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August 8, 2011

The Great Bowlcott

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The Big Bowlcott


All 120 FBS college football teams have commenced with practice, and it almost feels like football season.  Actually, it feels more likeArizonaState’s preseason training camp over most of the country.  We won’t complain this winter when it snows 35 times.


Today, we kick off our college coverage in earnest.  We have a method that will help you participate in bringing a college football playoff. 


Every season, only one bowl game matters when it comes to determining the national champion.  All the other bowls are just money-generators for the bowl game and its sponsors.  Many of the bowls will not even decide a spot in the final top 25.  When two 6-6 teams square off in late December, unless you are a fan of one of those mediocre teams, who really cares about the game?


Our founder recalls that LSU finished a season with just one loss and did not even get invited to a bowl in 1969, because there were not enough bowls then, and Notre Dame made a late decision to accept its first bowl bid, keeping LSU from playingTexasin the Cotton Bowl.  For years, the Big Ten and Pac-8 only allowed one team to go to a bowl—the Rose Bowl. Michiganwent 10-0-1 in 1973 and stayed home for the holidays. 


Somewhere along the line, the post-season went from one ridiculous extreme to the opposite.  6-6 teams, and even 7-5 teams do not need to be rewarded with a 13th game.


The only reason there is not a playoff at the highest level of college football is the financial blackmail the current sponsors of the bowls hold over the NCAA and its participant teams.  Take away the financial bonanzas, and the sponsors would pull out.  No sponsors would mean no bowls.


What is it that corporations hate the most?  It’s losing money.  If hosting bowls causes them to lose customers and money, they will make a sound business decision to stop sponsoring bowl games.  Obviously, it will take thousands of boycotters, and we realize that only a thousand or so read this blog.  It will be up to you to take this and make it viral.  Spread it to all of your sports friends and tell them to spread it as well.  Maybe, someone with a little more clout will pick it up and run with it. 


How to Boycott The Bowl Sponsors

We are not asking you turn off the TV during any bowl game you want to watch.  Watching the game is not going to affect the sponsors’ bottom line, although it will boost the ratings of the network televising the games.


What we want you to do is to notify each bowl sponsor that you currently do business with and tell them that until they stop sponsoring bowl games, you will have to cease using their products.  With the exception of one or two companies, all the rest can be notified via e-mail.  With your e-mail, send a carbon copy (cc) to one of the sponsors’ competitors letting both know that you will be patronizing the company that does not sponsor bowl games.


It’s that simple.  You do not have to notify every company that sponsors a bowl.  If there are just three bowls where you can boycott the products of the sponsors, your voice will be heard, especially if you get some of your friends to do the same and to tell their friends, and so on.  You might add that if they decided to sponsor playoffs, you would definitely become their customer.


Below, we have listed the bowls, the e-mail addresses or customer relations pages that will take you directly where you need to go to tell them of your disapproval of their support of the bowl system, and their competitors that will be glad to have your business.


Besides the main sponsors, the bowls have other affiliated sponsors as well.  Many of these are local sponsors that can only be boycotted in the host city, but there are additional national sponsors you can boycott.  Don’t forget to look at these sponsors, as you will want to boycott their products as well.


It would be very difficult to inform every sponsor on the list that follows.  If you want to contribute, just pick some sponsors that you currently fraternize, stop giving them your business, and then inform them why.


Here we go. 


New Mexico Bowl—Albuquerque


Sponsor:Gilda Activewear, Inc. of Montreal


Competitor:  ofMinneapolis


Other Sponsors: El Pinto, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hyatt Regency Hotels, Comcast


Idaho Potato Bowl—Boise, ID


Sponsor: Idaho Potato Commission


Competitor: Rather than list another potato commission, may we suggest eating sweet potatoes, especially Japanese sweet potatoes grown in America.  Japanese sweet potatoes are very nutritious.  Recent studies have shown these white-fleshed sweet potatoes to lower bad cholesterol, treat high blood pressure and anemia, and lower blood sugar, even to the point that one researcher claimed it to be a cure for diabetes.  Additionally, Japanese sweet potatoes are high in hyaluronic acid, a substance that researchers say slows aging by helping cells retain moisture, lubricating the joints and keeping skin more elastic.


