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January 31, 2012

PiRate Ratings: NFL For Super Bowl 46–February 5, 2012

Super Bowl 46 Preview

This Week’s PiRate, Mean, and Biased Spreads

Vegas Line as of Tuesday, January 31, 2012  @ 3:00 PM EST      








New England New York Giants





55 1/2


Computer Simulations


100 Simulations: New England 53  New York Giants 47

Avg. Sim Score: New England 21.2  New York Giants 20.9  (42.1 total points)

Vs. Spread: New York Giants 57  New England 37  (6 Pushes)

Outlier Score A: New England 34  New York Giants 12

Outlier Score B: New York Giants 27  New England 10


We here at the PiRate Ratings hope you have enjoyed our football coverage for 2011-12.  We will return in August with our preseason College Football ratings for 2012.


Until then, we will devote this page to coverage of the NCAA Basketball tournament.  We began last Friday with a look at the low-major conferences.  This Friday, we will analyze the mid-major conferences.


After the field of 68 has been revealed, we will show in detail how we use “Bracketnomics” as a scientific way of picking winners, using a backtested model.  It has been very successful since its inception, although it did strike out in 2011 after picking the dark horse champion (the Tuesday after Selection Sunday) in 2010.

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