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January 6, 2010

College Football Computer Simulated Playoffs–The Simper Bowl

2009-10 NCAA College Football Computer Simulated Playoffs

The Simper Bowl—The National Championship Game


Did you watch Monday night’s Fiesta Bowl?  I’m talking about the real one played on the field between TCU and Boise State in which Boise State won 17-10.  These two teams played in the computer simulated National Championship Game in Pasadena last night, and the simulated game was even more entertaining than the actual bowl game.

Before I tell you who won, let me state that the outcome of Monday night’s Fiesta Bowl played no part in this simulation.  In fact, all the games in this year’s college playoff simulation were simulated one night in mid-December, when I had access to the simulator.

This game didn’t want to end.  It went 6 overtimes.  There were 188 plays from scrimmage.  It was finally decided on a converted two-point attempt.  Your winner in the 2009-2010 NCAA College Football Computer Simulated Playoffs is: Boise State.  The final score: Boise State 39 TCU 37


The Horned Frogs couldn’t stop Boise State’s Jeremy Avery at the goalline on the winning two-point attempt.

Regulation ended at 10-10 when Bronco kicker Kyle Brontzman nailed a 51-yard field goal as time expired.

Both teams score touchdowns in the first overtime to make it 17-17.  Neither team could pick up a first down in the second overtime, but both made field goals to make it 20-20.

The third overtime saw both teams miss field goals, so the score remained 20-20.  In overtime number four, Boise State scored a touchdown and converted on the two-point try.  TCU faced 4th and 7 at the 18 yard line and quarterback Andy Dalton scrambled for a touchdown.  The successful two-point try made it 28-28.

In overtime five, neither team could move the ball and both settled for field goals to make it 31-31. 

TCU scored first in the sixth overtime but missed the two-point conversion.  Boise State drove 25 yards in five plays for the tying touchdown, when Avery came up with the successful conversion on the game’s final play.

Team 1 2 3 4 OT F
T C U 3 0 7 0 27 37
Boise State 7 0 0 3 29 39
    TCU Stat BSU    
    28 FD 26    
    45-164 Rush-Yds 45-154    
    263 Pass Yds 332    
    25-42-1 Passes 31-56-2    
    3-40.7 Punt 2-40.5    
    0-0 PR 0-0    
    11-90 Pen 8-70    
    2-1 Fum 2-0    
    87 Play 101    
    427 Tot Yds 486    

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