Other Sponsors: At the time of this writing, this bowls’ sponsorship had just changed. 


New Orleans Bowl—New Orleans


Sponsor: R + L Carriers. 

They are a global transportation corporation. 


Competitor: Old Dominion Freight Lines, Inc. (Thomasville, NC)


Other Sponsors: Marriott and Hilton Hotels


Beef O’Brady’s Bowl—St. Petersburg, FL


Sponsor: Beef O’Brady’s (select “Complaints” under comment topic)


Competitor: Why not patronize a restaurant that is locally owned instead of a corporate company.  Local owners’ must keep up their reputation first and foremost, while corporates must satisfy stockholders first and foremost.


Other Sponsors: Budweiser, Tradewinds Resorts, Checker Cab & Yellow Cab, Tires Plus


Poinsettia Bowl—San Diego


Sponsor: San DiegoCountyCredit Union

This boycott is for those inSan DiegoandOrangeCountiesinCalifornia.


Competitor: MissionFederal Credit Union


Other Sponsors: Kaiser Permanente, Amtrak, Classic Party Rentals, Dr. Pepper


MAACO Bowl—Las Vegas


Sponsor: MAACO  


Competitor: Competitor:   (Sherman Oaks, CA)


Other Sponsors: PlanetHollywood, Meadow Gold, Axe, Chevron, Cici’s Pizza, Aramark, Pepsi, Sprint


Hawaii Bowl—Honolulu


Sponsor: Sheraton Hotels (part of Starwood Hotels)


Competitor: Use Orbitz, Travelocity,, Priceline, or a similar site to find a discount hotel and where possible, uncheck Sheraton as a choice option


Other Sponsors: Outback Steaks, AllState, Burger King, Pepsi, Papa John’s Pizza,Toyota, Xerox, Napa Auto Parts


Independence Bowl—Shreveport, LA


Sponsor: Advocare v100  


Competitor: Advocare is a multivitamin and supplement company catering to athletes. 

Our founder speaks here: As a professional nutritional consultant with more than 1000 hours of nutritional research study over the last 30+ years and as a former nutritional rep to the health food industry, I would recommend using a whole-food vitamin (not Whole Foods the company, but a vitamin made from real whole foods and not made from a chemist).  I would recommend using organic only and using one that does not contain added sugars or sugar substitutes.  Advocare uses Sucralose, Fructose, and even High Fructose Corn Syrup in its products, which in my expert opinion are the opposite of nutritional.

I recommend consulting one of three online companies to find the right supplements for you—Lucky Vitamins (, Iherb (, and VitaCost (  I have recommended many vitamin/mineral supplements through the years, including: New Chapter and Megafood for multivitamins/minerals, Natural Factors non-denatured Whey Protein Powder, NOW Coenzyme B-Complex, Nature’s Way Enteric-Coated Fish Oil, Natural Factors Coenzyme Q10, and Source Naturals Ascorbyl Palmitate (a fat-soluble vitamin c ester).  Treat your body like a temple and not a dumpster.


Other Sponsors: AT&T, Capital One, General Electric, Yellow Book


Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl—Detroit


Sponsor: Little Caesar’s Pizza 1-800-7-CAESAR

For this bowl, it might be more effective if you contacted your local franchise owner/manager and inform him/her that you can no longer be a customer of Little Caesar’s because you are participating in a national boycott of all college football bowl games.


Competitor: Again our founder speaks on nutrition: I was a pizza aficionado for many years before giving it up cold turkey.  Today, I do not consume Pasteurized/homogenized dairy (just raw goat’s milk from goats I own and do not sell to others lest the USDA send a bunch of thugs here like they have to Amish farms and to arrest members of the Weston A. Price Foundation) nor grains of any kind. I consume “raw pizza” made from sprouted nuts, sundried tomatoes, and herbs that have been dehydrated in a food dehydrator.  

