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December 9, 2009

How You Can Do Your Part To Bring About College Football Playoffs

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If you are reading this editorial, you are obviously a fan of major college football.  More than likely, you favor a playoff system that would crown a true champion that earned it on the field rather than allow a crude system determine in advance which two teams are the two best.  If the BCS can determine which two teams are the best, then why not just declare which one team is the best and announce them national champions?

We here at the PiRate Ratings will give you what you want–college football playoffs.  Okay, you’ll have to settle for a computer simulated playoff.  Check back December 20 for the results of the first round.

Here is how you can get involved and help usher in real playoffs.  We’re realists here and realize it will take millions of you for this to work.  But like Confucius said “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step,” the millions needed to make this work must begin with a single person. 

Money is the only reason nothing has changed, so the return on investment by bowl sponsors must be greatly diminished.

We realize that if we asked you not to watch any of the bowl games, you would immediately stop reading and do something else.  Go ahead and watch the games; we want you to do exactly that.

Now, while you are watching these games, jot down the names of the companies that sponsor these bowls.  For instance, the sponsor of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl is Frito-Lay, maker of Tostitos.  While you are watching this game, jot down the names of the major advertisers as well.

Now, go online to the websites of these companies and send them a quick one paragraph e-mail telling them that you are sorry to inform them that you will no longer be their customer due to their sponsoring bowl games.  Tell them that if they were to sponsor playoffs, then you would gladly purchase their products once again and recommend them to your friends and family.  If you desire, tell them the name of the competitor that will be receiving your patronage instead.

For example, let’s say besides Frito-Lay, ads that run on the Fiesta Bowl include Coke, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, and All State Insurance.  Simply go to these companies’ websites and find their contact info.  E-mail them a quick paragraph telling them that you will no longer purchase their products.  Depending on the company, tell them you will now purchase from Pepsi, Burger King, Krispy Kreme, and State Farm.

Now forward this boycott idea to all your sports friends who think like you and tell them to make it viral.  If several million sports fans hear about this, a couple of thousand will act and participate.  It is believed in the corporate world that for every letter/e-mail/phone call a company receives from the populace, it represents 1,000 additional people who think the same way.  If enough people inform these sponsors that the only reason we will not purchase their products is their sponsorship of bowls, then the ball starts rolling.

The current antiquated system has gone as far as to hire Ari Fleischer Sports Communications (yes the same Ari Fleischer who was George W. Bush’s press secretary) to convince the public that playoffs are not feasible for a majority of reasons.  One of the points in their foolish logic states that it would be unfair to invite a 10-2 Ohio State team into the playoffs and leave 11-2 Georgia Tech out of the mix if the top eight teams were chosen.  PiRate method aside (see our PiRate Playoff System comment from Tuesday, December 8), are we to believe that leaving three undefeated teams out of the current mix is not as harsh as omitting the number nine team from an eight-team playoff?  Hey, Ari, why don’t you go back to helping your former boss convince the populace that Mission was Accomplished.  Better yet, explain your complicity in the Valerie Plame incident.  What’s next?  Maybe, Dick Cheney will become the ref who fires the gun ending the quarters (for you young readers, a referee used to actually fire a blank from a gun to indicate the end of each quarter in days before every stadium had a horn in their scoreboard).

In our household, we have a tradition of not watching a single bowl game, even the National Championship Game.  However, it may be more important for you to tune into these games so you can make note of the companies who will lose your business.

In addition to Frito-Lay, here is a list of some of the other bowl sponsors with an example of their competition.  You can easily boycott their products and patronize their competition, and you can easily e-mail them letting them know.

R + L Carriers ( sponsors the New Orleans Bowl.  One of their competitors is Con-Way Freight. 

Maaco ( sponsors the Las Vegas Bowl.  Earl Schieb is a major competitor.

Sheraton sponsors the Hawaii Bowl.  They are a subsidiary of Starwood Hotels (  The Westin Hotel is another in their family, so they must be included in your boycott.  While we’re at it, Gaylord Hotels ( sponsors the Music City Bowl.  There are many hotel chains to choose from; we prefer bed & breakfast lodging and love staying in them when we make our road trips.  It is only a short walk of a few feet to address the owner, so you get much better service.

Little Caesars Pizza ( sponsors the bowl in Detroit (formerly the Motor City Bowl) with their name.  Be careful with this boycott, because PapaJohns ( has a bowl as well.  If you want the best pizza, find a real New York pizzaiolo.  If your crust isn’t crisp and cannot be folded in half, you have something that shouldn’t be called pizza.  If you are ever in the Milwaukee area, check out Classic Slice on South Kinnickinnic Avenue.

Meineke ( sponsors the Meineke Car Care Bowl.  Pep Boys is one competitor.

Diamond Foods ( sponsors the Emerald Bowl.  Don’t confuse Diamond Foods with Blue Diamond Growers, a competitor.  Con Agra is another competitor.

Advocare ( sponsors the Independence Bowl.  High quality multivitamins and minerals can be purchased at a discount from Lucky Vitamins and Vitacost.

To boycott Champs Sports ( for the Champs Sports Bowl, remember to include Foot Locker in your boycott.  Top competitors include The Sports Authority and just about any department store these days.

Roady’s sponsors the Humanitarian Bowl.  They operate under several different names, so visit to see if there’s one in your area.  We like Petro’s Truck Stops and look for them when we are driving along the nation’s interstates.

Pacific Life Insurance ( sponsors the Holiday Bowl.  Metropolitan Life is a viable competitor.

Brut ( sponsors the Sun Bowl.  Brut is a subsidiary of Helen of Troy, Ltd., which also sells Vidal Sassoon, Revlon, Dr. Scholl’s Sunbeam, and Health O Meter among others.  There are many cologne and aftershave competitors.

Chick-fil-A ( can easily be boycotted.  There are several ways to eat more chicken.  Many people believe Broasted Chicken is the best fried chicken available for purchase.  Of course, you could just eat baked or broiled chicken and be much healthier.   

Outback Steakhouse ( sponsors the Outback Bowl.  Have you tried the Texas Roadhouse?  In Eau Claire, Wisconsin, they put Outback out of business.

Capital One ( has many competitors.  Bank of America is a major one.  You can use BOA when you boycott Citi ( sponsor of the Granddaddy of them all, the Rose Bowl and this year’s National Championship Game.

Konica Minolta ( sponsors the Gator Bowl. Canon makes excellent digital camera, and they are an official sponsor of the NFL, which does it the right way—with playoffs.

Allstate ( sponsors the Sugar Bowl.  There are over a dozen national insurance companies to use.

AT&T ( sponsors the Cotton Bowl. Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are three large competitors.

Autozone sponsors the Liberty Bowl.  Advance Auto Parts is a large competitor.

Valero Oil ( sponsors the Alamo Bowl.  They operate gas stations under the name of Shamrock and Diamond Shamrock.  Obviously, there are multiple large gas companies as competitors.

Fedex ( sponsors the Orange Bowl.  UPS is a large competitor.

GMAC ( sponsors the GMAC Bowl.  Toyota and Volkswagen are now larger automobile companies.

Some information for this blog was gathered from Hoover’s (  Hoover’s doesn’t sponsor any bowls, so don’t boycott them.


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