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September 5, 2013

PiRate Picks For College and NFL Football: September 5-9, 2013

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Time To Rebound

It started great for the PiRate Picks last week.  The first two 13-point teasers won with ease, and the third 13-point teaser was ¾ of the way home to victory until Nebraska laid an egg against Wyoming.  The Cowboys, who think of Nebraska as a inter-conference rival (the big brother border state plus the sharing of legendary coach Bob Devaney), played brilliantly and closed like a stretch runner at Belmont Park, just missing by a field goal.  We still had our ace up our sleeve with the other four picks.  In the fourth 13-point teaser, Georgia and LSU covered, leaving a Sunday and Monday game.


So at 2-1, we looked to our keyed money line parlays and the two games in question to complete the fourth teaser.  North Texas, Alabama, and Louisville all won, setting up a possible 6-1 opening week.


One little problem—our key pick went south on us.  Colorado St., a team we selected to be vastly improved and even vie for a bowl bid this season laid a dinosaur egg against lowly Colorado.  Our 6-1 week, became a 2-5 week.


It is time to rebound.  Week 2 has historically been a very good week for us as we play against the prevailing winds.  People tend to overextend towards the momentum after one week, thus creating live ‘dogs to play.  Throw in the opening week of the NFL season, and ESPN could name this “Underdog Week” playing the theme from the classic cartoon of a half-century ago.


We have made 17 selections this week.  Think of it as trying to eliminate market risk.  A 10-7 week would be a winner and would even up our slate.  A 12-5 week would give us a nice profit, erasing the losses from the week before.  Of course, a 5-12 week could have us washing windows and cleaning parking lots next week.


Remember, we do this just for fun.  We wager money just like we clean windows on the 44th floor of a skyscraper.  It is just in our minds.


Remember too, you get what you paid for, and this is 100% free.  So, act responsibly, and do not rely on us to invest your mortgage payment.  If you want to lose money that easily, we can provide you with some very worthy causes that do not receive publicity and thus stay underfunded.


Straight Selections vs. Spread

1. Miami +3 ½ vs. Florida

2. San Diego St. +29 ½ vs. Ohio St.

3. Syracuse +17 ½ vs. Northwestern

4. Atlanta +3 vs. New Orleans

5. Cincinnati +3 vs. Chicago

6. Minnesota +6 vs. Detroit

7. New York Giants +3 ½ vs. Dallas

8. Philadelphia +4 ½ vs. Washington


9. 13-point Teaser

Denver +6 vs. Baltimore

New England +4 vs. Buffalo

Tennessee + Pittsburgh OVER 29

Pittsburgh +6 vs. Tennessee


10. 13-point Teaser

Atlanta +16 vs. New Orleans

Atlanta + New Orleans OVER 41

Tampa Bay +9 ½ vs. New York Jets

Cincinnati + Chicago OVER 28 ½


11. 13-point Teaser

Cleveland +12 vs. Miami

Carolina +16 ½ vs. Seattle

Seattle + Carolina OVER 32

Minnesota + Detroit OVER 33 ½


12. 13-point Teaser

Indianapolis + 3 ½ vs. Oakland

St. Louis +8 ½ vs. Arizona

Philadelphia + Washington OVER 39

San Diego + Houston OVER 31 ½


13. Money Line Parlay @ -119

Southern Cal over Washington St.

Arizona over U N L V

Kansas St. over UL-Lafayette


14. Money Line Parlay @ -110

North Carolina over Middle Tennessee

Tulane over South Alabama

Indiana over Navy


15. Money Line Parlay @ -115

Oklahoma over West Virginia

Texas over B Y U

Tulsa over Colorado St.


16. Money Line Parlay @ -102

Kentucky over Miami (O)

Missouri over Toledo

Ball St. over Army

Tennessee over Western Kentucky


17. Money Line Parlay @ -110

New England over Buffalo

Pittsburgh over Tennessee

Indianapolis over Oakland


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