For those that have to eat pizza, then you should only settle for the real deal.  I would only go with an authentic Brooklyn/Manhattan style with thin, crisp crust that has some char in it.  If you do not have an authentic Brooklyn/Manhattan style pizzeria, then you should learn how to make a reasonable facsimile thereof. 

If you need a pizza chain, try Sir Pizza or Pizza Hut.  With the chains, there isn’t much difference—they are all subpar.


Other Sponsors: Ford, GM, AT&T, AllState, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Comcast, Meijer


Belk Bowl—Charlotte  


Sponsor:  1-866-235-5443 (no e-mail address for customer service)

Belk apparently has one of the worst customer service departments of any retail establishment in the western world.  There are numerous complaints found online at multiple locations detailing how this company has alienated a lot of its former regular customers, one of whom was charged an interest rate of more than 26% on a Belk card that had an automatic bill pay set up.  Belk changed its due date with no prior notice!  This does not seem to have been a one-time incident.


Competitor: J. C. Penney  (Plano, TX)


Other Sponsors: Havoline, AllState, Hilton, Hampton Inn,


Military Bowl—Washington, DC

Sponsor: Northrop Grumman   This game cannot be boycotted the same way as the other bowls.  You will have to boycott the TV sponsors for this one.  I doubt many people in need of a defense contractor are reading this post.

Other Sponsors: Geico, Marriott Hotels, Hyundai, and Miller Beer


Holiday Bowl—San Diego


Sponsor: Bridgepoint Education

While two actual campus sites are available for this for-profit college, almost all of its students are online distance learning students.


Competitor: The Universityof Phoenixcan be found in almost all big cities.  e-mail:


Other Sponsors: Bank ofAmerica, Bumble Bee Tuna, Dr. Pepper, Jack in the Box, US Bank, Wells Fargo Bank


Champs Sports Bowl—Orlando


Sponsor: Champs Sports


Champs Sports also owns Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Footaction,EastBay, and CCS


Competitor: Dick’s Sporting Goods  (Pittsburgh)


Other Sponsors: Budweiser, Coca-Cola/Dasani Water, RBC Bank


Alamo Bowl—San Antonio


Sponsor: Valero

Valero is an oil refiner and marketer with numerous gas stations in the Southwest.  They own Diamond Shamrock as well as Valero and Valero Corner Stores.


Competitor: Any other oil company


Other Sponsors: Dr. Pepper, American Airlines, AT&T


Armed Forces Bowl—Dallas (@ SMU’s Gerald Ford Stadium)



Similar to the Military Bowl, you will need to boycott the other sponsors of this game. 


Other Sponsors: American Airlines, BBVA Compass, Chick-fil-A, and Omni Hotels


Pinstripe Bowl—Bronx, NY


Sponsor: New Era


Competitor: Genesco, Inc. (Nashville)


Other Sponsors: Ford, Benjamin Moore Paint, Hess


Music City Bowl—Nashville


Sponsor: FranklinAmerican Mortgage


Competitor: There are many mortgage lenders throughout the nation.  Here is a great free tool that will help you find the best mortgage for your situation:


Other Sponsors: Gaylord Hotels, Dollar General, SunTrust Bank, Comcast


Insight Bowl—Tempe, AZ


Sponsor: (The Fiesta Bowl and Insight Bowl are under the same auspices—see Fiesta Bowl for boycott information).


Meineke Car Care Bowl—Houston


Sponsor: Meineke Car Care


Competitor: Midas, Inc. (Itasca, IL)


Other Sponsors: AllState, Budweiser, Chick-fil-A, Buffalo Wild Wings, Astra Zeneca, Coca-Cola, Comcast, Doubletree Hotels, Hyatt Regency Hotels,  Exxon Mobil, H-E-B, Halliburton, Marriott, McDonald’s, Nordstrom, Office Max, Panera Bread, Papa John’s Pizza, Ramada Inn, Wrangler Jeans, Yellow Cab


Sun Bowl—El Paso, TX


Sponsor: Hyundai

(also includes Kia)


Competitor: Contact your local Hyundai and Kia dealers and tell them that while you believe their cars are quality vehicles, you must boycott their dealerships due to their parent company’s sponsorship of a bowl game.  Then, tell them where you intend to purchase your vehicle (make sure it is not one to boycott from another bowl).


