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August 26, 2009

The PiRates Have Come Ashore For The 2009-10 Football Season

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The PiRates Have Come Ashore For The 2009-10 Football Season

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Ahoy there mates!  After a summer of mayhem and merriment on the high seas, the PiRates are rested and ready to hoist the pigskin flag to the top.  Yes, we are back for a new season.  We have some exciting changes to tell you about, and it includes more in-depth coverage college and the NFL. 

First and foremost, we will produce complete ratings for both college and professional football this season.  As a result, the Pro Football Computer Simulation League has folded after two seasons.  It monopolized the available time even with five of us here to serve you. 

The next big change concerns the PiRate Ratings for the NFL.  Prior to this season, these ratings were calculated with set mathematical formulae which could be easily reproduced if you had the formula.  These ratings were no different than about three dozen other retrodictive ratings available on the Internet.  Starting this season, the NFL PiRate Ratings are based on very similar information to the college ratings.  The ratings are purely predictive and have both human input and computerized formulae in their calculation. 

There’s one more change.  The PiRates have launched a webpage, and through that webpage, you will be able to receive our top picks of the week for college and pro football.  What you do with that information is your choice, and we do not condone wagering with real money.  We do not wager real money here, but we do use our picks to participate in legal contests that require no investment.  We won’t kid you with scam advertisements telling you that you are guaranteed to win and you can move on a game like it has already been played.  We won’t have 16 different wagering plans (like the 4-star play of the week and the guaranteed lock of the week) where we can toot our horn weekly when one or two of them outperform the average and the others lose.  What we will present will be what we ourselves use in our contests.  This will include straight plays, teasers, and money line picks.  For what it’s worth, we have been keeping records since 1981, and in that time, these weekly picks have beaten the spread just over 58% of the time.  In those 28 seasons, we have beaten the magical number of 52.4% (what it takes to earn a profit) 24 times.  

Last year, our college picks for the regular season finished 71-51-5 for 58.2%.  Our NFL picks finished 47-35-3 for 57.3%.  We did not issue playoff picks officially, but for what it’s worth we called the Super Bowl almost exactly the way it played out.  Our pick was 27-25 Pittsburgh and the exact score was 27-23.  Our founder believed the game would have an outstanding chance of going to overtime, and the Steelers were one play away from having to kick the tying field goal in the final minute when they were trailing 23-20. 

We’ll start the season by previewing each of the NCAA FBS conferences, followed by a preview of the eight NFL divisions.  The first PiRate Picks will run in early September.  This blog will contain the ratings for all 120 FBS and 32 NFL teams.  For college, we’ll include the old mean ratings.  For the NFL games, we’ll include the mean and the bias ratings just like last year. 

The new webpage will exclusively allow you to see our weekly picks. 

Are you ready for some football?

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