to realize you are getting what you paid for, take that to heart.  Last week, our picks finished 4-5, a minor loss, but still disappointing.  We have begun to notice certain trends, and we will adjust our picks to better follow what we think we have spotted.  We are going with 17 selections this week, and hoping we can at least finish 10-7.


Our three computer ratings have begun the season with an accuracy rate slightly higher than a typical year.  Check out the table below, but take note: even we do not rely on these computer ratings to pick games.  Overall, the computer ratings may do better than human selection, but that is in theory only.  Nobody can play every game, and the only way to match the computer ratings is to play every game.  Once you become selective, the human element is back in the decision-making process.





Vs. Spread




PiRate Mean



PiRate Bias









Vs. Spread




PiRate Mean



PiRate Bias




Here are this week’s selections that you are ordered not to take to the bank.


Straight Wagers

 1. Georgia Tech -7 vs. Virginia Tech

 2. Pittsburgh -5 vs. Virginia

 3. East Carolina +12 ½ vs. North Carolina

 4. S M U +20 vs. T C U

 5. L S U +3 vs. Georgia

 6. Akron +15 ½ vs. Bowling Green

 7. Kentucky +13 ½ vs. Florida

 8. Navy -3 vs. Western Kentucky

 9. Ohio St. -6 ½ vs. Wisconsin

10. Texas A&M -3 vs. Arkansas


11. 13-Point Teaser

Tulsa +10 ½ vs. Iowa St.

Ball St. +10 ½ vs. Toledo

Florida St. -9 ½ vs. Boston College

Iowa +12 vs. Minnesota


12. 13-Point Teaser

Pittsburgh +7 ½ vs. Virginia

East Carolina +25 vs. North Carolina

L S U +16 vs. Georgia

Florida Pk. vs. Kentucky


13. 13-Point Teaser

Minnesota +15 ½ vs. Pittsburgh

Baltimore +9 ½ vs. Buffalo

Cincinnati +9 vs. Cleveland

Indianapolis +5 ½ vs. Jacksonville


14. 13-Point Teaser

Detroit +16 vs. Chicago

NY Jets +16 ½ vs. Tennessee

Denver +2 ½ vs. Philadelphia

New England +15 vs. Atlanta


15. 13-Point Teaser

Houston & Seattle OVER 30

Tampa Bay & Arizona OVER 27 ½

NY Jets & Tennessee OVER 25 ½

Washington & Oakland OVER 30 ½


16. Money Line Parlay @ -117

Denver over Philadelphia

Baltimore over Buffalo


17. Money Line Parlay @ -116

Cincinnati over Cleveland

Indianapolis over Jacksonville


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