Other Sponsors: Academy Sports and Outdoors, Bank of the West,


Liberty Bowl—Memphis, TN


Sponsor: AutoZone;jsessionid=C6190F4A95D47C7207C806ABC84575A6.diyprod5-b2c15?landingPageCategory=inOurStores&title=customer+service


Competitor: Advance Auto Parts (Roanoke, VA)


Other Sponsors: Fedex, AT&T, Marriott & Hilton Hotels, Doubletree Hotels, Nike, Burger King


Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl—San Francisco


Sponsor: Kraft Foods


Includes A-1 Sauce, Athenos, Balance Bars, Boca Burgers, Breakstone, Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce, California Pizza Kitchen & DiGiorno frozen pizza , Capri Sun, Cheez Whiz, Chips Ahoy, Cool Whips, Crystal Light, Grey Poupon, Honey Maid, Jell-O and Knox Gelatine, Kool-Aid, Maxwell House, Miracle Whip, Nabisco, Oreo Cookie, Oscar-Meyer Planter’s Nuts, South Beach, Tang, and Velveeta


Competitor: General Mills (maker of Betty Crocker, Bisquick, Cascadian Farm, Cheerios, Chex, Fiber One, Gold Medal Flour, Good Earth, Green Giant, Haagen-Dazs, Hamburger Helper, Larabar, Lucky Charms, Macaroni Grill, Muir Glen, Nature Valley, Old El Paso, Pillsbury, Progresso, Total Cereal, Totino’s and Jeno’s, Trix Cereal, Wanchai Ferry, Wheaties, and Yoplait)


Other Sponsors: Honda, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Macy’s Wells Fargo, AllState, Yellow Pages,


Chick-fil-A Bowl—Atlanta


Sponsor: Chick-fil-A


Competitor: As stated above, please patronize your local establishments.  When you pay money to a local restaurateur, that money stays in your local area and is used again in your town.  


Other Sponsors: AT&T, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Ticketmaster, BB&T Bank, Russell Athletic, Home Depot, Hilton and Marriott Hotels, Honda, Kia


Ticket City Bowl—Dallas (@ Cotton Bowl)


Sponsor: TicketCity


Competitor: Stubhub, Inc.


Other Sponsors: Dean Foods, Ernst & Young, Hilton Hotels, Renaissance Hotels, Embassy Suites, Hyatt Regency Hotels, Enterprise Rent-a-Car


Capital One Bowl—Orlando


Sponsor: Capital One


Capital One is another company with several thousands of online complaints (2.9 million returns on search for complaints), many of which do not involve lack of payment on the card.  As radio talk show host Dave Ramsey says, you should do a little plastic surgery and cut up that card.


Competitor: If you must take on debt, then consider Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card from Chase.


Other Sponsors: Coca-Cola/Dasani Water, Budweiser


Gator Bowl—Jacksonville


Sponsor: Progressive Insurance

Just say “No” to Flo.


Competitor: As a former insurance rehabilitation contractor, I can speak first-hand about the companies that seemed to me to be most customer friendly.  I liked State Farm, Travelers, and Prudential.


Other Sponsors: Aetna, AllState, AT&T, BB&T, BBVA Compass, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Domino’s Pizza, Gatorade, Hallmark Cards, Hyatt-Regency Hotels, Jim Beam, McAlister’s Deli, McDonald’s, Merrill Lynch, Regions Bank, SunTrust Bank, Toyota, Xfinity, Wells Fargo


Outback Bowl—Tampa


Sponsor: Outback Steakhouse


Competitor: TexasRoadhouse


Other Sponsors: Budweiser, Mercedes-Benz, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, MetLife, Westin Hotels, Trane, Hyatt-Regency, Kia, Coca-Cola


Rose Bowl—Pasadena, CA


Sponsor: Vizio


Competitor: Samsung


Other Sponsors: Tournament of Roses


Sugar Bowl—New Orleans


Sponsor: Allstate Insurance

Here is another corporation where I have first-hand experience in dealing with their clients.  Following a major April of 1998 tornado that caused massive damage to thousands of homes in Middle Tennessee, there was a not-so-funny joke going around about all the houses that still had blue tarps covering their roofs a year later—those were All-State’s clients.  An online search for complaints turned up 974K responses.


