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September 19, 2013

PiRate Picks For September 19-23, 2013

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The PiRate Ratings Picks broke even last week, and they have not performed well at the beginning of the season.  We selected much more conservatively this week, hoping to get on the plus side.  This week, the number played more importance than the game itself, so we shall see if this method works a little better.  Trends are real in this genre, so maybe the successful trends of the last few years have now played out.


If you are playing for real, and thus are ignoring everything we say here (where we do not play for real), our best suggestion is to select your choices as soon as you can find a line.  Then, if the line moves enough, you can play the middle and take the other side.  That is the probably your best chance to win consistently, as it only needs to work one time in 19 for you to make a profit (not counting any pushes that leave you 1-0-1 on the selection.)


We chose nine selections this week, as we get a little leaner and meaner.


1. Minnesota -3 vs. San Jose St.


2. Green Bay -2 ½ vs. Cincinnati


3. Money Line Parlay @ -109

Florida over Tennessee

Michigan over Connecticut

Ball St. over Eastern Michigan

Toledo over Central Michigan


4. 10-point Teaser

Western Michigan +29 ½ vs. Iowa

Tennessee +27 vs. Florida

Rice +12 ½ vs. Houston


5. 13-point Teaser

Clemson -1 vs. North Carolina St.

Pittsburgh +9 vs. Duke

Michigan -5 vs. Connecticut

Ball St. +2 vs. Eastern Michigan


6. 13-point Teaser

Cincinnati -9 ½ vs. Miami (O)

Wyoming +9 ½ vs. Air Force

Maryland +7 ½ vs. West Virginia

Florida Atlantic +17 ½ vs. Middle Tennessee


7. 13-point Teaser

L S U -4 vs. Auburn

Missouri +10 ½ vs. Indiana

San Diego +16 vs. Tennessee

Baltimore +15 ½ vs. Houston


8. 13-point Teaser

St. Louis +17 vs. Dallas

New Orleans +5 ½ vs. Arizona

Detroit +15 ½ vs. Washington

Green Bay +10 ½ vs. Cincinnati


9. 13-point Teaser

NY Giants +14 ½ vs. Carolina

Atlanta +15 vs. Miami

Seattle -6 ½ vs. Jacksonville

Chicago +10 ½ vs. Pittsburgh



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