Competitor: State Farm, Travelers, and Prudential


Other Sponsors: AT&T, Hilton & Mariott Hotels, Taco Bell, Domino’s Sugar, Ticketmaster


Orange Bowl—Miami


Sponsor: Discover Card  1-800-discover (you must register to send an email, so flood their switchboard with calls)


Competitor: Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card from Chase


Other Sponsors: American Airlines, Bacardi Rum, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Publix, Reese’s Peanut Butter, Ryder, Taco Bell,Toyota


Fiesta Bowl—Tempe, AZ


Sponsor: Tostitos (Frito-Lay)

Talk about the opposite of nutrition.  Start with genetically modified corn.  Throw in unhealthy canola and/or soy oils, again genetically modified.  I could go on and on.  It is easy enough to purchase organic potatoes, slice them into thin pieces, sprinkle a little organic olive oil on them and then bake them in a hot oven.


Competitor: For those that absolutely must eat junk food, try Kettle Chips  Kettle Chips are free of trans fats, GMO ingredients or oils, and artificial ingredients.  They make an organic chip.


Other Sponsors: Chevrolet


Cotton Bowl—Arlington, TX (@ Cowboys Stadium)


Sponsor: AT&T

AT&T quite possible has the very worst customer service in the history of retail business.  A search for AT&T complaints online turns up more than 3.6 million results.  There are many horror stories including threats against those e-mailing complaints to the company.


Competitor: Verizon, Sprint-Nextel, T-Mobile for communications; your local cable provider, Directv, or dish network for entertainment.


Other Sponsors:EnterpriseRent-a-Car, Samsung, Dr. Pepper, Snapple, American Airlines, Wilson Sporting Goods, Hyatt-Regency Hotels, Lawry’s Seasoning Salt, Buick-Pontiac-GMC Truck, Hilton Hotels


BBVA Compass Bowl—Birmingham


Sponsor: BBVA Compass Bank   Compass Bank operates in the states ofAlabama,Arizona,California,Colorado,Florida,New Mexico andTexas


Competitor: Many in each market.  Consider a locally owned bank if you have one, but check their rating first.


Other Sponsors: Ramada Inn, Sheraton, Golden Flake Potato Chips,, Chick-fil-A Bowl—Mobile, AL


Sponsor: web-hosting


Competitor: Read current web-hosting reviews at:


Other Sponsors: Coca-Cola, Quality Inn, Comcast, Courtyard by Marriott, Fedex, Chevrolet, Red Lobster



The bowls could be retained and coexist with a playoff, and they could even be better than they are now.  What if instead of having to invite a bunch of 6-6 and 7-5 teams, every bowl participant was 0-0?  Then, it would be impossible to state that any team was undeserving of a bowl game. 


Why not move the bowls to the opening week of the season?  Make it like the Preseason NIT and other in-season tournaments in college basketball.  By moving a bowl from January to the first Saturday in September, the bowls and the participating teams would have months to prepare for the games.  Instead of having 30+ meaningless bowls, all of them would now be very important. 


Imagine a scenario whereAlabamaandOklahomafaced off in the preseason Cotton Bowl at Cowboys’ Stadium.  What aboutPennStateplayingFloridaStatein the preseason Sugar Bowl?  What ifNevadaplayedTulsain the New Mexico Bowl?  The game would be an exciting one to watch, and the winner could use it as a springboard to possibly move into the playoff picture. 


The Rose Bowl could be like today’s ACC/Big Ten basketball challenge in December. OhioStatecould playOregoninPasadenaon the first Saturday in September as a great kickoff to the season.  And, unlike the current bowl situation, the loser could still win the national championship.


The bowl officials would then have all winter, spring, and summer to plan and promote their opening week spectaculars.  Hotel reservations could be made months in advance.  There could be even more festivities planned with all the extra time, since the participating teams and the public would know well in advance which teams would be headed to each bowl.


This plan also would allow some teams that have never been to a bowl or have not been in decades a chance to go bowling and bring along very enthusiastic fans.  ImagineKentStateandNew MexicoStatebeing invited to play each other in a bowl.  The Golden Flashes have not tasted a postseason game since 1972, while the Aggies have been left out since 1960!  This game would generate a lot more interest than two 6-6 teams playing around Christmas.


If there were playoffs instead of bowls, then the public would not be faced with so many patsy games likePennStatevs.Indiana State,Illinoisvs.Arkansas State,Nebraskavs.Chattanooga,MichiganState vs.YoungstownState, andIowavs. Tennessee Tech.  Instead of worrying about automatic wins over FCS and low-tiered FBS teams, the top teams would need to increase their strengths of schedule, just like the need for basketball teams to schedule with RPI in mind.  Which games would draw more ratings for the telecasters?  The ones mentioned above or 35 games similar to the pair of opening week classic games scheduled this year—Georgiavs.BoiseStateand LSU vs.Oregon?  Here is one example for what could be:



Time EDT

Bowl Team Team
Th 9/1

7:00 PM

Beef O’Brady’s Northwestern North Carolina St.
Th 9/1

7:30 PM

New Orleans Kansas St. Colorado
Th 9/1

8:00 PM

New Mexico Oregon St. San Diego St.
Th 9/1

9:00 PM

Humanitarian Purdue Utah
Fr 9/2

7:00 PM

MAACO BostonCollege Connecticut
Fr 9/2

8:00 PM

Independence Air Force Virginia
Fr 9/2

9:30 PM

Poinsettia Washington B Y U
Fr 9/2

11:00 PM

Hawaii S M U Hawaii
Sa 9/3

12:00 PM

Little Caesar’s Illinois Rutgers
Sa 9/3

12:00 PM

Belk Clemson South Florida
Sa 9/3

12:30 PM

Military North Carolina Cincinnati
Sa 9/3

1:00 PM

Champs Sports Miami(Fl) Auburn
Sa 9/3

1:00 PM

Pinstripe Pittsburgh Georgia Tech
Sa 9/3

1:30 PM

Liberty MississippiState Tulsa
Sa 9/3

1:30 PM

Chick-fil-A PennState West Virginia
Sa 9/3

2:30 PM

Compass Tennessee Central Florida
Sa 9/3

2:30 PM Southern Miss. Kentucky
Sa 9/3

3:00 PM

MusicCity Michigan Louisville
Sa 9/3

3:00 PM

Sun Texas MichiganState
Sa 9/3

3:30 PM

TicketCity Missouri Houston
Sa 9/3

3:30 PM

Armed Forces Arizona Baylor
Sa 9/3

6:00 PM

Capital One OhioState Florida
Sa 9/3

6:15 PM

Outback Georgia Virginia Tech
Sa 9/3

6:30 PM

Fight Hunger U C L A Nevada
Sa 9/3

7:45 PM

Meineke Car Care Ole Miss Maryland
Sa 9/3

8:00 PM

Alamo ArizonaState Iowa
Sa 9/3

9:30 PM

Insight TexasTech California
Sa 9/3

10:30 PM

Holiday Southern Cal T C U
Su 9/4

2:00 PM

Gator South Carolina OklahomaState
Su 9/4

3:00 PM

Cotton FloridaState Nebraska
Su 9/4

4:30 PM

Sugar BoiseState Arkansas
Su 9/4

6:00 PM

Orange L S U TexasA&M
Mo 9/5

8:00 PM

Champions * Alabama Oregon
Mo 9/5

8:30 PM

Fiesta Oklahoma Notre Dame
Mo 9/5

9:00 PM

Rose Stanford Wisconsin


* The Champions Bowl replaces the current National Championship Bowl Game and will pit the two most recent national champions.


Now, ask yourself this question: would you rather watch the big teams slaughter the FCS teams in week one, or would you rather watch this list of 35 games that will go a long way in determining power ratings for playoff seeding in December?


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